How to Store a Mattress?


Let’s just say that you are doing a home renovation. Or perhaps, you bought a new mattress for your home. Yet, you are not decided what to do with your old bed. Instead of just plainly leaving it in your basement, you should know how to store a mattress properly. Who knows if you can still use it in the future, right?

In this post, we will share tips on how to keep your mattress the right way, and more.

How to Store a Mattress

Best Ways on How to Store a Mattress

Most mattresses are expensive. And it’s not surprising that you want to keep your old one instead of disposing of it. But how do you do it? Worry no more as we have the solutions for you.

Clean Your Mattress

Before everything else, you must clean your mattress. And by this, we mean that you have to do so thoroughly. You can use baking soda and sprinkle it on your bed to remove the odor. Once done, vacuum the baking soda and allow your mattress to air out. Wait for a couple of hours before you go to the next step. If you don’t have your own vacuum yet, you might want to check out one of our favorite products.

BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

How to Store a Mattress? - Tip Top Sleep

This portable handheld vacuum has a long life and is lightweight. It’s cordless, so you can clean your mattress even when there is no available power source or outlet nearby. It is also strong enough to clean dirt and remove dust. The only downside is that the battery isn’t replaceable. But in terms of performance and ease of use, this product is worth the shot.

Use Plastic to Wrap Your Mattress

Before you place your mattress in your basement or attic, use plastic to securely wrap it. Make sure that it is tight enough by using packing tape to seal it. We do not recommend using thick plastics because these could trap moisture. If you can find a breathable plastic, then we suggest that you invest in it.

In addition, there are mattress bags readily available. You might want to consider those to ensure that there will be no mold and that your mattress will stay in mint condition. Here’s one you can buy online.

Mattress Bag with 8 Handles for Moving and Storage

How to Store a Mattress? - Tip Top Sleep

This mattress bag is ideal for moving or for storage. It is made with high-quality tarp material, making it durable. The product is proven to be better than using standard plastics as well. What we absolutely love about this bag are the handles which allow you to easily transport your mattress wherever you want to. You can even use it over and over again, and that means value for money.

Additional Tip: If you plan to store it for several months, then make sure to open the wrapping once in a while. Don’t forget to reseal it after.

Rent a Covered Truck

If you are about to move to a new home, we suggest hiring a covered truck. We’ve seen a lot of people just tying their mattresses above their vehicles. While understandable, that can cause damages and deformation to your bed.

Also, when you place your mattress in a covered truck, keep it on the side instead of laying it down. Remember not to add other things on top.

Lay it Down When Storing

The case is different when you are already storing your mattress. Instead of keeping it upright, you have to lay it down. Otherwise, the coils and other materials inside of your mattress might be out of place after several months.

Watch this video for additional information on how to store a mattress.

When to Replace Your Old Mattress

Let’s talk about the reasons why you need to store your mattress and get a new one. You can use this as a guide.

If Your Mattress Is More Than 8 Years

This is not an absolute rule. However, most mattresses will stay in mint condition for eight years, depending on how to use it. Speaking of which, you can also use a cover while you are still using your mattress. This can prevent stains and dirt, which can essentially prolong the life of your bed. You can use our product recommendation below:

FGZ Store Queen Waterproof Mattress

How to Store a Mattress? - Tip Top Sleep

This mattress cover is a must. If you worry about liquids spilling on your bed, this product can do the work for you. What’s great is that it’s soft and noiseless. We can even guarantee that the cover doesn’t contain harmful materials, making it safe for the entire family. Now, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, their friendly customer support are always ready to give assistance.

Some of its buyers shared how wonderful this product is. The waterproofing works amazing, and even kids love to use it. For most, it’s the best cover they have. We’re pretty sure you will feel the same as well.

Now, if you don’t want to throw your mattress away just yet, then storing it might be a good idea. If you must know, you can always repurpose your old mattress, and squeeze out your creative juices. 

You Need to Have Bigger (or smaller) Mattress

You should also replace your mattress if you believe it doesn’t match your needs. For example, if you are using a twin-size mattress while living on your own, you might need to get a bigger one if you decided to live with your partner. Another reason is if you need to downsize your bed because you relocated to a smaller home or apartment.

Conclusion, How to Store a Mattress?

Storing your old mattress entails a few steps, and these are important to ensure that your bed is in good quality. You can never really tell when you will need it again, so it’s best to keep it properly. We hope that the tips above were able to help you. These are practical yet highly effective.

By Michelle D.

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