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Sleep Better - Feel Better - Tip Top Sleep
Sleep Better - Feel Better - Tip Top Sleep
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Michelle D. Founder
Michelle D.


Overcoming Sleep Challenges: A Founder’s Experience

Meet Michelle – wife, mother, grandmother, and sleep enthusiast. Michelle knows firsthand the importance of a good night’s sleep, having overcome her husband’s sleep apnea and her son’s reflux-related sleep issues. Through her experience, Michelle has learned the value of seeking help and finding solutions to improve sleep quality.

Join Michelle on her journey to better sleep and unlock the benefits of a well-rested life.

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Sleep Better - Feel Better - Tip Top Sleep

“Since I started using the sleeping mask from this brand, I have never slept better. It blocks out all the light and allows me to drift off into a deep sleep.”

Sleep Better - Feel Better - Tip Top Sleep

“The sleeping humidifier with white noise is a game-changer! The gentle hum of the machine, combined with the soothing mist, makes me feel like I’m sleeping in a luxurious spa every night.”

Sleep Better - Feel Better - Tip Top Sleep

“Since using the sleeping mask from this program, I’ve been able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer than ever before. It’s made a huge difference in my overall energy levels during the day. Highly recommend!”