Best Herbal Medicine for Sleep


Back in the 1940s, the normal hours for sleeping is 8 hours. But today, most people only sleep for 6.8. There could be different factors for this. It could be because of health conditions, age, lifestyle or even seasonal changes. But more often than not, most adults are too stressful to go to sleep early. Whatever the reason is, lack of sleep can lead to a number of health concerns. And that is why we suggest that you consider using the best herbal medicine for sleep.

We understand that you might want to get the best essential oil diffusers or the most comfortable pillows, and even noise-cancelling earphones. Those are good too, but taking supplements is a great addition. 

How to Choose the Best Herbal Medicine for Sleep

Today, you will find a lot of products claiming that they are the best herbal supplements for sleep. But not all are true to their name. And you have to be careful as there many counterfeit supplements that could be detrimental to your health. That’s why you have to do your due diligence, research and get the best herbal medicine for sleep from a credible source. That way, if there are adverse effects, you can reach out to the company’s support and get assistance.

Take note of the ingredients as well. If there are ingredients that are not familiar to you, a quick online search could help. And, of course, talk to your physician about your chosen product. They can immediately tell you if it’s going to work or if there are better brands suited for your needs.

List of the Best Herbal Medicine for Sleep

Check out the best herbal medicine for sleep which has worked for many of its customers.

NATURELO  Sleep Aid 

Best Herbal Medicine for Sleep - Tip Top Sleep

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Let’s begin with Naturelo Sleep Aid. This is a plant-based formula with hops, lemon balm, algae magnesium, chamomile, and passion fruit. These are known to help you get better sleep while ensuring that you are active the next day. It is made in the USA, non-GMO, soy-free, and gluten-free. And of course, the product does not contain coloring, preservatives, and flavoring.

They recommend that you take this 2 hours before your bedtime. It’s so effective that their customers are reordering after finishing a bottle. If you want to sleep like a baby, then this could be a great solution. Also, those who have diabetes 1 reported that taking this product helped them a lot.

Irwin Naturals Store 

Best Herbal Medicine for Sleep - Tip Top Sleep

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We highly recommend that you take Irwin Naturals if you want to ease your body and to have a calmer mind before you sleep. It also has L-Theanine, which can reduce the level of stress. As you must know, most people couldn’t sleep soundly because they have a lot of going on inside their heads. But if you are calm and relaxed, it’s easier to fall asleep. Thus, taking this product could be effective.

This also contains omega-3 fatty acids for overall body health support. The supplements are easy-to-swallow soft gels that can release nutrients faster. This product does not contain fillers, binder, and other preservatives.

In addition, they also add BioPerine, an extract of black pepper that improves absorption of nutraceuticals.
Some of its users claim that Irwin Naturals can be compared to its more expensive competitors. They get the same effect, yet it doesn’t place a dent in their budget. For those who are working on a night shift, the product is perfect as well.

Gaia Herbs 

Best Herbal Medicine for Sleep - Tip Top Sleep

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Here’s another plant-based supplement ideal for all adults who are having trouble sleeping. Gaia Herbs has Passionflower, Jujube, and Ashwagandha. These ingredients are known to help you achieve a good night’s rest while giving you enough energy for the next day. It’s also ideal for people who are going through a lot of stress.

The company has been in the industry for more than three decades. And with such extensive experience under their belt, you can be assured of its quality. You can take 2 capsules half an hour before you go to sleep.

Users of this product shared that it restored their sleeping habits to normal. If you want a solid rest at night, this brand is true to its promise.

Sundown Store, Vegetarian Herbal Blend 

Best Herbal Medicine for Sleep - Tip Top Sleep

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The Sundown Capsules for sleep is free of dairy, wheat, artificial colors, and do not have GMO, and you only need to take one capsule before bedtime. If you are looking for a product with wholesome ingredients, this is the right brand for you. They are incredibly transparent and honest with what goes into their product, so you will have lesser worries if you follow a strict diet.

One of its customers says that the product allowed her to become a reformed insomniac. Others took the risk and changed their old brand to Sundown Store. Luckily they did because Sundown proved to be what works best for them. It’s not surprising that we have to include this in our list of the best herbal medicine for sleep. It really deserves the spot.

Nature’s Truth Valerian Root


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You can take the Nature’s Truth Valerian Root in two ways. One, you can swallow the capsule with a glass of water. And two, you can open the capsule, get the powder, and create a valerian tea. Apart from a relaxing sleep, it also promotes cell health regeneration. It’s also free from all the artificial color, flavor, wheat, or sweetener.

Right now, the company offers 100 all-natural herbal products, and that alone tells us how dedicated they are in promoting wellness. With that, you can guarantee that their products undergo extensive research and development.

One of its customers used to have 2 hours of sleep. But with the Nature’s Truth, she was able to jump from 2 hours to five. That’s a giant leap and imagine if she will use the product regularly.


Instead of taking sleeping pills known to have negative side effects, these herbal supplements are better alternatives. We encourage you to use our list of the best herbal medicine for sleep to guarantee authenticity.

And again, we would like to emphasize to check with your doctor if you wish to take these to improve your sleeping habits.

By Michelle D.

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