Can Depression Cause Sleep Problems


Depression is a serious condition, and as we all know, many people suffer from it. The disease can severely affect one’s life and also the lives of the people around them. Thus, it’s always good to understand depression and what happens to the person suffering from it. In today’s article, let’s answer the questions – Can depression cause sleep problems? Can depression keep you from sleeping, and can depression make it hard to sleep?

People who are experiencing depression might also suffer from sleeping problems. They may have difficulties falling asleep at night. In some cases, they find it hard to stay asleep. Others may even ask, can depression cause you to sleep a lot? Yes, it could, and one might sleep too much or experience excessive daytime sleepiness.

Depression Overview

In general, feeling sad or disappointed is part of one’s life. These could be a healthy reaction to certain circumstances and should last for a short period of time. For a healthy person, such feelings don’t usually interfere with their personal relationships, work, or school.

However, the case is different for people suffering from depression. These negative feelings may last for weeks and are experienced every day. Such could be categorized into a group of mood disorders referred to as depressive disorders. This is also known as clinical depression.

If you must know, depression affects around 4.4% of people around the globe. It’s the second most common health issue in the US, next to anxiety.

Can Depression Cause Sleep Problems

Causes of Depression

Even up to this day, experts could not pinpoint the exact root cause of depression. However, there are many factors that could develop this disease or condition:

  1. It is possible that there’s a family history
  2. It could be due to trauma or stressors
  3. It could be an effect of medications
  4. It could be due to other health issues

According to studies, half of the people with depression could associate it with family history.

Symptoms of Depression

It’s critical that you know the early signs and symptoms of depression. This includes a depressed mood most days. In some cases, there will be a lack of interest in things that you were once passionate about. Changes in appetite is also a symptom. If you are always tired or experience fatigue, or you feel worthless and hopeless, or you have suicidal thoughts, we encourage you to seek professional help as early as possible.

Sleeping Tips for People with Depression

When a person lacks sleep, it could be a contributing factor to develop depression. Likewise, it can increase the risk of relapse for people who have already been treated. And that is why having a healthy sleeping habit is essential for people with depression. Here are a few tips that could help.

Have a Sleep/ Wake Schedule

We all know that 7 – 9 hours of sleep is essential. However, what could help is to set a consistent sleep/wake schedule. Understandably, this could be challenging for people with depression. And that’s why we encourage you to have a nighttime routine so you can condition yourself. A nice warm bath or reading a positive book should help.

Expose Yourself Outdoors

You might also want to spend more time outside and expose yourself to sunlight. This could improve your circadian rhythm and is an efficient way to trigger your body to sleep at the right time.

Be Cautious of Your Nap Time

It’s good to nap during the day, but you have to be careful. You see, the ideal power nap should be around 10 to 20 minutes—longer than that can affect your ability to sleep at night. However, if you sleep less than 10 minutes, you won’t be able to reap the benefits of a ‘power nap.’ Make sure to set a timer or ask a family member or colleague to wake you up at a specific time.

Seek Help from Professionals

There are several therapies that could help people with depression. These could also improve one’s sleeping behavior. With psychodynamic therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, and CBT, you can process your feelings and thoughts that lead to depression.

In most cases, mental health professionals will suggest behavioral changes to avoid the symptoms of depression, such as sleeping issues.

Stay Away From Alcoholic Beverages

Drinking alcohol, even in moderation, could affect the quality of your sleep. Especially for people with depression, it’s not recommended to resort to alcohol as it could result in excessive drinking. And as well all know, it could lead to uncontrolled behavior and may cause further damages.

Don’t Forget to Exercise

And lastly, make it a point to exercise regularly. Those who engage in physical activities, whether light, moderate, or vigorous, are reported to have better sleep. However, try not to exercise at night as this could also interfere with your sleep cycle.

Learn more about depression and sleep problems from this video.

Best Products for People with Depression

There’s no harm in using products that could help you sleep, most especially for people with depression. Here are our recommendations.

Happiness Workbook: A CBT-Based Guide to Foster Positivity and Embrace Joy

Can Depression Cause Sleep Problems - Tip Top Sleep

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This workbook can help reframe how you perceive stress and can ultimately bring joy to your life. It’s an excellent tool to improve your mood and to foster positive thinking skills. It uses thought-provoking exercises wherein you can eventually resolve inner obstacles. You will also find several affirmations that could lift your spirit.

The author of the book is Dr. Anna Napawan, a licensed clinical psychologist. She works in private practice treating depression, anxiety, trauma, OCD, and ADHD, among many others.

My Lumina Purification Sage Lavender Candle

Can Depression Cause Sleep Problems - Tip Top Sleep

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This candle can help when you are practicing meditation and yoga. According to the manufacturer, it cleanses and purifies the surrounding. It can even attract good luck and can drive away negative energy. If you are the type of person who loves products such as this, we recommend this to you.

Naspaluro Exercise Bike

Can Depression Cause Sleep Problems - Tip Top Sleep

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Since we also encourage people with depression to exercise, having your own equipment at home is beneficial.

How about this Naspaluro Exercise Bike that has a real LCD Display and Phone Mount. It can track your time, speed, distance, and even your heart rate. It’s relatively lightweight, and you can easily move it around, perfect for home use.


Depression is a mental condition that must be taken seriously. More often than not, it requires medical attention and the help of professionals. If you believe you are experiencing the symptoms, it’s always good to get yourself checked before the condition worsens. It’s not just about your sleeping behavior that will be affected, but your life holistically.

By Michelle D.

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