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Are you looking for the best bed air conditioner? We understand how challenging it is to sleep during warmer nights. It will wake you up from time to time, and before you know it, you have to really wake up for work. And while conventional air conditioning units are available, some people are not comfortable using it. It’s because it makes the environment dry, which can also affect how you sleep.

On the other hand, using fans is good for circulating air. However, it could be noisy. Plus, if the air is naturally warmer, it will just circulate warm air too.

Why are Cool Beds Beneficial for Sleep?

To fall asleep, we need to cool down. And according to studies, your body decreases the temperature by 1 or 2 degrees during night time. If there is a decline in body temperature, you get to sleep faster, and it promotes deeper sleep. If you notice, when you are sick or hot, it’s more challenging to fall asleep.

Passive Bed Cooling vs. Active Bed Cooling

There are ways to make your sleep cooler. These are the passive and active bed cooling systems. Allow us to explain the differences between the two.

Passive Bed Cooling

These are the cooling mattress pads and toppers that can regulate your temperature as you sleep. These are usually made with a gel-like material that allows better air ventilation. But this isn’t a good option if you live in a hot climate. Your pads will only do a little, and you would still probably wake up soaking in your sweat.

Active Bed Cooling

A better solution would be using active bed cooling solutions. It’s not just removing the heat, but it gives lower temperature in your bed.

There are bed fans that blow cool air under your sheets. On the other hand, there are water-cooled systems that could circulate the water through a mattress topper. It’s a great solution even in scorching weather. You are sure to get the right temperature that will give you a good night’s rest.

How to Choose the Right Bed Airconditioner

When looking for the right bed air conditioner, you shouldn’t base your decision on cost alone. The most expensive one doesn’t mean it’s the right product for your needs. The cheapest product doesn’t exactly mean you can save a lot. You have to understand the features and even look at the warranty. That way, you can purchase without having to worry too much.

Best Bed Air Conditioner List

If you are having a hard time looking for the right cooling system for your mattress, we’ve got the best ones in the market. We understand that finding the best item online can be overwhelming, considering all the options. Thus, we did the heavy lifting for you.

Chili Cube 3.0 Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad

Best Bed Air Conditioner - Tip Top Sleep

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The first on our list is from Chili. It uses a water-based system that can help in regulating the surface temperature of your mattress. How it works is that it circulates the water through silicone micro-tubes in the pad. The main objective of this product is to provide you with better quality of sleep. That’s a promise they still keep up to this day. For those who are experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, and body pain, this could be the perfect solution for you. Best of all – it’s energy-efficient.

While most people enjoy this cooling and heating mattress pad, a slight improvement could be made. Personally, it could be a little loud, but not to the point of disrupting your sleep. Nevertheless, one of its users was amazed by this product because it doubled his average deep sleep.

BedJet 3 Climate Comfort for Beds

Best Bed Air Conditioner - Tip Top Sleep

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If you want to regulate the temperature of your bed, whether to make it cooler or warmer, you should include BedJet in your list. What makes this amazing is that it’s simple and easy to use. We bet you can enjoy it right after unboxing the product. It also uses biorhythm sleep technology wherein you can automate the temperature control. You can now sleep better by setting different temperatures each hour.

Many of its users are those who are in the menopausal stage. For them, this product is an answered prayer. As for the customer services, it’s nothing short of outstanding. Just in case you have issues with your item, you can call them right away, and they will help you.

Mattress Cooler Classic Chilled Mattress Topper Water Cooling System

Best Bed Air Conditioner - Tip Top Sleep

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This is a great product that will keep you stay cool all night. And this is ideal if you want to cut down your electricity cost. This unit chills a gallon of water and uses evaporate cooling. Because of this process, the room gets cool as well. Take note that leaks are possible, and you should be on the lookout regularly. Take note that the PVC vinyl mattress will wear out after half a year.

If you do not want to have problems setting up, this one should be on top of your list. This is also quiet so you can be sure that you will have a good night’s rest every time.

WORAMUK 2021 New Cooling Blanket

Best Bed Air Conditioner - Tip Top Sleep

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This is an easy-to-use product that you can install in just two minutes. It has a cooling effect that can take away the heat from your body. The great thing about the WORAMUK cooling blanket is that it is energy-saving. With this, you don’t have to worry about your energy consumption.

This item received mixed reviews. Some are happy with it, while others believe improvements should be made. If you have pets, you might want to be a bit more careful because their claws might damage it.

Conclusion, Bed Air Conditioner

It’s never comfortable sleeping in a hot environment. Just imagine waking up all sweaty. With a bed air conditioner, you can ensure a more relaxed sleep without skyrocketing electricity costs. Make sure to purchase the right products and follow the instructions. We hope that the list above will help you narrow down your options. Check the links and buy one right away. It’s about time to get that awesome sleep you truly deserve.

By Michelle D.

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