How to Sleep with Sciatic Pain?


Many people suffer from sciatic pain. And yes, it could be challenging to sleep. It’s no wonder that a lot are searching for tips on how to sleep with sciatic pain. If you wish to learn more, you’ve found the perfect post. Before we go to our tips, let’s talk about sciatica as a health condition.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica can affect the lower back, buttocks, legs, and feet. Lumbago, sciatic neuralgia, or leg sciatica are all variations that describe sciatic nerve pain. Sciatica pain symptoms may include a dull ache that worsens with bending or lifting heavy objects and lessens with rest. The pain may radiate from the lower back through to the buttock and down into the leg while also worsening at night when lying down.

In the next sections, we will share how to manage the pain, so you get the best possible sleep.

How to Sleep with Sciatic Pain?

Get the Right Pain Reliever

We’ll begin by discussing the precautions you should take. For instance, if your sciatica pain is severe or persists for more than one week, it’s best to consult a physician to evaluate what other treatments are available. If treatment guidelines allow it and there aren’t any dangers of interaction between your medication and herbs, over-the-counter pain medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen may be helpful.

Use Heat Pads

Other ways of relieving sciatic nerve discomfort include heat therapy, which soothes sore muscles and joints.

Invest in Good Mattress and Pillow

To sleep with sciatic pain, it’s important to have a mattress that feels comfortable and supports the spine. You also want pillows that support your head near your neck when you sleep on your side.

Over the past months, we’ve looked into several products and found the best one that could help you get a nice sleep.

Excel Sleep American Made Liberty Hybrid Cool Sleep Gel Memory Foam

How to Sleep with Sciatic Pain? - Tip Top Sleep

This mattress from Excel Sleep is handcrafted in the USA. That means you can guarantee its outstanding quality. It has 3-inch gel-infused memory foam and 8-inch tri-zone comfort flex pocket coils. With this product, you can sleep comfortably, and you never have to worry about waking up sweaty or feeling hot.

One of its buyers claimed that this mattress is the best one he has slept on for decades. The name is true to itself as it is excellent in every way. Chances are, you will be 100% satisfied with the brand too.

Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow for Sleeping

How to Sleep with Sciatic Pain? - Tip Top Sleep

This knee pillow is especially useful for people with lower back pain, neck pain, or who are pregnant. This uniquely designed knee pillow cushions well and can certainly provide superior comfort.

Side pillows may be great for sleeping, but they can’t stay in place unless you use the adjustable strap. That’s what they have with this product. Simply put the side sleeper leg pillow where you want it, adjust the strap, and you are good to go.

The softcover of their pillow, which is easy to remove and machine-washable, is ideal if you have sensitive skin. They also included a memory foam earplug for complete silence when you need it most.

Users of this pillow claim that this is a life-changing product, and we couldn’t agree more. The leg strap is also secure, and it’s the perfect cushion for hip alignment.

Cozy Hut Soft Memory Foam Sleeping Pillow 

How to Sleep with Sciatic Pain? - Tip Top Sleep

The inner material of this pillow is made of medical-grade memory foam that can retain its shape for continued comfort. It never goes flat and has the right balance of support. You can enjoy the relief, breathability, moisture-wicking properties in the outer fabric as well.

This ergonomically designed lumbar support pillow will keep your spine in ideal alignment while you sleep. Plus, it could relieve hip, sciatica, or lower back pain.

Some of the buyers claim that this is the best pillow on the planet. And we bet they are not exaggerating. It worked well, and it is highly recommended.

Know the Right Position

A few things you shouldn’t do are the following:

  • cross your legs
  • bend your legs too much
  • sleep on your stomach

Also, make sure there is plenty of room surrounding you so that you feel free and comfortable in bed. If it is possible to get a huge mattress, then we say go for it.

Stay Away From Intense Physical Activities

If you have an active lifestyle, it may be best to relax a bit. If possible, take a rest for a few days, and ask your physician which activities will be best for your condition. Remember, as your condition gets worse, the lesser chance you would be able to get a good night’s rest.

But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you should live a sedentary lifestyle. Physical activity is important for people with sciatica because it can help avoid stiffness, muscle spasms, nerve irritation, and more. It also helps increase circulation, strengthen the muscles and relieve stress. If possible, do simple exercises in a hot tub as that could relieve muscle tension. If you must know, the heat helps by triggering the production of endorphins.

Exercise should not be painful for sciatica sufferers. At first, people with this condition may find it difficult to perform certain exercises – but in time, most of them will start feeling better and easier. Generally, you should be active at least three times a week.

Here are a few ones to try, and make sure that you get approval from your doctor:

  • walking
  • rowing
  • swimming
  • cycling
  • aerobic or cardiovascular training

For people with chronic symptoms of sciatica and related pain in the buttocks or thigh, you can perform stretching exercises.

If you want to learn more about sciatic pain and how to sleep properly, here’s a video that could help you.

Conclusion, How to Sleep with Sciatic Pain

Having sciatica can be unbearable. And yes, we highly recommend that you visit your doctor regularly to check your health status and to learn the best remedies. However, with the right sleep aid and change of lifestyle, you can manage your pain and get enough rest.

In the meantime, invest in quality pillows and mattresses. It’s worth every penny.

By Michelle D.

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