What Color Light Helps You Sleep


What color light helps you sleep – it’s a topic commonly searched nowadays, and we find it fitting to write an article about that as well. We need to understand what light can do to the quality of sleep. Perhaps, you have invested in a good mattress or an expensive pillow. But without the right light, you won’t be able to reap the maximum benefits of sleeping.

Best Light Color for Sleep

Here’s a surprising fact. Did you know that the best light color for sleep is red? Apart from having a quality sleep, experts suggest that the color can reduce the risks of depression.

How is this possible?

You see, our retinas contain ipRGCs, which are also known as photosensitive cells. They can quickly pick up light and send the message to a specific area of our brain to control our body’s internal clock. These same cells are least sensitive to the color red and even orange, thereby making us sleepier.

In a study back in 2012, there was a small group where they underwent red light therapy. This included 20 female basketball players. In a span of two weeks, they found out that red light might induce sleep.

Best Led Light Color for Sleep – Tips for Parents

Perhaps, you are also wondering if the same color works for infants and babies. It was found out that exposing them to yellow light could suppress their melatonin levels compared to whitish-blue lights.

Here’s another myth we have to debunk.

They say that exposing infants to bright lights at night could be harmful to their health. However, if you only expose them for a brief period, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Speaking of red lights, many brands are offering their own product, but only a few works. We’ve checked out various red lights, and we found the top 5 that you and your family can use.

Spectra479 Red LED Dim Night Light for Bedrooms & Bathrooms

What Color Light Helps You Sleep

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This amazing red light helps in the natural production of melatonin. Plus, it is made with high-quality material, making it safe for everyone. The product does not contain any green or blue light and will never hamper your night vision. You can get the teddy bear-shaped one for kids or the conventional circular-shaped light for non-kids. They also added a dusk to dawn sensor where it saves energy.

emagine Sleep Air Red LED Night Plug

What Color Light Helps You Sleep - Tip Top Sleep

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Another option is from emagine. This is perfect if you are looking for a red light that is an energy saver. This is brighter than natural LED light but will not prevent you from getting a good night’s rest. The best part is that it will not block the second plug on your wall outlet.

SerieCozy LED Night Light

What Color Light Helps You Sleep - Tip Top Sleep

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If you wish to have a cozy sleep, then get this night light from SerieCozy. What we love about this led light is that it’s compact, and you could bring it practically anywhere you go. It’s also efficient, you won’t have to worry about energy consumption.

Hatch Restore Sound Machine Smart Light

What Color Light Helps You Sleep - Tip Top Sleep

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This is a great buy because you have a night light and also a sound machine rolled into one. You can even access it via an app, which makes it even easier to use. The design is sleek, and it’s perfect for any type of bedroom. We bet you would go crazy about this sleep aid.

GREENIC Plug in Light Sensor LED Red Night Light

What Color Light Helps You Sleep - Tip Top Sleep

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Last, we have a light from GREENIC. They offer a one-year warranty, and that means value for your money. With this device, you won’t trip or fall in the middle of the night. You can use it either in your bedroom, hallway, kitchen, or even bathroom.

What Color Makes You Tired?

Blue light is discouraged as this could interrupt your sleep. With this, you might want to avoid using your phone and other gadgets before your bedtime. According to studies, blue light can also decrease your melatonin level. It’s a hormone that helps us with our wake-sleep cycle.

Another color light that you must avoid if you want quality sleep is white.

Just in case it is necessary that you check your gadgets before going to sleep, use the night mode option. Most devices already have this, and you should take advantage of that.

Take note that the studies about getting quality sleep and the color of lights are still limited. Back in 2017, there was a study wherein individual preference or taste could determine which color light is best for sleeping. In the study, participants were exposed to white light, a random color, and a color that they prefer. Those who chose their preferred color fell asleep faster.

Nevertheless, with the information experts have, it’s safe to say that we can start following their recommendations. Meanwhile, you can take a further look at what blue light can do to you.

Where to Place Your Light

Remember, it isn’t just about the color of your light that can induce sleep. Where you position it plays a critical role as well. For example, when you use intense direct light from above, this can make you feel more stressed. On the other hand, putting overhead lighting with warm colors should make you feel calmer. And to make your room cozier, we suggest low light in the activity center.


Nowadays, it seems that having quality sleep is not as easy as 123. We have a lot of distractions, and we need to find ways on how we can sleep better. And while there are synthetic sleeping pills, we do not encourage you to take such due to its side effects. There are natural ways to improve your sleeping habits, including changing your lights in the bedroom. You might think this is an added expense. But if you use a different perspective, it’s helping with your overall health, making it worth it.

By Michelle D.

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