Best Mattress for Scoliosis


Scoliosis, while it isn’t life-threatening, can be hard to deal with. It makes a mundane everyday task more challenging. Apart from getting professional help, buying the best mattress for scoliosis is highly encouraged. That way, you won’t put a lot of pressure on your spine, and you can get a good rest. According to experts, any treatment will have better results when you are well-rested. Thus, getting a great bed is essential.

How to Choose Your Mattress

Ideally, you must get a mattress that will give you full-body support. It should not leave gaps or spaces between your body and the surface of the bed. Also, it might be best to get a medium-firm mattress or a hybrid one known to provide pressure point relief.

As much as possible, look for a brand that gives a free trial. The only way you can gauge if a brand or mattress is for you is when you are already using it. Give it a couple of weeks and see if your condition improves. If not, then you can just call the manufacturer and return the product. In addition, read the fine print about the warranty. You should never get a mattress that doesn’t come with a warranty, or you will be wasting a lot of money in the long run.

List of the Best Mattress for Scoliosis

Let’s have a quick list of the best products we’ve found in the market. We can guarantee that these brands could help improve the quality of sleep, ideal most especially if you have scoliosis.

ZINUS 12 Inch Cloud Memory Foam Mattress 

Best Mattress for Scoliosis - Tip Top Sleep

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The first to make it on our list is from Zinus. It has green tea and activcharcoal-infused memory foam and has a microfiber quilted cover. What’s impressive about this mattress is that you get to enjoy a cloudlike feeling as you sleep on it every night. It could even hug your body’s natural curve, giving you extreme comfort.

This is made with two plush microfiber foam, 2 inches conforming foam, 3 inches soft comfort foam, and 5 inches high-density base foam. We highly recommend this for average-sized and side sleepers.

One of its buyers said, “It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought on Amazon.” If that’s not enough for you to believe that this is worth it, we don’t know what will.

If you are looking for a brand that does not give out a foul smell, this should be included in your list. The comfort level is also outstanding, and contrary to other reviews, this mattress isn’t hard. It’s just the right type for any kind of sleeper.

Classic Brands Cool Gel Chill Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress

Best Mattress for Scoliosis - Tip Top Sleep

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This mattress combines the power of gel memory and high-density foam for an optimal sleeping experience. We have to say, it’s one of the most beautiful mattresses today, and it would be a shame not to put this on our list. It can regulate your temperature, which means even if it is a bit hot, you will wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. With its 10-year warranty, you’d know that they are confident with their product.

One of its current customers shared that this has become his favorite mattress. He is a big guy weighing 285 pounds and had back pains. However, upon using the mattress, he instantly experienced an improvement in his sleep.

If you get this mattress, you will also have extra pillows for free.

Best Price Mattress 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Best Mattress for Scoliosis - Tip Top Sleep

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During normal temperatures, this mattress will feel firm. However, once you lay down on it, it will start to react with your body’s temperature. That means, it will mold according to your body’s curves. Another selling point of this brand is that the weight is evenly distributed and could relieve pressure points. For someone who works and does a lot of chores every day, this is what you deserve. It also has a green tea extract that can eliminate foul odors.

Many of its users raised their concern about fiberglass spreading everywhere. However, this shouldn’t be a point of concern as most memory foams have it. But of course, you need to be extra careful.

Olee Sleep 10 inch Omega Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam

Best Mattress for Scoliosis - Tip Top Sleep

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The best thing about the Olee Sleep mattress is that it uses high-density foam and Duraflex foam. With this, you can expect reduced heat and elasticity. This is specifically designed to support the vertebrae as you rest throughout the night.

It is also quilted, and its fiber cover does not only give you optimal comfort but can also add quality to your room’s design. Now, that’s a great bargain!

Some of its users have commended the brand as it stayed the same even after years of using it. You will be immediately impressed with its quality because it will not sag, and it will never lose its firmness.

Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid 

Best Mattress for Scoliosis - Tip Top Sleep

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The last one to make it on our Best Mattress for Scoliosis list is from Linenspa. If you have been reading some of our mattress reviews, you will probably notice that this brand is always included. That shows how amazing their mattresses are.

It is made of an 8-inch hybrid mattress with hypoallergenic memory foam. And because of that, you can ensure that it is safe for the entire family. If you want a thicker mattress, it is also available in 10 inches or 12 inches. This mattress has memory foam, comfort foam, and innersprings. Simply put, you’d have the best of both worlds.

We’ve been reading comments about bed bugs and that might be a reason for you to get turned off. However, that’s not true. The brand has already cleared the air, and you can guarantee that no bed bugs will be delivered when you order their bed. It is still an excellent product, even if you have scoliosis.


Take note that having a quality mattress will not cure your condition. You still need a professional to check your scoliosis and be able to provide the right treatment. However, by getting a bed from our list of the Best Mattress for Scoliosis, you can get better sleep which can ultimately improve your health.

By Michelle D.

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