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Are you looking for a queen-size mattress but working on a shoestring budget? Fret no more as we have here a list of the Best Mattress Under 500. Over the years of researching and writing about sleeping tips, we’ve already found the best products for any type of sleeper. We have included our top 5, and make sure to include these on your list as well.

What is a Queen Mattress?

Before we go to our list, let’s first define what a Queen Mattress is. When we refer to a ‘queen’ when it comes to a bed, this has a dimension of 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. Think of it as 7 inches wider and 5 inches longer than your full-sized mattress.

To date, this is known as the mattress size that is commonly bought by couples. It is ideal if you share your bed and you do not require a large space. However, this doesn’t mean that single sleepers can’t get a queen-size bed. If you move around as you sleep, this could be a great option too.

List of the Mattress Under 500

Allow us to give you our list of the Best Queen Mattress Under 500. We set high standards for this and can guarantee that our recommendations are the cream of the crop.

Novilla Queen Size Mattress

Best Mattress Under $500 - Tip Top Sleep

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We absolutely adore about Novilla mattresses because it’s breathable and will give you a comfortable sleep every night. It has an egg-crate design foam layer that is responsible for good airflow. If you are sharing beds, you won’t get distracted by their movements. Also, they used the best materials without any harmful chemicals. For those looking for a soft-to-touch mattress, this has got to be one of your choices.

One of its current users was skeptical about buying this product. However, after receiving the mattress, she was amazed because her body pain was gone, and the cooling effect was real. In addition, there was no odor which was quite normal for other beds. All in all, this is a great buy.

JINGXUN Premium Gel Multi Layered Memory Foam

Best Mattress Under $500 - Tip Top Sleep

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If you must know, this brand has been certified to be free from any harmful substances. So if you want to get one for your children or if you are sensitive, you better include this in your choices. It can easily conform to the contours of your body, which gives you the best possible quality of sleep. If you purchase this mattress, you will enjoy ten years of warranty. That’s how confident they are with their product, and you should be able to take advantage of that.

Those who are looking for a firm bed will definitely love Jingxun. Some of them tested different brands but were only satisfied with this one. This is ideal if you are on a tight budget yet would like to have an excellent mattress that could last you years.

Avenco Memory Foam Mattress Queen Size

Best Mattress Under $500 - Tip Top Sleep

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Looking for an ergonomic bed? If yes, we highly recommend getting this one from Avenco. This certainly deserves a spot in our Best Mattress Under 500 List for several reasons. This bed is made of 3 inches gel memory foam, 2 inches comfort foam, and double 3 inches airflow high-density base support foam. This is hard to top. After receiving this product, you might need to wait for at least 24 – 72 hours for it to expand fully.

It also features a removable cover where cleaning it is a breeze. This bed is ideal for any type of sleeper, so if you are to share it with someone who sleeps differently from you, that wouldn’t be a big problem. And by the way, you will be covered with the 100-night sleep trial and 10-year support. Can you seriously ask for more?

You might need to give this bed a chance to prove itself. Some of its owners claimed that they needed to adjust for weeks before they could enjoy the comforts of this bed. But after that, it was worth it.

Linenspa Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Best Mattress Under $500 - Tip Top Sleep

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The Linenspa can also be included in a different list – The Best Hybrid Mattress Under 500. It has an innerspring mattress, which gives you medium firm. And this is ideal for guest beds and even the kids’ room. The layer of memory foam is perfect so that you can reduce the pressure points. You can either get the 8-inch profile or the thicker ones, available in 10 or 12 inches.

There was a bit of controversy about the bed having bed bugs. But that has been debunked, and it is guaranteed that you will get the mattress clean and free from annoying pests.

Dreamfoam Bedding Polar Hybrid Mattress

Best Mattress Under $500 - Tip Top Sleep

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The last to make it to our list of the Best Mattress Under 500 is from Dreamfoam. This product is made of 1.5 inches of cooling quilted foam, 2.5 gel memory foam, 1.5 transitional foam, 8 inches of encased coils, and .75 inches of high-density base foam. If you will buy this mattress, expect that it will expand within 24 hours.

We highly recommend this for people wanting to have an incredibly soft and plush mattress. That’s how most users describe the bed. If you are a side sleeper, we can guarantee that this will suit you well. If you have been experiencing neck pain for the longest time, this could also be a great solution.


A queen mattress will always be a comfortable bed to sleep on – only if you will choose quality. In most cases, you might think of quality means you need to shell out a lot of cash. But that’s far from the truth as you can see from our list above. If you want the best mattress under 500, all you need is to do a bit of research, and you will find a handful of options.

Yet again, we did the heavy lifting for you. Just choose one from our list above and hit the checkout button right now.

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