What is the Biggest Bed Size?


Many of us consider King size as the biggest bed size. Well, that is true. However, you need to know that there are subcategories, and not all king size beds are the same. If you want to learn more about bed sizes, this is the perfect post.

What is the Biggest Bed Size

What is the Biggest Bed Size Today?

You are probably here out of curiosity, or you just want to invest in a large bed for your home. Whatever your reason is, the information could help you.

Standard King vs. California King Bed

Generally, a king size bed is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. Other people refer to it as the Eastern King. However, we also have the California King Bed. This was invented in the 1960s, typically for celebrities. It has a dimension of 72 inches in width by 84 inches long. For tall people, this is highly recommended.

Take note that if your mattress is California King Size, bedsheets for a standard King size bed won’t fit. Thus, you need to double-check the labels.  If you are using a California King Size bed, here are a few bedsheet sets that would fit your needs.

CGK Unlimited California King Size Sheet Set

What is the Biggest Bed Size? - Tip Top Sleep

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This sheet set includes two pillowcases, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet. It can even work with beds that are 16 inches deep. For those who are looking for soft sheets that will make their nights awesome, this brand is perfect for you. We can guarantee that the materials are breathable, giving you a more comfortable sleep. It’s also considered one of the most affordable options if you are looking for a California King Size bed sheet. Not a bad deal, if you ask us.

Many of its users enjoy using CGK Unlimited because it doesn’t wrinkle. So if you are particular about the look of your bed, we’re sure this will not disappoint. We bet you would buy another one as a gift because you will never get embarrassed its quality.

Comfy Sheets 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets 

What is the Biggest Bed Size? - Tip Top Sleep

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If you are willing to splurge a bit, then we recommend getting one of the best bed sheets of today. This product is made using 100% long staple pure Egyptian Cotton. It could be the holy grail of all bed sheets, and you should not miss getting one set for yourself. If you are not satisfied with the bedsheets, they have outstanding customer service that could take your call.

At times, you should reward yourself with luxurious items. Come to think of it. Some of us are willing to splurge on expensive bags and shoes. Now, why shouldn’t you do the same for your bedsheets? After all, you are going to use it every night. It makes sense that you get one that is of top quality, like Comfy Sheets.

Wyoming King Bed

Not all people are aware of what a Wyoming King Bed is. It’s a variety of king size beds where its dimensions are 84 inches wide by 84 inches long. Ideally, it’s for two people and a small toddler or pet. The average price for this type of mattress is $1500 to $3000.

Texas King Bed

With Texas King Bed, you get to enjoy a mattress with a dimension of 80 inches (width) by 98 inches (length). This is a great option if you are tall. You can get a Texas King Bed for $2000 – $3500.

Alaskan King Bed

In recent years, people have been experimenting with bed sizes. And right now, we have what we call the Alaskan King Bed. It’s perfect for four people considering that it is 108 inches wide by 108 inches long. It is regarded as the largest bed size today.

While it’s good if you want to share the bed with the entire family, cleaning it can be a challenge because of its weight and size. The average cost for an Alaskan King Bed is between $2500 – $5000.

These types of mattresses are available in the US. But it’s not as rampant as the standard king size and California king size beds.

Learn more about different bed sizes from this video.

Choosing the Right Size of the Bed

Here are a few tips on how you can choose the right size of your bed without compromising the look of your room.

Figure Out the Dimensions of Your Room

The first step is to calculate the dimensions of your bedroom. You can use a simple formula, length x width = area. For those with an irregular-shaped room, try to divide your space into sections, start measuring, and add it up.

As a rule of thumb, you must have at least two feet of walking space around your bed. Don’t forget to consider your cabinets and closet when measuring.

Look for the Mattress Size

In most cases, manufacturers would provide you with a size guide for all the mattresses available. Take a look and ask their representatives for suggestions. They are usually equipped to provide you with professional answers regarding the right size of bed for your room.

Cleaning Your Mattress, Biggest Bed Size

No matter how big or small your bed is, regularly cleaning it is necessary. Make it a habit to change bedsheets, and vacuum it as often as possible. The worst thing that could happen is that if your bed will be infested with bed bugs. That could cause you a lot of discomfort. And if possible, expose your bed to sunlight.

How to Save Space in Your Bedroom

Just in case you have a small room, getting a huge bed might not be ideal. In that case, below are a few techniques on how you can save space.

  • Declutter and organize your room
  • Look for a bed that offers built-in storage
  • Consider getting a sliding door
  • Try rearranging your furniture
  • Look for a quality Murphy wall bed
  • Maximize the height of your bedroom

Conclusion, Biggest Bed Size

Remember that the biggest bed size isn’t always the best. You need to consider your room size if it will fit properly, the number of people who will use it, and of course, the quality and comfort. If you believe nothing can satisfy your standards, you can always look for companies that provide customized mattresses. That way, you can dictate the size and even firmness of your bed. And from there, you can sleep soundly every single night.

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