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Many people would love to get a mattress fan because sleeping at a hot temperature is never comfortable. It’s not surprising that several folks are now searching for the best mattress fan online. Good thing as we have a list that could help you. We also added a few alternatives and accessories to make your sleep even more relaxing.

What’s the Best Temperature For Sleeping?

For the majority, the best temperature to get optimal sleep would be around 60° F and 68° F (40% – 60% humidity). If you fall out of that range, expect that your sleep will be disrupted. And as we all know, mediocre sleep can affect not just your productivity the next day, but your overall health too.

You get cranky, you cannot focus, and eventually, it will manifest in your physical health. Some even suffer from obesity, high blood pressure, depression, and cardiovascular diseases. All of these can be dangerous if not managed.

Practical Tips to Cool Down Your Room

What are the ways to lower down your room’s temperature? Here are a few ones that could help you.

Choose Quality Blackout Blinds

If you are not working at home, make sure to pull down your blinds or shut your curtains to block the sunlight. When evening comes, your room or entire home will not be too hot. But be careful when choosing blackout blinds and curtains. Many companies overpromise, but you’d end up not getting what you paid for.

Stay Hydrated

For hot summer nights, you might get thirsty more often. Make sure that you stay hydrated before you go to sleep. Plus, place a glass of water near your bed just in case you have to drink in the middle of the night. This avoids the need for you to stand up to get water from the kitchen.

Invest in a Good Air Conditioner

You probably have one already. But you have to admit, electric bills can be hefty. If you keep it on for the whole night, expect to pay huge. However, new air conditioners are more energy-efficient. If you believe it’s time to change your unit, then to do.

And if you want to save even further, a mattress fan is indeed a solution.

Best Mattress Fan and Other Cooling Accessories for Bed

Let’s get straight to our list and check the links if you feel it’s the right product for you.

BedJet 3 Climate Comfort for Beds

Best Mattress Fan - Tip Top Sleep

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First on our list for the Best Mattress Fan is from BedJet, specifically the BedJet 3. With this device, you can now sleep better, and it can fit any mattress. This is perfect for hot sleepers, or if you experience night sweats.

What’s good about this product is that it has a heater function too. Having said that, this is perfect for all seasons. It also has a biorhythm sleep technology where the temperature can be automatically controlled. This is 30% smaller than the previous model and uses an advanced remote control.

For those who experience hot flashes, this is one of the highly recommended products. It’s easy to set up, and it’s worth every dollar. Yes, you might need to spend some money, but that’s justifiable because of the equipment’s performance.

BedJet Cloud Sheet Dual Zone King

Best Mattress Fan - Tip Top Sleep

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This is just a cloud sheet and the BedJet base is not yet included. However, we have a good reason for adding this to the list of what you need to buy. Take note that this is a dual-zone. What that means is that it offers both cooling and warming sheets. You need to plug it into the BedJet air supply where you can either cool or heat one side of your bed. This is ideal if you are sharing a bed with someone that has a different sleeping preference in terms of temperature.

You don’t even have to worry about cleaning the sheet because it’s machine washable. Most of its users are happy with their purchase, and that’s not surprising.


Best Mattress Fan - Tip Top Sleep

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A brand that has been dominating the market is BFAN®. The design is practical, and you can adjust the height based on your bed. This is ideal for people who want to have a good sleep yet don’t want to pay a huge amount of cash for electric bills. If you are a hot sleeper or suffering from the effects of menopause, this could be a great investment. They have improved its stability and you can place it on the side of your bed.

Before you place your order, measure the height of your bed. If it’s between 19 – 28 inches, you have to get the short BFAN®. Get the tall version if your bed is higher than the aforementioned measurement. They offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee just in case you are not satisfied with the product.

Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan

Best Mattress Fan - Tip Top Sleep

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You might be wondering why we added such a type of fan to our list of Best Mattress Fan. Don’t worry, we have a good reason for this.

This fan is powerful enough and uses patented Air Multiplier technology. There are no blades, which makes it safe for your pets and of course, kids. Because of that, they will stay cool, including their mattresses, and you never have to be bothered if it is safe or not.

The fan is also quiet, and you can have quality sleep all night. And since it comes with a remote control, adjusting the airflow is a breeze. And the best part, this fan is easy to clean.

People love it so much that they have multiple Dyson Air Multiplier Towers at their homes. It might be a bit pricier than standard fans, but it’s worth it. Its customers guarantee that this fan cooled down the temperature in no time.

Conclusion, Best Mattress Fan

A good mattress fan is hard to find nowadays. Some companies might claim that they have the best in the market, only to perform poorly. Either you don’t feel cool enough, or it’s not durable to last for years.

While there are fans specifically made for mattresses, an air multiplier tower fan or similar alternatives could work too. Just read the reviews thoroughly before placing your order. That way, you can manage your expectations and be satisfied with what the products can offer.

By Michelle D.

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