The Truth Behind The ‘Garlic Under Pillow’ Technique


Some people swear that garlic and sleep are correlated. They believe that the spice’s aroma can have a soothing effect that can improve the quality of your sleep. Now, this might seem hard to believe, considering the herb’s strong smell. So if you want to learn the truth about these ‘garlic under pillow’ claims, read the rest of this post.

It is said to be effective for people with insomnia. Not only that, some people believe that you are to be more active and productive the next day if you follow this odd technique. But before we dive deeper into this specific topic, let’s talk about the other benefits of garlic.

Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic Under Pillow

Aside from the ‘garlic under pillow’ tactic, you might want to eat at least one clove of garlic per day. This should be done on an empty stomach. The reason for this is that garlic, in itself, has a lot of health benefits. It can fight off common sickness and can improve one’s immune system. Apart from these, you can also improve your cardiovascular health and cholesterol levels with the right amount of garlic supplement.

With all of these benefits mentioned, it’s not a bad idea to always include garlic in your next grocery shopping list.

Garlic Under Pillow, What’s The Real Deal?

The smell of garlic can indeed be overpowering. Just try to eat a meal filled with garlic, and it will be pretty much apparent on your breath. However, according to old practices, this powerful smell can unclog our nasal passages. And because of that, you will have an improved breathing.

If you place your garlic under your pillow, make sure that you add a protective layer. The garlic could release oil which can damage your sheets. A paper towel could be an easy solution.

Bear in mind that the study about the correlation between the two is limited. However, this doesn’t mean that garlic for sleeping is ineffective.

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Garlic and Sleep, How is it Related?

Just so you know, garlic has a good amount of magnesium and potassium. These minerals are essential to improve the quality of your sleep.  With magnesium, it is known to promote healthy levels of GABA, where it boosts relaxation. At the same time, it could reduce our stress levels. Potassium, on the other hand, can make you stay asleep.

Garlic and Milk Drink

Have you ever tried drinking milk with garlic? This should be easy to make. You just need to prepare a cup of warm milk and boil one crushed clove for about three minutes. Wait for it to cool down and remove the garlic. To balance the taste, we recommend that you add a bit of honey. It is suggested that you drink it half an hour before your bedtime. That way, you can maximize its full benefits.

We understand that this might seem different from your usual milk. But if it could take you to dreamland, then why not? Also, if you think raw garlic is too much for you, there are garlic supplements that could be a good alternative as well. Here’s one that you can try out.

Sports Research Odorless Garlic Oil Pills 

The Truth Behind The 'Garlic Under Pillow' Technique - Tip Top Sleep

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This is 100% plant-based and made from fresh whole garlic cloves. It is free from soybean oil and other animal ingredients. Plus, it is non-GMO verified, and Vegan certified. The company also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee under specific conditions. It is recommended that you take two capsules with a meal.

Garlic and Mosquitoes

In case you are about to enjoy the outdoors and have to spend the night with nature, garlic could be a great friend. Mosquitoes hate garlic. And so, we suggest placing cloves near you as it could be a natural repellant. With this, you can sleep soundly without the annoying bites of these insects.

Here’s a funny yet educational video about garlic, and you might want to watch it.


Take note that before you try out garlic supplements, you must consult your doctor. This is especially recommended if you are suffering from specific health conditions. You might be taking medications that could react negatively with supplements. Just to be on the safe side, talk to your physician first.

Also, you must be careful if you plan to place garlic under your pillow, most especially if you have pets running around. Just so you know, garlic can be toxic for both dogs and cats. A clove should make them sick.

In addition, you shouldn’t apply too much garlic directly onto your skin. There is evidence that it could result in minor burns.

Alternative for Garlic to Make You Fall Asleep

If you simply can’t bear the smell of garlic while you are sleeping, using essential oil could be the best solution. This has been backed up by several studies and is widely available in the market. However, you need to be careful in choosing your essential oils. We have tested a few, and here’s one of our favorites.

Maple Holistics Essential Oil

The Truth Behind The 'Garlic Under Pillow' Technique - Tip Top Sleep

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It’s not just for sleeping, but it could be a great remedy if you have anxiety attacks and mood swings. You can also use this while you are meditating or doing yoga. Many of its users can attest to how potent this essential oil is, making it effective. It even smells amazing! Again, this could be a great solution if you think garlic is just too much for your nose.


Should you try the ‘garlic under pillow’ technique? This depends on your preference. We do not see anything wrong if you try it. Yet again, you have to be careful as it could ruin your sheets. Make sure that you place a protective cover first. And you need to remove it right away just in case you have pets.

But as we’ve already mentioned, garlic is an amazing herb with a wide latitude of health benefits. It’s not bad if you use it as a natural remedy as long as your doctor permits it.

By Michelle D.

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