About Me

Tip Top SleepHi welcome to my sleep site, I’m Michelle,

A 54-year-old wife, mother of two and grandmother of one!

I love sleeping. I am a born sleeper. I have very little or no trouble going to or staying asleep. I can sleep in cars, on trains, buses or planes.

That was me until 25 years ago when I met my husband.

First of all, he’s not a sleeper at all, he gets out of bed while still asleep. He loves to sit down and have a leisurely cup of tea before a sit-down breakfast. He then gets ready for work. Even on the weekends! Arrgggh!

He also carries a sleep phobia where he thinks he is not going to achieve enough sleep every night. The problem with this phobia is that it affects everybody else in the home.

I listened to my husband snore for 18 years and I was always trying to gently persuade him to seek some assistance – which he readily agreed to but life got in the way as it always does.

It wasn’t until I told him that I was no longer just touching him to stop snoring BUT I now also on making sure he was breathing. Then shaking him so he would start breathing that he decided to do something about it!

His body was slowing but surely killing itself due to lack of oxygen and this little sheep named Michelle was exhausted – constantly.

It still took a couple of years and listening to others talk of sleep apnea that he acted upon this sleeping problem.

The extensive testing included overnight stay to be monitored to see what the issue was as he was not overweight at all. When he was told by the sleep specialist the next morning that his longest “event” was just under the 2-minute mark he sat up and took notice.

Enter the “MACHINE” I had been so used to all that noise for years. It took some time to get used to the quiet but also the regular breathing and low hum of the “MACHINE”.

Needless to say that the “MACHINE” goes everywhere with us. {I will not allow it not to be with us or I would not be able to sleep!!!}

Number 1 child 24 years ago also did not sleep at night waking every 3/4 hours for MILK, MILK, MILK! – {Reflux, Reflux, Reflux!!!}

We found out many years later that it was lower intestinal reflux. He now, as an adult, takes prescribed medication to assist with this very real issue.

Enter Number 1 grandchild December 2016. Great little sleeper until 9 months old. To follow was every sleeping issue new mothers can experience.

No sleep during the day, won’t settle at night, wakes regularly through the night… We’ve all been there with little ones…

Update – August 2018 – I was diagnosed with Auto-Immune Hepatitis. A disease where my immune system is attacking my liver – with no cure – there is only medication to quash the auto-immune system to stop it from killing my liver. (Treatment is – medication, transplant/death – YAY)

MedicationSteriods – Prednizone (this drug keeps you awake – insomnia – YAY) – to date, I am surviving on 3 maybe 4 hours of sleep a night. Immuno-suppressants – cause no end of side effects – one being insomnia – YAY

Blogging – all I can say is thank goodness for blogging – (how does the song go – “I can blog all night, I can blog all night (dance))…

Upside – I get a lot done in 24 hours – YAY…

So I do not receive the amount of sleep God intended me as a sleeper to have!

I do believe that lack of sleep at the very least affects my patience.

Over the years I’ve had to search for and implement strategies to settle others and myself. Especially to deal with the lack of sleep and the stress of thinking when you go to bed you won’t sleep or get enough sleep.

So here I am sharing some of the tips, strategies at a one-stop place. With easy presentation and hopefully useful information for those that find me.


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P.S. We all deserve more sleep…