What to Do with Old Pillows


If you are looking for ways on what to do with old pillows, you’ve found the right spot. Instead of just throwing it away, you can squeeze your creative juices and do something new. If you are running out of ideas, we have it here for you. And it’s also the perfect time to do these projects now that we have more time at home.

Tips on What to Do with Old Pillows

Are you ready to do some magic on your used pillows?

What to Do with Old Pillows

Make New Throw Pillows

Just in case your bedroom pillows are not comfortable enough, you can always repurpose it and make cute throw pillows. Use colorful fabrics (or plain ones), and give your living room that much-needed facelift. You can reshape the stuffing and can make different sizes according to your preferences.

Another idea is to use them outdoors if you have a patio. At least you won’t have to worry too much about birds flocking on them. After all, it isn’t brand new.

Make a Fertilizer

Yes, you can make fertilizer out of your stuffing. This is possible if you were using pillows with feathers. You just need to place the stuffing in a compost bin. Add your coffee grounds, raked up leaves, and even vegetable scraps. After half a year, you will have a rich fertilizer for your plants.

This brings us to the next point.

Have a Pillow When Gardening

When you are gardening, you would often be on your knees. And sometimes, that could be hurtful. What you can do is remove the fabric of your pillow and use either a trash bag or waterproof fabric. With this, you can turn your garden into something magnificent without jeopardizing your knees.

Create a Pet Bed

Do you have fur babies? Well, you can make something special for them. Use your old pillows and create a pet bed. That way, they can comfortably rest and sleep on something you’ve put your heart into. You can cover it up with your old blanket, or your used comfortable shirt.

Effective Draft Stopper

If you live in a home where there is a never-ending whistling coming from your door, then it’s about time to have a draft stopper. You can use both the stuffing and your old pillowcase for this. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a master-sewer to complete this project.

Use as a Fort For Your Kids

Kids love to build forts, and why don’t you make them one using your old pillows? These could hold up blankets, or you can use it as a safe obstacle course for your children. However, ensure that the pillows are thoroughly clean. Vacuum and wash it before you allow your kids to play with it.

Create Rags

Another ‘what to do with old pillows’ tip is to create rags. You can cut it into squares and start sewing your fabrics together. At least you can always clean up your house with these fabrics. Wipe surfaces and even your fans with it. While it won’t be huge, you can still save money by not buying new rags.

Furniture Protector

You can also use your old pillow to protect your furniture and other items, especially if you are going to move. At least you can ensure that your stuff is safe even while on the road.

If you still want more ideas on what to do with old pillows, here’s a video that could help you.

When to Replace Your Old Pillow

The question now is, when is the best time to replace your old pillows? Well, here are a few things you need to consider.

As a general rule, you must change it every one or two years. Perhaps you think this is too soon, and you are using your pillows for at least five years. Quite frankly, you are not alone. However, it’s ideal to change your pillows as often as possible because of the following reasons.

  • It can be a breeding ground for bacteria and may even cause allergies
  • It will lose its support over time

Also, proper care for your pillows is necessary. You should wash it every six months using a mild detergent and hot water. But don’t forget to read your pillows specific instructions to make sure that it will last longer.

Best Pillows to Replace Your Old One

Wondering what are the best pillows you can buy right now? We have a couple of great recommendations.

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows for Sleeping

What to Do with Old Pillows - Tip Top Sleep

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If you are looking for a pillow using super plush material, this has got to be it. We bet you won’t go back to standard pillows after using this. It’s ideal for resting your head, and you will get the best quality of sleep you deserve. The pillows are also stylish and luxurious. It’s as if you are sleeping in a hotel room. This doesn’t have chemicals, making it perfect for the entire family.

When a customer writes a lengthy positive review about a product, that means a lot. And that’s what you can find from Beckham pillows. Most of its users are extremely happy about their purchase, they just can’t hide it. That’s not surprising because of the superior quality you can get from it. We say, get one (or two) right away.

Lifewit Bed Pillows

What to Do with Old Pillows - Tip Top Sleep

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Another great pillow you might want to consider is from Lifewit. This isn’t the first time that we feature one of their products. But that’s not surprising because they are nothing short of outstanding. But of course, you have to get one for yourself if you still don’t believe us. They use micro silicon polyester fiber to give you that extra comfort as you sleep. It is machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it.

One of its customers shared that she was looking for the perfect support pillow for quite some time. And with this brand, it did not disappoint.


Pillows are essential to have a good sleep. But like most things in life, you have to replace it when it’s not already serving its purpose. Instead of just throwing it, use our tips on what to do with old pillows. That way, you can save money and do your part in saving the planet. Imagine if people will follow your lead and will try to recycle. There would be lesser waste around the globe.

By the way, we’ve created an article on what to do with old mattresses. You might want to check it out as well and do more creative projects.

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