Best Sleeping Position for Men


To answer the question, what’s the best sleeping position for men, can be quite tricky. Truth be told, it will depend on your preference, and oftentimes, your health condition. So here’s what we are going to do.

We will share the most common sleeping positions and its possible health benefits. That way, you can adjust your position accordingly.

Sleeping Positions Beneficial for Your Health

Best Sleeping Position for Men

There are general types of sleeping positions that most people know. One could be tagged as a back sleeper, a side sleeper, and a stomach sleeper. But in this post, let’s try to identify its sub-types and health benefits. And to make it more interesting, we’ll share your personality type based on your sleeping position.


When you do the fetus position, you are curled up on your side. It’s also a fairly common position. Many recommend this for pregnant women as well. But take note that sleeping on your left side could be bad for your vital organs, including the stomach, lungs, and liver. So if you love sleeping this way, we encourage that you do so on your right side.

If this is your sleeping position, you might have a tough exterior but with a sensitive heart.


This is the position where you lie on your stomach. Your hands are up on the pillow while your head is turned on one side. According to experts, this is beneficial for your digestion.

They say that people who love this position are extroverted and might take criticism personally.


The log position is where you sleep on your side with both of your arms on the side as well. This is beneficial to keep your spine straight and could help people suffering from back pain.
If you sleep like this, you are fun and outgoing. Plus, you tend to over trust.


When you are a yearner, you lie on your side and place both your arms in front. This is good to prevent acid reflux. Others believe that this is the best for people with sleep apnea. However, this is not a cure for the sleeping disorder. You still need a professional that could help you provide the best treatment.

Yearners are considered open to learning new things, but they can get suspicious at times. They always take their time to make decisions as well.


This position is where you lie on your back while both your arms are on the side. This is great for people who have knee and hip pain.

If you want to know more about the best sleeping position for men, watch this short video.

How to Get Quality Sleep

If you wish to achieve the best kind of sleep, it’s more than just learning the right position. You might want to get yourself a few sleeping aids such as a comfortable pillow, an excellent mattress, or even essential oils. Here are some of our best recommendations.

Best Overall Pillow – PureDown Natural Goose Down Pillow

Best Sleeping Position for Men - Tip Top Sleep

This amazing pillow has 95% grey goose feather and 5% grey goose down, making it extremely comfortable. It’s also hypoallergenic, ideal if you have highly sensitive skin. The pillow is lightweight and odorless. We bet that you can have a great sleep in whatever position you desire.

Many of its users claim that using this product seems like you are sleeping on the cloud. Now tell us, who doesn’t want that? And for its price point, getting these is a steal!

Best Mattress – Flash Furniture Capri Comfortable Sleep

Best Sleeping Position for Men - Tip Top Sleep

The mattress has individually wrapped pocket spring coils where it can prevent you from tossing and turning. You don’t even have to worry about motion transfer. What’s extraordinary about this product is that you won’t feel groggy and lousy the next day. This makes the perfect mattress for busy people who always have a long day ahead.

Some of its customers call this mattress the perfect one. That’s tough to beat and tells massive things about the product.

Best Essential Oils – URPOWER Aromatherapy

Best Sleeping Position for Men - Tip Top Sleep

We’re sure you’ve heard and seen many essential oils roaming in the market. But we have to be honest. They are not created equal. In fact, most of these essential oils are substandard. If you want the real deal, we recommend that you buy URPOWER. This is 100% pure, so you can expect the best possible health benefits, including an amazing sleep.

It works well if you have a diffuser and many identify the product, top-notch. Some of its users purchased other brands, but they consider URPOWER the leading one.

And if these won’t help, then perhaps having acupuncture therapy could be beneficial. But before you have your first session, it’s best to do your due diligence. Find the right professional that will do the therapy. If possible, ask your doctor if they could recommend an acupuncture clinic near you.

In addition to that, start practicing a pre-sleeping routine. This means, you can try meditation and other exercises to keep you calm and relaxed before bedtime. Fortunately, there are apps where you can get guided meditations. Take advantage of that to get optimal sleep.

Organize and Clean Your Bedroom for the Best Sleep

Don’t forget about organizing your bedroom to make it more conducive to sleep. Make it a habit to thoroughly clean your bed. Wash and vacuum it regularly to avoid bedbugs and allergies.

Likewise, shut your blinds and place your bed where you won’t see any distractions such as blinking lights.


There are several sleeping positions to choose from. But apart from the position, you must invest in quality mattresses and pillows. Otherwise, it could affect the quality of your sleep.

The best sleeping position for men could be different from person to person. We recommend that you check with your doctor about your current health situation. From there, slowly adjust how you sleep. Let us remind you that this is not an overnight success. It could take days to adjust. But looking at the bigger picture, it’s for your holistic health.

By Michelle D.

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