How to Sleep After Umbilical Hernia Surgery


If your doctor suggests that you undergo umbilical hernia surgery, you shouldn’t panic. This is quite common nowadays. But of course, like most medical procedures, there will be risks, and you might experience a bit of pain and discomfort. Having said that, you need to take care of yourself and even learn how to sleep after umbilical hernia surgery.

If you must know, getting enough sleep can help you recover faster. Thus, you need to prioritize this. Before we tell you the tips, let’s discuss first what an umbilical hernia surgery is.

What is an Umbilical Hernia Surgery?

How to Sleep After Umbilical Hernia Surgery

An umbilical hernia usually happens when a part of your intestine bulges through the opening in the abdominal muscles. This is commonly found near your navel or belly button. More often than not, these are harmless.

When a baby experiences this, it will often close on its own within two years. The case is different for adults as you might be required to get surgery.

You need to see a doctor if you feel that the bulge becomes tender and more painful. The earlier you get a diagnosis, the better.

Some of the common reasons why you have this condition are due to obesity, pregnancy, abdominal surgery, fluid in your abdominal cavity, and when you undergo dialysis for kidney failure.

Here’s a short video that will explain the condition further.

Tips on How to Sleep After Umbilical Hernia Surgery

So, let’s get to the main topic. What is the best way to sleep after hernia surgery?

Take Painkillers

It’s never easy to sleep when you are in deep pain. And that is why your doctors will likely prescribe painkillers. Remember, you shouldn’t self-medicate. Ask your doctor which medications are perfect for your conditions. Otherwise, you might suffer from complications.

Elevate Your Upper Body

Experts suggest that you rest or sleep in bed with your upper body elevated. You can use multiple pillows for this. Or you can use a wedge pillow or an adjustable mattress if your budget permits. The main reason for this is that it helps you breathe properly after your surgery.

Lucky for you, we found a great wedge pillow. Most of us have been using it for quite some time, and we now have a better sleep. With or without surgery, you must get one for yourself.

Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Wedge Pillow

How to Sleep After Umbilical Hernia Surgery - Tip Top Sleep

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The great thing about this brand is that they offer wedge pillows in different thickness. They have 7,10, and 12-inch pillows, and you can choose the right one depending on your comfort level. It’s best if you have certain medical conditions such as acid reflux, back pain, neck pain, and even poor circulation. It has a soft cover which you can remove and wash with ease.

Many of its customers can attest to the quality of the product. It’s excellent, and it guarantees a good night’s rest. Before you even get a schedule for your surgery, you might want to buy this right away.

Remember, sleeping at a 30 -45 degree incline is the most optimal position. If you will have a hard time sleeping this way, you can start elevating your back to 10 degrees and gradually adjust it.

In addition, you can enjoy a number of benefits when you sleep on your back, most especially after your surgery. Apart from what we stated above, it can also decrease the pain, and you will have better limb mobility.

Use Sleeping Aids

Sometimes, it becomes more challenging to sleep after your surgery because of external factors. For example, if you live in a busy neighborhood, getting a good night’s rest seems impossible.

In such cases, you can use several sleeping aids. Getting earplugs are economical and could block off most noises. In addition to that, you can purchase a red light made for sleeping. Here’s a brand that has been trusted by many for years. 

Hatch Restore Sound Machine Smart Light

How to Sleep After Umbilical Hernia Surgery - Tip Top Sleep

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Apart from giving you the right light for sleeping, this is also a sound machine. You can change the mood of your entire room, which essentially helps you get better sleep. And since you might need to limit your movements, this product is perfect as you can control it using an app. It’s a great investment, least to say.

Tips for Side Sleepers

We understand that some people are not comfortable sleeping on their back. The solution for that could be simple. Have a nice pillow below your hips so you can have a bit of side inclination.

Techniques for Getting On and Out of Bed

After your surgery, it’s a challenge to even go to your bed. Fortunately, there are a few techniques you can use.

When you are about to go to bed, you need to sit down on your mattress. And make sure you are close to the center of your bed. From there, you should ease your body so you can lie down on your side. Next, you will have to raise your legs to the bed and roll onto your back.

Now, getting out of bed has a different technique. First, you must roll on your side and extend your legs to the side of the bed. From there, gently push yourself in a sitting position. And lastly, slowly stand up and make sure you are stable.

Hug Your Pillow Against Your Abdomen

Another strategy you can use before you go to bed is to have a pillow against you. Make sure to hug it as you move to your bed carefully. This can help decrease the pain, and you will have that feeling that your would is protected.

What to Avoid?

As much as possible, control yourself from too much twisting and turning, most especially when sleeping. This could cause stress to your wounds. We recommend adding pillows on both sides so you can limit your movements.

The recovery period after your surgery relies on different factors. But in general, it should be just around one to two weeks. It’s not that long compared to other procedures. So, you just need to be a bit patient, follow our doctor’s orders, and you are on you way to full recovery.

Conclusion, How to Sleep After Umbilical Hernia Surgery

Even with our recommendations, it is still encouraged to consult your doctor on the best post-surgery practices. That way, they can provide a more tailor-fit solution so you can quickly recover.

Nevertheless, we hope that our tips on how to sleep after umbilical hernia surgery will be able to help you.

By Michelle D.

Meet Michelle, founder of Tip Top Sleep, a website dedicated to helping you achieve the best sleep possible. With over 50 years of combined experience in the realm of sleep, Michelle and her team provide easy-to-follow tips and strategies to help you feel better, function better, and live better through optimal sleep. Let us help you prioritize your sleep and discover the power of a good night's rest.