Enjoy the Health Benefits of Sleeping Alone

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Sleeping Alone - Tip Top Sleep

It wasn’t until relatively recent times when cities became more and more populated that partners were forced to start sharing beds. This was because there was just no room in the small living spaces that couples and families were forced to live in to accommodate separate beds.

Remember the movie “Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory” or “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory”? In these movies, the grandparents were sharing beds in the kitchen!

Back in the day {ancient Romans times} partners only shared a bed to carry out other sporting activities if you know what I mean. They would then head back to their own beds sometimes even separate quarters in different buildings.

Millions of people around the world are not getting enough sleep which is not good for our health. We need to get enough sleep every night to give our bodies a chance to repair themselves. For those of us who are not getting enough sleep, our cells are not in a position to repair.

Is sleeping alone the answer to getting enough sleep to live our best lives?

The Awesome Benefits of Sleeping Alone


There is nothing like sleeping in a bed and spreading out knowing you will not be disturbing someone else’s sleep.

The freedom of enjoying that cup of herbal tea a little to close to bedtime knowing that when you need to raise during the night to go to the bathroom you will not be waking your partner up.

Reading, watching television (or falling asleep while doing so) later than you normally would without someone mumbling go to sleep…

Sleep on either side of the bed or right in the middle – may as well spread out.

Change the position of the bed to suit you – never know you might sleep better – Feng Shui and all that!

Sleep Routine

The chances of you and your partner having body clocks that are in-sink are highly improbable. It is Murphy’s Law. If you can work together to receive the optimum amount of sleep you both require – hats off to you!

Chances are this will not happen and one or both of you will likely walk through your days tired and grumpy.

If you are part of a couple and this is your routine I would strongly advise you to work out a sleep routine whereby you sleep in separate beds for at least a couple of nights a week. You will both reap the benefits.

Active Sleeper

If you or your partner are a very active sleeper – twitching, tossing, turning and throwing yourself around the bed – sleeping alone gives you peace of mind that you are not keeping someone else awake.

Selfish Bedpartner

When sleeping alone you will also be able to avoid the fight over sheets and blankets. You will no longer have to wake up and claim a corner of the blanket to keep warm. Nor will you have to throw the blankets off because someone else in the bed threw them on you because they became too hot during the night.


The psychological benefits of knowing you are not keeping someone else awake with your sleep habits allow you to relax and get a deeper and sounder night of sleep yourself.

Is That Quiet I Hear

Just some of the noises that someone can bring to the bed – Sleep Apnea machines, {or even worse no Sleep Apnea machine} breathing, snoring, coughing, sneezing, sleep talking even yelling out in the night.

If you are alone in the bed you will not hear any of these noises – unless you yourself disturb your own sleep with these noises!

Do you share a bed with a snorer? Check out my article here it covers everything you need to know about surviving your partner the snorer.

Too Hot or Too Cold

Too cold is not a problem when you first jump into bed, snuggle, cuddle whatever you need to go to warm up. Fast forward when one of you starts to get overheated, it can get extremely uncomfortable very fast.

Being too hot or too cold in bed will affect how you settle down to sleep at night. Too hot before sleep and you will take longer to settle down to sleep.

Too hot during the night you will become uncomfortable throwing blankets off and possibly start dreaming and becoming unsettled.

Being alone in the bed or bedroom means you have total control over the temperature.

In this article here I wrote explains all you need to know about temperatures for sleep.

To Wear Pajamas or Go Commando?

All alone you can wear whatever you want to bed. T-Shirt, sweatshirt, and pants, frayed old pajamas or go completely naked.

There won’t be comments about the cleanliness, smell or even how your night clothes look. And there definitely will not be an incorrect interpretation of your nakedness!

Naked between clean fresh sheets in a bed you “OWN” – a slice of heaven right there…

White Noise Dilemma

Some people cannot sleep without white noise – in this instance, we will reference the humble ceiling fan! People who have a ceiling fan going all night can drive their partners crazy!

It also affects almost all of the above behaviors:-

  • active and restless sleepers
  • fighting over blankets
  • too hot or too cold
  • pajamas or naked

Curtius Bed Behavior

We all know that when we first start sleeping together – when our relationship is all shiny and new – we try out utmost to be on our best behavior. You know what I mean, trying to be quiet when coming and going from the bed during the night.

After awhile bed etiquette goes out the window in no time there will be:-

Drooling, making little startle noises or moaning in the night – which can be very loud and scary in the dark and quiet of the night.

No passing gas through the night or worse waking themselves up with a big gas release in the morning. No morning breath kisses – if you don’t like them!

Ah, but if you are alone and prone to any of the bad bed behavior you can relax and carry out all these annoying functions in peace and with no judgment.

If not you can enjoy the peace and clean quiet at you get ready to start a new day.

Bonus Bed or Bedroom Habits

If you are sleeping alone here are some of the bonus behaviors you can carry out in peace.

  • watch television until you pass out
  • read as long as you want
  • eat in bed
  • talk to friends before sleep
  • get up as many times as you like through the night
  • get up early or sleep in

Just remember you need to get some sleep so set a routine to get the most sleep you can. Check this sleep routine and checklist out, I made them especially for you.

Is It Better To Sleep Alone?

The answer to this question is always going to be a personal one. Some of us are happy to accept our situation of being without a partner. Happily moving through life sleeping alone while others simply do not want to be alone and will always have the need to have a partner to sleep with.

Only you know the answer to this question – I do challenge you to embrace and accept sleeping alone for a while. Recentre and claim yourself back before moving on to another bed partner – you will feel whole again and both you and a new partner will enjoy you all the more…

Final Thoughts

Could the answer to the perfect night’s sleep be as easy as sleeping alone?

Owning your bed free from the noise, the cold or hot, the selfish bed hog, your own stress about your habits disturbing someone else is the best.

If you truly are sleeping alone revel in the knowledge that those with partners are not experiencing rainbows and unicorns in their sleep every night. They are mostly battling for every extra ‘Z’ they can achieve.

So embrace sleeping alone either permanently or if you do have a partner test the theory of achieving one to two nights sleep apart each week and catch up on your sleep.

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Sleeping Alone - Tip Top Sleep

As always here’s to better sleep!

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