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Having a partner or a roommate who snores can be a bit annoying. If it tends to be too loud, you won’t be able to get enough sleep. So it’s not surprising that a lot of people are looking for the best snoring mouth guard.

But have you ever wondered why some people snore?

When we say snoring, it’s the loud sound that happens when you sleep. When the airflow makes the tissues in the back of your throat vibrate, it could emit such sound. If you must know, half of the population snore and is most common in men. However, women can be affected too.

While light snoring is not alarming and disruptive, heavy ones could be associated with a condition called obstructive sleep apnea. This is a serious sleep disorder that could lead to stroke, heart disease, and other health conditions. If you believe you know someone who has sleep apnea, ask them to set an appointment with their doctor.

Choosing the Right Snoring Mouth Guard

Meanwhile, for lighter snorers, mouth guards are now readily available in the market. That’s both a good and bad thing. While there are many legitimate mouth guards, there are also some that could cause further damage to your health. You need to understand what makes a good snoring mouth guard.

First, you have to do your research and check its manufacturer. Are they legal to operate, and do they follow the safety standards? You must also consider the comfort level of a mouth guard. If the shape and size are not according to your mouth, it could slip easily, making it useless.

Before you buy yours, check our list below.

List of the Best Snoring Mouth Guard

If you want to get the best snoring mouth guard in the market, we have here the top 5 that could help you. These products are proven to work, and will not break your pockets. Check it out and click the link for further details.

Petask Mouth Guards 

Best Snoring Mouth Guard - Tip Top Sleep

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One of the best things about this mouth guard is that it has a middle airflow. This allows the users to breathe comfortably throughout the night. It’s also ideal if you regularly grind your teeth. This fits most mouths and can be easily molded. It is made from medium-density BPA and uses a Latex-free grade material. These are the same materials used by dentists.

This product is so amazing, even the dentists are surprised it works. It’s also comfortable compared to other products available in the market. And according to its clients, it’s good value for money, and an economical solution if you snore at night.


Best Snoring Mouth Guard - Tip Top Sleep

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Next, we have TheSleepGuard. Based on their data, the product has stopped the snoring of 83% of their users. That’s a good percentage if you ask us. It’s also ideal for people with TMJ, Bruxism, and grinding teeth. The product is made from high-quality products, so you can be sure that it will last for a long time. And with celebrities and icons supporting the brand, it’s not surprising that TheSleepGuard is dominating the market.

One of its customers who live alone used an app to detect his snoring activity. But after using this mouth guard, it recorded ‘zero’ snoring. Plus, he felt way better when he woke up. He likes that it doesn’t induce a gag effect, which most products are notorious for. They also say it’s a life-changing product – and that speaks volumes about TheSleepGuard.

ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Best Snoring Mouth Guard - Tip Top Sleep

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We have reached half of our Best Snoring Mouth Guard list, and it’s a shame if we will not include ZQuiet. With this, you can get 2 unique mouthpieces, so you can choose which one fits best. It also comes with a protective case, so you can bring it anywhere you go.

The advantage of this brand is you can use it without boiling. It also uses the highest quality of materials and ensures that it follows all the safety standards. Users have noticed a big difference after using the mouth guard, either through a snoring app or through their partner’s observation. It improved their sleep quality which made them even more productive the next day.

Zyppah Snore Stopper 

Best Snoring Mouth Guard - Tip Top Sleep

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The Zyppah Snore Stopper is an FDA-cleared, boil-and-bite mouth guard. It’s highly effective and easy to use. The product ensures that there is proper tongue support and that it could open the airway. This is possible with their patent-pending elastic, which holds and stabilizes one’s tongue. Simply put, your tongue is relaxed as you sleep.

In addition, it moves your jaw a bit forward to improve the airflow and essentially reduce the snoring sound. Since it is boil-and-bite, it could fit most mouths as well. The product was featured and endorsed by different media publications – proof of its quality.

If you have a roommate, and you believe your snore can be disruptive, we recommend that you get your own Zyppah. While you might feel uncomfortable at first, it will guarantee you and your roommate the best possible sleep.

Dental Sleep Pro Mouth Guards 

Best Snoring Mouth Guard - Tip Top Sleep

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And last to make it to our list is from Dental Sleep Pro. This is effective if you wish to stop your snoring, clenching, and grinding. According to them, this would work best if you have neck and jaw pain. When you buy this product, you get to enjoy 4 guards in 2 sizes. This should allow you to choose which one fits properly on your mouth.

One of their customers reminded future buyers to boil it half the time and not 30 seconds. She felt that 30 seconds was too long as it ruined her first mouth guard. Her second one was a success when she boiled it for less than 15 seconds. And from there, she can’t say anything negative about the product. She loved every part of it.


When you use the best snoring mouth guard, you are helping not just yourself, but your loved ones as well. Since the objective of using these products is to reduce your snores, they could sleep soundly and without distractions. And as we all know, quality sleep is essential for one’s health. So if you truly care about the people around you, a simple device such as earplugs or a mouth guard could help.

By Michelle D.

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