Best Toddler Pillow


Looking for the best toddler pillow is not exactly an easy task. There are many brands to choose from, and you might choose the wrong one if you are not an expert. Fortunately, our dedicated team looked at different pillows and created high standards for our list. At least you won’t have to research on your own because we did the heavy lifting for you.

How to Choose the Right Pillow for Your Toddler

But before we go to our list, we want to share with you the things you need to consider when getting your child’s first pillow.

Best Toddler Pillow


As much as possible, do not give them your standard-sized pillow. It might not be too comfortable for them, and it can get overwhelming. This is the reason why many companies create pillows perfect for their age.

Right Filling

If you must know, some kids might be allergic to feathers. You should avoid getting those as of the moment. Check the pillow if it has either polyester or cotton. Just imagine the discomfort and hassle when your child’s body reacted negatively to their pillow.


Since most of us are busy adults, and children often spill their drinks and food practically anywhere, it is a must that you get pillows that are easy to clean. Most of the products we will share below are machine washable.

Remember, the best time to introduce a pillow to your toddler is 18 months old and above. For younger ones, there’s still a huge risk for SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. 

When to Change Your Toddler’s Pillows?

You must change your child’s pillow every 18 to 36 months. This depends on the materials and how your toddler uses it.

List of the Best Toddler Pillow

Give your kid the right pillow that will guarantee a good night’s rest. Check the links and buy one before stocks last.

Dreamtown Kids Toddler Pillow with Pillowcase

Best Toddler Pillow - Tip Top Sleep

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First on our list of the best toddler pillow is from Dreamtown. This brand is true to its name because it can take your kids to dreamland – and fast. The pillow is highly recommended and tagged as the ‘perfect first pillow.’ It isn’t too small, and it isn’t too big. The pillowcase is also easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about spills and stains. The best part is that it is hypoallergenic, mildew resistant, and mold resistant. The company is family-owned, and it’s always a good thing to support small businesses.

A parent shared that this pillow is better than what they purchased before. What they’ve noticed is that other brands are too flat, and it doesn’t sit well with the toddlers.

KeaBabies Store White Toddler Pillow for Sleeping

Best Toddler Pillow - Tip Top Sleep

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Now, let’s talk about a nice pillow from KeaBabies. This deserves a spot in our Best Toddler Pillow list because of its ergonomic design. It will certainly provide the best support and comfort to your kid. As for durability, it is made to last for a long time, allowing you to save more money. Their products are also tested, which means it doesn’t contain any harmful substances. And if you are constantly travelling with your child, this is the right travel pillow for them.

Surprisingly, it’s not just toddlers who are happy with the pillow. Some of the parents use it, and they claim to have the best sleep with this. The size and the thickness are also perfect, and it’s a good value for the price point. One of them even said that this pillow is a must-have. We definitely agree with all of their praises.

TILLYOU Ergonomic Toddler Pillows

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Next, we have from TILLYOU. This is made from 100% premium cotton with a 300 thread count. It isn’t treated with any dying material, making it safe for your young ones. You can guarantee that they will have a nice relaxing sleep as the air and moisture can easily pass through. The pillow is versatile enough, and you can use it for home, while on the road, and even when camping. It’s the perfect balance between fluffy and thin. TILLYOU pillow is also machine washable, which takes a lot of worries if you wish to clean it.

According to its customers, it’s a beautiful pillow perfect for their children. It’s easy to pack, and even a non-toddler can use it. Some of its buyers are adults who suffered from neck pain. And according to them, this has helped in improving their condition.   

Oakias White Toddler Pillow Set 

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Another great pillow for your toddler is from Oakias. This measures 13 inches in width, and 18 inches in length. We can assure you that your kid will have the best possible sleep with this product. What this pillow does is give optimal support for your child’s head, neck, and spine – thanks to its ergonomic design. And if you worry about an upcoming travel with your kids, don’t worry. This is certainly a good travel companion. If you are about to clean this pillow, make sure to use cold water and a gentle cycle.

Apart from giving this to your toddler, you can also have one as a headrest on your recliner. Based on a review, it’s super soft and extremely easy to clean. What more can you ask for?

Little Sleepy Head 

Best Toddler Pillow - Tip Top Sleep

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Lastly, we have the one from Little Sleepy Head. This is made in the USA, so you can guarantee premium quality. It uses hypoallergenic cotton as well. It sits between being too fluffy and being too flat. If you are not happy with the product, then you can reach out to the company and have it replaced. We are going to warn you though. Your kid would want to take this pillow everywhere they go.

One of the customers said that this pillow is absolutely fantastic. And honest to goodness, we believe it. Even a one-year-old can already appreciate it. You see, a parent tried to give a standard pillow to their toddler, but it was obvious that she was not comfortable. But with Little Sleep Head, things have changed.  You have to buy one for yourself if you still don’t believe us.


As adults, we do understand how important quality pillows are to get quality sleep. The same goes for toddlers. They deserve nice pillows, and it will help them get the right amount of sleep for optimal health. And while there are many brands available in the market, we’ve already listed the best ones. Hopefully, you can find the right one for your children’s needs and, of course, within your budget.

By Michelle D.

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