17 Tips to Help You Sleep When It’s Windy Outside

17 Tips to Help You Sleep When It's Windy Outside - Tip Top Sleep

I always hear about how restless the atmosphere around us becomes when it is windy. Humans, animals, pets all become restless and for some people, this restlessness can become a real fear.

We cannot live and function to our highest when we let fear disturb our sleep. So if you cannot sleep due to high winds you are going to love these easy tips you will learn here so you can have a peaceful night’s sleep.

You will also learn to be prepared for any future weather events that could affect your sleep.

If you can’t sleep when it is very windy outside firstly stay calm, secondly forget about sleep for now and take on some tasks to assist you in calming down as well as entertain you before bed. Lastly, settle down and get some serious sleep.

17 Top Tips for Surviving Windy Nights and Getting Some Sleep

The tips outlined below are to get you prepared, secure, relaxed, entertained as well as a couple of ideas for props to help you settle down to a good night’s sleep.

1. Be Prepared

If you have a fear of high winds being prepared is the best way to stay in control, calm, and relaxed. The list can be long so being super organized well in advance is the way to go.

2. Keep updated with weather reports

Simple I know but staying on top of what is going on around you will give you power not to make you more afraid. Telephone applications, radios, and television will keep you updated throughout the night.

3. Secure Your Surroundings

Make sure your home and its surroundings are as safe as you can make them:-

  • putting loose items away
  • tying things down
  • making sure pets are safe
  • checking on neighbors

4. Plus One

If you live alone maybe invite a friend or family member around for the night. Promise them a night of board games, popcorn, and fun! How could they resist?

You could invite yourself to a friend’s home for the night and offer a fantastic homemade meal in return!

5. Earplugs

I wear earplugs every night as my partner uses a CPAP machine and I could not sleep without them. I have used many types of plugs but these are my absolute favorite to date.

The earplugs I wear are called Sleep Pretty In Pink by Hearos. These were referred to me by a girlfriend. You may not want Pretty in Pink so here is a link to Amazon which features the best sellers in earplugs so you can choose some for yourself at a great bulk-purchasing price.

6. White Noise

The definition of white noise is:-

  • a heterogeneous mixture of sound waves extending over a wide frequency range
  • a constant background noise especially: one that drowns out other sounds
  • meaningless or distracting commotion, hubbub, or chatter source

7. Noise Canceling Headphones

These are the best you will not believe how much noise they cancel out. On an airplane, you cannot even hear the engine noise.

There are many many available in varying price ranges. I would say if you have noise and sleep issues considering a good pair would be great for you.

Check out the noise-canceling headphones blue tooth style they are so practical for listening to music and television as well. Here is a link to Amazon for your convenience…

8. Get Out Of Your Bedroom

If you can set yourself up in a room without too many windows and doors you will feel much safer. The perfect room would be in the middle of the house with small or no windows and doors.

If you do not have a place such as this set one up.

  • Heavy curtains on the windows
  • Draft blockers on doors
  • Seals around window sills
  • Couch pushed up closer to the middle of the room
  • Blankets, pillows, and cushions ready for a nights sleep on the couch

9. Hot Bath

Relaxing warm to hot bath does wonders for relaxation and also fills in the time before you need to seriously think about getting some sleep.

10. Warm Milk

Whether it is an old wife’s tale or not if you are not sleeping what will it hurt to spoil yourself with a glass of warm milk while you settle down to reading a book or watching a movie.

Ever wondered if drinking warm milk helps you fall asleep. Check out my article which outlines everything you need to know about drinking warm milk before bedtime. Just click here.

11. Herbal Teas for Calming

Not into warm milk what about trying some of the wonderful calming and rest inducing herbal teas that are available today. Stock up on a couple of your favorite flavors ready for bad weather.

On second thoughts why not have one after dinner every night before you go to bed! Healthy and can’t hurt to have some extra help falling off to sleep every night.

12. Music

Many people say calming music! Bla Bla Bla!

That is okay if you have some serious repetitive insomnia issues you need to tackle but let’s get serious here we are talking about one-off weather events that are disrupting a person who normally sleeps well.

I say choose your favorite tunes or artist, you know that ones you know all the words too and they make you feel calm and safe. Just like you are sitting in a room with an old friend.

13. Television

Select a couple of your favorite movies or a box set get yourself comfy, snuggle down, press start, and turn up the volume. Make sure you have your pillow and blanket with you in case you go to sleep. No need to get up and go to bed! Sleeping on the couch for one night will not hurt you.

14. Reading

I always to go sleep reading. Depending upon the day I have had and my stress levels I may read 1 page or power on for 10 chapters. I just let myself go because I know for me sleep will come.

15. Hobbies or Crafts

What better time than to pull your hobby or craft box and rekindle that passion for your hobby that you never seem to have time for anymore.

16. Jigsaw Puzzle

Well, this is a great one because it can be set up in the corner to be used whenever you need it for a little relaxation.

17. Solitaire

A few games of solitaire will relax you while listening to music or watching television.

Preparing Your Home For Future Weather Events

If you have fears regarding the weather this is absolutely one thing you can do to feel safer.

I have written an article which covers how to get the best sleep in a thunderstorm, I have included a heap of information about preparing your surroundings and home for bad weather.

Check it out here.

17 Tips to help you sleep when its windy outside
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Where You Live

Where you live will impact the windy conditions within your home. So fear of wind is not necessarily irrational it can be due to position and situation.

Some usually great positions or locations come with a compromise.

Do You Live on the Side of a Hill

My sister once telephoned me to say she was absolutely terrified of the wind outside. She was nursing her firstborn daughter, it was 1.30 pm in the afternoon and she was home alone. She said it was so windy it felt like the house was going to take off.

She lived in a two-story house surrounded by gum trees perched on the side of a hill that looked out over the ocean. In her situation, she did not stand a chance of escaping the wind if it was around.

Normally she was prepared, but this one day she was just plain terrified.

By the Ocean

Much the same as on a hill you are open to all the elements that will be thrown at you including some really windy days or nights.

On the Land

Just because you are not perched on a cliff with lovely water or valley views does not mean you will escape wind if it chooses to descend on your location.

Wide-open spaces can conjure up winds as bad as any cliffside position or high rise apartment.

High Rise Apartments

Those of us who live in crowded cities and high rise apartments do not escape the wind either. Whistling wind through windows, doors, stairs wells, lifts, and any other minor crack or crevice wind can get through can sound like grinding teeth.

Learning to Sleep With Noise

Suffering and not receiving the correct amount of sleep each night does not need to become major stress or worry in your life. You have learned above about learning to relax and get some sleep in high winds. Similar strategies can be undertaken to manage better sleep with all kinds of noise.

In this article, I wrote you will collect so many tips that are easy to implement, and if successful they will change your life. Click through here “learning to sleep with noise“.

Final Thoughts – 17 Tips to Help You Sleep When It’s Windy Outside

If you have a fear of high winds whistling, the house feels like it is shaking or thunderstorms make sure you are always prepared in advance. Also choosing some of the activities above will ensure you do not have to go through a night afraid, alone, and unable to sleep when its windy outside.

As always here’s to better sleep!

17 Tips to Help You Sleep When It's Windy Outside - Tip Top Sleep

By Michelle D.

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