Alarm Clock For Sleep: The Best Ones in the Market


Alarm clocks have always played a huge role in everyday life. For so many years, people have used nature as an alarm clock. Other people have used the church bells to wake them up in the morning. Moreover, with the demands of the job, school, and other social activities, the use of alarm clocks is necessary to cope up with the fast-paced movement of modern life. Thus, people are becoming more and more dependent on this mechanical device.

Even when using an alarm, it’s still important to associate waking up with wellness. A study in Australia found that people have different responses to different alarm sounds. And some people experience morning grogginess and sleep inertia. However, the study shows that certain alarm sounds reduce such negative effects in the body when waking up. Thus, it is important to choose the right alarm clock that best promotes sleeping patterns.  

Advantages of Alarm Clocks

The basic use of an alarm clock is to solve the problem of waking up late, thus, it ensures anyone wakes up on time and gets somewhere on time. A society without an alarm clock would create too many problems for people, and for the economy in general. Imagine workers showing up late at work, students getting late for classes, and performers not showing up on time for their show. 

 Alarm Clocks normalizes sleep pattern

Having to wake up every day on a regular schedule is beneficial for the body. When a person constantly wakes up at the sound of the alarm, the body sends signals to the brain to develop normal sleeping patterns. 

Alarm Clocks is a reminder of important schedules

Aside from using an alarm to wake up every day, an alarm clock can also be used as a reminder of a person’s upcoming schedules. You can easily add the schedule to a digital alarm clock or to a phone alarm clock. 

Types of Alarm Clocks

Like other mechanical devices, an alarm clock has different types to suit the preferences of different individuals. Accordingly, every person can choose the type of alarm clock that best fits his or her needs.

Traditional Wind Up Alarm Clock

This type of alarm clock best suits traditionalists because of its old-fashioned mechanism. This traditional clock does not use a battery or electricity. It has a spring inside the device that stores energy when the clock is winded up. People who know how to wind up the device will not have problems because they are easy to use. In terms of design, the most common one is the retro design which has twin bells. It is difficult to find modern designs for this type of alarm. 

Digital Alarm

Digital Alarm clocks offer more varieties when it comes to designs. Furthermore, digital alarms have more features compared to the traditional wind up alarm. A person can set up multiple alarms, and can even use different alarm tones. There is also a snooze feature that allows an additional time to sleep for nine minutes.

Smartphone Alarm

The mobile phone is now one of the most important devices to keep track of time and schedules. People are relying on smartphones to manage their time, and it works as a reminder of what to do during the day. The main problem with a smartphone is its ability to disrupt one’s sleep because of social media apps. 

Sunrise Alarm 

A very interesting alarm device is the Sunrise Alarm which mimics the sunrise. Even before civilization starts, people have used the sun’s light as an alarm. Nowadays, people who are more comfortable with waking up to the light of the sun are now possible with the sunrise alarm. The clock is integrated into a lightbulb, and at the sound of the alarm, the bulb gradually increases the light in the room. For people who see alarm sounds as a nuisance, this device gives more benefits to the overall wellness and health.

Best Alarm Clocks


Travelwey Home Led

Alarm Clock For Sleep: The Best Ones in the Market - Tip Top SleepAlarm Clock For Sleep: The Best Ones in the Market - Tip Top Sleep

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The Travelwey Home Led is one of the best simple alarm clocks available in the market because of its very affordable price. Since it is easy to operate, the children and the elderly will have no problems setting up the device. One feature that is admirable in this device is that it is adjustable. Anyone can customize the sound and the brightness. The numbers are big enough to read from across the room. The clock has a back-up battery which can be helpful during a power outage. On top of that, it has a night-light feature beneficial for people who don’t want to sleep in the dark.

While Travelwey has several pros, it has its cons as well. The snooze feature is not adjustable, and there’s no option to create a second alarm. Although there is an option to change the sound from soft to high, you can’t change the tone, and you can’t use music as an alarm. 

Amazon Echo Show 5

Alarm Clock For Sleep: The Best Ones in the Market - Tip Top SleepAlarm Clock For Sleep: The Best Ones in the Market - Tip Top Sleep

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The Amazon Echo Show 5 is a compact 5.5 smart display with a built-in Alexa voice assistant. While it is originally designed as an alarm, it has great features that let you stay connected with your family and friends. It allows video calling and messaging with people who have Alexa apps, an Echo device, and even Skype. This device keeps a person organized at the same time, keeps up with the latest movie trailers, TV shows, and current events, and weather news. 

While this device seems to provide high functionality, there are still features that are not available. The snooze feature can’t be customized and the brightness casts a little glow. For some people, brightness can fully disrupt good sleep. There is no option to turn off ads that flash across the screen. When playing a video or a TV series on Prime, it does not give an option to select an episode. Moreover, the playback feature does not allow the video to continue after being paused for several minutes. Instead, it plays the movie or series all over again.

Philips HF3500

Alarm Clock For Sleep: The Best Ones in the Market - Tip Top SleepAlarm Clock For Sleep: The Best Ones in the Market - Tip Top Sleep

Check the latest price on Amazon.

The Philips HF3500 is one of the best sunrise alarm clocks on the market. It is easy to operate because it has minimal buttons. However, there are other features that suit the needs of the individual. Because it mimics the light of the sun, it enables the body to wake up naturally. Just like the sun, Philips HF3500 gradually increases the light in the room until it reaches the maximum level of brightness. The light can be used as a bedside reading lamp. 

Although the device has good value for money, there are features that are not available. There is no backup battery in times of power outage. 

Which alarm clock is better?

To choose the better alarm clock, one has to look into features that best fit the needs. Some people prefer simple alarms that will help them get up for work, appointments, and other activities. While others need a device that constantly keeps track of their schedules within the day. In choosing the right device, one has to consider the design, functionality, and features.

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