The Best Cooling Pad for Bed


Are you feeling hot every time you fall asleep? Then getting a cooling pad for bed is the perfect solution for you. If you are not familiar with how it works and the best brands in the market, we are here to share it with you.

Take note that there are different types of cooling pads. One uses gel-like material that could regulate your temperature. However, there are innovations such as an electric cooling pad for bed. In most cases, it uses a water system where it cools down your bed through a special topper.

Obviously, the first option is more cost-efficient, and you might think this is the right solution for you. Hang on a second! If you must know, a non-electric cooling pad is only ideal if your bedroom isn’t too hot. Otherwise, it will do little for you. You would still wake up uncomfortable and sweaty. However, if the climate in your place is just fair, then feel free to get one.

As for the electric cooling pad, it’s a good choice, but it’s not without risks. You see, there are incidents wherein the topper got damaged, and there were water leaks. If that happens, just imagine the hassle it will bring you. Yet again, if you want to cool your bed without spending too much on electricity, this could be a great option.

Cooling Pad for Bed Reviews

There are many brands to choose from. But we have to say; not all could deliver well. It will be a total waste of money if you will get something substandard, right?

So here’s what we have for you. We are listing our favorite cooling pads, both non-electric and electric. Use your best judgment on the best one for your needs. It’s time to give your mattress an upgrade. And it’s time that you sleep comfortably all night long.

Pillowtex Cooling Gel Mattress 

The Best Cooling Pad for Bed - Tip Top Sleep

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This topper is easy to use. Just place this under your fitted sheet, and you are good to go. The gel will absorb the heat and will keep your body’s temperature down. It’s ideal for light sleepers or if you are bothered even by the quietest air conditioner. What’s great about this product is it’s comfortable too. Let’s just say, you don’t have to sacrifice anything. For the best results, we encourage you to use other cooling sleep aids such as cooling sheets. The company offers a 30-day sleep better guarantee as well.

While you will see mixed reviews about the product, most of its users love this cooling gel mattress pad. One of them even has insomnia, and it helped her get better sleep. After a few months of using the item, she still feels the same. And that is why, she too, recommends the Pillowtex cooling gel mattress pad.

Cool Care Technologies Cooling Pad for Bed

The Best Cooling Pad for Bed - Tip Top Sleep

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Here’s a cooling pad that could help you sleep better too. Its pressure activated and will give you instant relief. The only thing you have to do is to lie on the pad, and you are good to go. You don’t need water and electricity. Plus, there’s no need to refrigerate the pad. But if you want it to be cooler, then feel free to refrigerate it.

We highly recommend this product for those who are experiencing menopausal symptoms. Likewise, it’s perfect during summer, or if you just finished working out. And if you have sore muscles, using this amazing pad will be beneficial for you.

subrtex 2 Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Cooling Bed Pad

The Best Cooling Pad for Bed - Tip Top Sleep

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If you want a topper that is thicker than the options above, we recommend this one from subrtex. It’s the right solution that can make you sleep faster and more comfortable. It is made with gel-infused material, making it breathable. This product can even prolong the life of your original mattress. What we appreciate about this brand is that they will give you a 10-year warranty. With this, you will have lesser worries when you buy this product.

We have to say, most of its buyers are happy with their purchase. It does the job well, and some claimed they had the ‘best sleep’ using the cooling bed pad. It is definitely heaven for your back.

Mattress Cooler Classic Chilled Mattress Topper Water Cooling System

The Best Cooling Pad for Bed - Tip Top Sleep

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Now, let’s talk about one of the best electric cooling bed pads. This can chill a substantial amount of water, which can last you a long time. This has the capability to chill 7 to 12 degrees below room temperature. And just imagine how much comfort you can get from it. The technology can also speed up the cooling process. When you are cleaning this product, do not overly use bleach as it can cause damages.

Are customers happy with it? They most certainly are. It’s easy to set up and is relatively quiet. Plus, its size is not too big to occupy your nightstand.

Chili Cube 3.0 Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad

The Best Cooling Pad for Bed - Tip Top Sleep

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Lastly, we have the one from Chili. This isn’t the first time we recommended this product. And we have good reasons for it. Its quality is top-notched, and we are pretty sure it can last for several years. This product is energy-efficient and has an auto shut-off feature that works if your cooling pad is on for ten straight hours. It also comes with a washable hydronic layer. 

One dad shared how this cooling pad helped him get quality sleep despite his kids going to their bed every night. Also, some of the users mentioned how good it is; they now believe it’s nearly impossible to sleep without it. How’s that for a testimony? 

Conclusion, The Best Cooling Pad for Bed

Choosing the best cooling pad for bed depends on your preference and needs. If you choose the non-electric, you are certainly saving tons of cash for electricity costs. But if you want optimal experience and are willing to spend more, then choosing an electric one is not a bad idea. The bottom line is, keeping your temperature down at night could give you quality sleep. You will feel rejuvenated in the morning, and that means you can be more productive.

By Michelle D.

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