Best Valerian for Sleep


You’ve probably heard about how valerian can be beneficial to get a good sleep. And it’s not surprising that today, there’s a surge of searches about ‘best valerian for sleep.’ For those who are not aware, the valerian root is also known as the ‘Nature’s Valium’ and has been used for years to promote better sleep. However, having a valerian root readily available may not be possible for most people. The next best thing is to have supplements.

Before we jump to our list, let us give you a quick rundown of the root’s benefits.

  • Helps people with restless legs syndrome
  • Ideal for menopausal women
  • Decreases the pain for women suffering from PMS
  • Beneficial for people with Parkinson’s disease

Choosing the Right Valerian Supplements for Sleeping

Always remember that not all valerian supplements are created equal. You should give importance to the quality of its ingredients. It would also help to do a quick research about the company. That way, you can ensure that what you will take will not negatively affect your health.

List of the Best Valerian for Sleep

If this is your first time shopping for valerian supplements to help you sleep, check out our list of recommended products. Likewise, this list is also perfect if you want to switch brands and unsure which one to pick.

We made sure to only include brands that have exceeded our high standards. To know more, you can click the link as well.

American Standard Supplements Valerian Root Capsules 

Best Valerian for Sleep - Tip Top Sleep

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The company claims that they offer the highest potency in the market. If you buy this brand, you get to have a 3-month supply of capsules. What’s amazing about American Standard is that you will immediately feel relaxed before bedtime, and you will never feel groggy the next day. Having said that, it’s ideal for working adults that have a lot of things to do. All you have to do is to take one capsule per night. Take note that this is easy to swallow too. And based on their reports, this product is way better than melatonin or other herbal medicines for sleeping.

This product is certified organic and does not contain GMO ingredients. There are no artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors as well.  They ensure that all their raw materials are of high quality so that they could offer the best to their customers. Once you purchase the supplements and you are not happy with it, you can always call their customer support for a full refund.

Many of its current users have switched to American Standards, and we absolutely understand why. The quality is guaranteed, and you can expect drastic changes in your sleeping behavior.

ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs Sleep Aid Gummies

Best Valerian for Sleep - Tip Top Sleep

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With ZzzQuil, you get to fall asleep naturally. It also contains botanical essential oils, making it highly effective for getting a good night’s rest. If you are not a fan of tasteless supplements, this one will do you good. The Wildberry Vanilla flavor ensures that you will enjoy every bite. This is free of gluten, lactose, and gelatin.

One of its users took pills before switching to gummies. And according to her, this works better. Apart from the good taste, many people appreciate its pleasant smell as well. We highly recommend this for first-timers.

Nature’s Way Valerian Nighttime Herbal Sleep Aid

Best Valerian for Sleep - Tip Top Sleep

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We’ve already reached half of our Best Valerian Supplements for sleeping, and it would be a waste not to include Nature’s Way. This brand has both valerian and lemon balm extracts where it is proven to provide you a better sleep. Their product is also odor-free as they use an exclusive dual control coating process. This locks out the strong smell valerian is known for. It also soothes your stomach before going to bed.

Some of its users shared that they cut one tablet in half, and it should be enough for you to have a deep sleep. That shows how powerful this product is.

The recommended dose is 1 to 2 tablets an hour before bedtime. But you can take a maximum of three, if necessary.

Now Valerian Root Extract Plus Hops

Best Valerian for Sleep - Tip Top Sleep

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This fantastic product has a combination of ingredients that are formulated to ease your mind and body. Thereby giving you the best quality of sleep. It even has hops and passionflower, which were used for centuries to promote calmness. In addition to that, the supplement contains GABA. This is known as the neurotransmitter, where the main function is to ease nervous tension.

The Now supplement ensures that every manufacturing process has been thoroughly examined. You can guarantee that what you are going to take is made using the best procedures. It’s a family-owned company operating since 1968. The years in the business prove the credibility they have established.

Some of its loyal customers heard about the product since it was recommended by their doctors. This means even experts believe in its effectiveness.

According to its users, it’s best to take the supplement 5 hours before you go to sleep.

Zhou Drift Off Premium Sleep Aid with Valerian Root

Best Valerian for Sleep - Tip Top Sleep

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Lastly, we have Zhou Drift. This is an all-natural supplement, perfect for adults. Expect that it will work, and you will never have to worry about its side effects. This product was made by combining Eastern herbal tradition and modern research. They even use the highest possible quality of materials to provide the right product for their customers.

Most of its users are extremely happy with the brand and that they consider it a lifetime purchase. If you wish for a fulfilling sleep that will not make you lousy the next day, you better give Zhou Drift a shot.


We know it’s exciting to take the best valerian supplement to help you sleep. However, we highly encourage you to ask your doctor first. It’s a must not to self-medicate, most especially if you have certain health conditions. Always take the necessary precautions before taking the supplements we listed above. As always, we want you to be healthy and safe all the time.

By Michelle D.

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