Best Sleeping Position for Breathing


Many people suffer from shortness of breath due to different reasons. It could be because of weather changes, extreme emotions, or health conditions. It’s quite fitting that you know the best sleeping position for breathing.

As most of us know, all of us can benefit from quality sleep. This can improve not just our respiratory condition but our holistic health.


What is the Best Sleeping Position for Breathing?

There are three sleeping positions recommended if you want to improve your breathing. You may sleep on your side, on your back, or upright. Let’s discuss each below.

Sleeping on Your Side

Best Sleeping Position for Breathing - Tip Top Sleep

If you are a side-sleeper, you can place your pillow between your legs. Make sure that your head is elevated by a pillow as well. Your back should be kept straight. However, some suggest that being in a fetal position is good for breathing as well. If possible, try to sleep on your left side, as experts believe this is the optimal position for breathing.

Another position while sleeping on your side is to straighten your top leg while bending the one below slightly.

In line with this, we want to share a few brands offering the best pillows for side sleepers with you.

Sleep Artisan Side Sleeper Pillow 

Best Sleeping Position for Breathing Tips

The Sleep Artisan pillow is one of the crowd-favorites. It is handmade in America, and you can guarantee its quality. It’s made with environmental-friendly materials, ideal for those who are switching to a sustainable lifestyle. The design prevents you from tossing and turning as you sleep. Since it is hypoallergenic, those with allergies and asthma will never have issues using this pillow. And with a 3-year warranty, it’s value for money.

One of its users has tried multiple pillows over the years. And yet, she claimed that the Sleep Artisan is the best. Some of them shared that using this pillow feels like your head is floating because there is no pressure at all. It’s just the perfect size for side-sleepers.

ZAMAT Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Best Sleeping Position for Breathing - Tip Top Sleep

The great thing about ZAMAT pillows is that it’s perfect not just for side, but also for back sleepers. You can also customize its height based on your comfort level. Just rotate the product, and you can change it from an orthopedic to an ordinary pillow. It’s ergonomically-designed, and the materials used are environmentally-sound as well.

We’ve been saying all good things about ZAMAT, but we’re not the only ones. Its pool of loyal customers could attest to how amazing the product is.

Some of them used to have migraine headaches and interrupted sleep after working for long hours. But with this great pillow, their problem was solved.

Sleeping on Your Back

Best Sleeping Position for Breathing - Tip Top Sleep

For people who are used to sleep on their back, use a pillow to elevate your head. Likewise, a pillow under your knees is necessary too to keep it bent.

However, if you think that you might be suffering from sleep apnea, it is best to consult your doctor. They will recommend if you need to undergo CPAP therapy.

For back sleepers, we found some of the best pillows that could give you quality sleep.

BedStory Memory Foam Pillow 

Best Sleeping Position for Breathing

Here’s a good product worth its own bedtime story – the BedStory Memory Foam. If you are looking for a medium-firm pillow, this should be included in your list. You can also guarantee that its shape will stay for years. And with the highly breathable technology, it’s perfect for warmer locations.

Many of its users claimed that the BedStory memory foam pillow beats all their other pillows. Others have repurchased considering the quality of sleep they could get from it. Having said that, you should not miss your opportunity to have a good night’s sleep with this.

ViewStar Pillows for Sleeping 

Best Sleeping Position for Breathing - Tip Top Sleep

And then we have the ViewStar that deserves a 5-star for its quality and design. It uses a down-like microfiber, making it extremely soft. It’s the best one for people with allergies as this is made using hypoallergenic materials. The best part is that you can easily wash it, ensuring that dirt and dust will not pile up.

An entire family suffering from allergies bought these pillows for themselves, and it did not disappoint. Even those who are meticulous about their mattresses, blankets, and pillows gave this brand a thumbs up. That alone speaks volumes about ViewStar.

Sleeping Upright

It’s also possible that you sleep upright with the use of a recliner mattress or pillow. This position is also recommended if you snore heavily or if you are suffering from sleep apnea. While not common, it could also improve your breathing, so it’s worth a shot.

How to Improve Your Breathing

Changing your sleeping position is not the only way to improve your breathing. Changes in your lifestyle are also necessary. Here are a few ones that you might want to consider.

  • Stay away from pollutants and allergens
  • Quit smoking
  • Lose weight when you are overweight or obese

There are also certain positions you can do while you are awake to manage shortness of breath. We believe enumerating these could help you.

When you are sitting, you can relax your feet on the floor. Try to lean your chest slightly and rest your elbows on your knees. From there, you can relax your neck and shoulder muscles.

Now, if you happen to be standing up, you have to keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Make sure that your hips are leaned against the wall, and rest your hands on your thighs. Your shoulders must be relaxed as you lean forward.

Here’s a quick video for more positions you could do.


To know the best sleeping position for breathing is critical, most especially for people suffering from certain conditions. Yet again, it is not the only solution. Your doctor might recommend additional treatment and medications. If you constantly experience shortness of breath, seek professional advice so it can be managed and treated as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the slimmer chance it could be cured 100%.

By Michelle D.

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