Best Sleeping Position for Neck Pain


If you are looking for the best sleeping position for neck pain, you’ve found the right post. We understand that when you cannot find the right position as you sleep, it can cause more pain and lack of sleep. And from there, your whole day will be affected. You can’t do so much, and your mood suddenly becomes worse. But before we discuss the sleeping positions, let’s talk about neck pain in general.

In most cases, neck pain isn’t a serious condition. And in fact, it will only last for a couple of days. However, there are also neck pains that experts must carefully monitor. For example, if you encountered injuries or suffered from a specific health condition, it could manifest on your neck.

Common Causes of Neck Pain

There are many reasons why one would suffer from neck pain. It could be from a bad posture, working for too long without changing position, and injury.

However, you must be aware that neck pain could be a symptom of a heart attack, meningitis, and even cancer of the spine. These are usually accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, headache, vomiting, and lumps on your neck, among many others.

Treatment for Neck Pain

There are several ways to manage your neck pain. You can use ice and heat therapy. Also, exercising can do you good. But you have to ask the professionals about the type of exercises best for your condition. Likewise, medication and surgery could be recommended.

Meanwhile, take a look at the best exercises for neck pain.

And since we all need to sleep, knowing the best sleeping position for neck pain could also help.

Sleeping Position Best for Neck Pain

According to experts, the best positions when you have neck pain should be on your back or your side. However, it isn’t only the position that matters. It’s also ideal that you get a quality pillow that will support the curvature of your body.

Best Sleeping Position for Neck Pain

For side-sleepers, we suggest that you use a taller pillow placed under your neck. This is so it would be aligned with your head and could relieve any strain.

Another position that could work best for your neck pain is sleeping upright. You can get a recliner bed for this. If you plan to do this position, you might want to get a nice horseshoe-shaped pillow. Are you familiar with the ones used in long travels? We suggest getting one of those. Or, if you can get lower back pillows, that should help as well.

As much as possible, avoid sleeping on your stomach. The main reason is that you will tend to twist your neck, which can put pressure on the nerves. Just in case you are used to sleeping this way, make sure to remove your pillow, or at least use a thin one.

Best Neck Pillow for Sleeping

Here are a few options if you are searching for the right neck pillow that can alleviate your neck pain.

UTTU Sandwich Pillow

Best Sleeping Position for Neck Pain - Tip Top Sleep

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What we appreciate about this pillow is that it has an adjustable loft where you can remove the middle layer. This provides you with the height where you are most comfortable with. Also, it uses dynamic foam that conforms to the natural curve of the body. Unlike other memory foam, this one will never get hard, even during colder weather.

Many of its users claim that UTTU is one of the best they’ve ever tried. In fact, they have no plans on changing their brand for years to come. The quality is superb, and the customer service is way beyond excellent.

BCOZZY Travel Pillow 

Best Sleeping Position for Neck Pain - Tip Top Sleep

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This neck pillow will prevent your face from falling forward, thanks to its adjustable loop. The best asset of this product is that you can use it practically anywhere. It’s good for travel, when you are in the office, or even at home. Whatever type of sleeper you are, the pillow can easily adjust to your needs. And yes, your neck will be supported the best way possible. Cleaning this is also a breeze, which is why many people enjoy using this product.

Some of its users were skeptical if the pillow could deliver what it has promised. True enough, it did not disappoint. They even call it their ‘true friend’. With all the benefits you can get from it, we certainly agree.

Genetic Los Angeles Cylinder Pillows for Neck 

Best Sleeping Position for Neck Pain - Tip Top Sleep

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If you want a neck pillow that is highly recommended by doctors, get one from Genetic Los Angeles. It’s ergonomic and could keep your spine in a normal position. You can use this product in different ways. It could be a neck, leg, or arm-support.  Because of its superior quality, you won’t have to worry about getting the foam deformed. We can guarantee you that it will last for years.

TALLGO Travel Pillow  

Best Sleeping Position for Neck Pain - Tip Top Sleep

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This is a great pillow for your neck, most especially if you are always on the road. And with its pillowcase made from outstanding materials, your skin will always be protected. You can easily adjust this depending on your body type. Plus, you can return the product if you are not satisfied with it. But we have to be honest, we don’t think that will happen.

Most of its customers are happy with the purchase because it’s not expensive. Yet, you can be assured that your neck is supported as you sleep. It also comes with a bag, making it the perfect companion everywhere you go.


If your neck pain doesn’t go away after a couple of days, it is a must that you consult your doctor. Again, you might be suffering from a serious condition that needs further attention. Don’t prolong your agony. You see, even if you know the best sleeping position for neck pain, or if you have the right type of pillow, these will not be enough for severe cases.

By Michelle D.

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