How to Sleep in Hot Weather – 36 Tips You Need Today

how to sleep in hot weather

Just as the sun comes up everyday summer comes every year. Some of us thrive in the heat just as others thrive in the cold.

Even if you are a lover of the hot weather over the cold. I will bet that once it stays hot for a number of nights and you are not equipt to enjoy some relief from the heat so you can get some sleep. You will be praying for a cool change.

Quick tips to get some sleep in hot weather. Cotton P.J’s and bed linen bedclothes. Turn off anything electrical a couple of hours before bed. Cool shower or bath before bed. Drink water throughout the day and a cold one before bed. Ice pads in the freezer. Keep a handheld mister and a water bottle beside the bed.

It seems more and more of us are throwing our air conditioning units out. For some simply because the cost of living that we are all experiencing is so high.

Or maybe it is because we want to not actively contribute any longer in harming our planet by using unnecessary power.

This can be achieved by turning off the power of an unnecessary electrical appliance. This is our own small way of contributing to saving our planet.

An air conditioner or no air conditioner read on you will pick up some useful tips and ideas that will inevitably keep you cool this summer.

Top Tips to Stay Cool and Sleep Through Hot Weather

1. Keep The Heat Out

Keeping windows, drapes, curtains, blinds, shutters indoor or out closed when the day is at its hottest will keep the inside of your home cooler.

2. Let The Cool In

Do not start opening windows and doors until the air starts to cool down outside.

3. Your Bed

If you live in a place where the weather stays hotter for longer a cooling mattress could be a worthwhile investment.

Even if you only endure a normal length summer next time you upgrade your mattress if you feel the heat why not check these mattresses out before you purchase.

There is cooling pads or sleeping mats you can purchase which go on top of your mattress in hot weather that will help you cool down.

Top Tip – Do It Yourself Sleeping Pads

Ever heard the term “SLEEP LIKE AN EGYPTIAN” it means to sleep between sheets or towels that are wet or damp.

Be sure to use a waterproof mattress protector or cotton towels between the damp sheet and your mattress to keep it dry.

You don’t want a mold problem to arise. So strip your bed in the morning and hang all your bedding out in that hot sun ready to use again.

There is no better sanitizer than direct hot sunlight.

4. Cooling Pillows

These pillows are designed to stay cool throughout the night.

Using a normal pillow? Turn it over throughout the night and reap the benefits of the cold underside.

4. Bed Clothes

Natural fabrics are always best cotton and bamboo are light and cool. These two fabrics make the perfect choice for your sheets, pillow shams, pillow and mattress protectors.

5. Pajamas

What you wear to bed is just as important as the bedding on your bed that can assist in keeping you cool.

The less you have on the better. A cotton t-shirt that doesn’t get all twisted and caught up is very comfortable.

I have these two of these which are 4 sizes larger than I would normally wear. Very cool and comfortable.

Top Tip – Size UP a couple of sizes in whatever you wear to bed in hot weather – loose and cool is the objective!

If you end up on top of your bedclothes you will not feel naked because you have a large shirt or similar covering you.

6. Sleep Naked

Don’t be scared to strip off. Just you and a lovely light cool cotton or bamboo sheet draped over you. Heaven!

7. Stick Them Out

Your feet that is! It is a fact that if your feet feel cooler your body will feel cooler all over.

So stick them out from under your sheet, you can even wrap them in cool damp towels while you go to sleep. No better feeling than cool feet on a hot night.

Cooling sleep socks – these gel socks keep your feet cool as well as helping tired and aching feet. So you will utilize them at all times of the year.

8. Sleep Alone

This includes partners and pets. Plenty of time for cuddles when the mercury drops. The more sleep everyone in the household gets the happier your home will be.

9. Sleep in a Hammock

Imagine swaying in a hammock hanging in a breezeway, on a patio, veranda, or deck. Even just hanging it inside a screened door is beneficial.

There are hammocks on stands that you can easily fold away when not in use. The cost of one of these is minimal.

Don’t know how to sleep in a hammock check out how-to here.

10. Pitch a Tent

Why not camp out in the yard? Guaranteed to be cooler outside. Take the family outside and enjoy some time together doing something you normally would not do.

If you do sleep outside remember to be prepared for insects and mosquitoes who love the hot weather.

11. Sleeping Bags

Cooling sleep bags for your outdoor adventure? Or you could just use one inside the house.

12. Changing Rooms

Move to the coolest spot in your home or sleep on your patio.

13. Power Down

Turn every electrical source off this includes any electrical items on standby. It will assist in the cooldown and you will save some money as well.

14. Lights Out

Turning the lights the out does stop the heat in a room as a light bulb will warm up a room. Restrict yourself to a small lamp with an energy-saving bulb.

It will also help stop attracting bugs into your home if you have the windows and doors open without fly-screens on them.

15. Stay out of the Heat

Turn those cooktops and ovens off!

No preparing hot meals you don’t want to be eating hot food anyway it will heat you up. We all eat a lot less when we are hot have a light cold dinner then some ice cream. Yum!

Light dinners also keep you cool because the core of your body does not have to heat up to digest large meals.

Treat yourself to take away or have a cold food picnic on your patio, back yard or meet some family or friends at the park.

Enjoy being outside in the cool air for a few hours before bed. The fresh air might even assist with a better nights sleep.

16. Cold Showers or a Soak in the Bath Tub

Relax and enjoy a cool shower or soak in the tub right before bed. Ensure that you have everything you need set up for the night so you can just lightly dry off and pop straight into bed.

Keep your hair damp to this will keep you cool just put a towel over your pillow.

17. Hot Head

We all feel the heat in our bodies differently for some their head can become very uncomfortable cooling sleep caps, a wet bandana or cloth for your head will do.

Keep it wet during the night or spray it with the water mister.

18. Take a Nap

If you are not getting enough sleep during those hot nights schedule in some time to take a short nap during the day if you are able.

Do not leave it until late in the day though as it could disrupt your sleeping pattern and you may not get to sleep easily at bedtime.

19. Hot Air Rises

If your bedrooms are upstairs you should move downstairs. Place your mattresses on floor tiles if you have them.

If you have a number of people sharing a room make sure there are is large enough space for a number of bodies. Too many bodies together will ensure you all heat up.

20. Fans

Ceiling fans can be reversed to pull hot air up and away from you so you do not feel as though you have hot winds blowing on you.

Or you can keep the fans at normal use and slightly dampen yourself and your bedding you will feel cooler.

You can also point standard fans towards windows and doors and push the hot air out of your bedroom.

Hanging wet sheets in front of a breezeway, door or window with the fan blowing on it will give you the benefits of a mini air-conditioning system.

You could also check out some of those clip-on bed fans which are designed much like those personal little desk fans that spray a nice breeze on your face.

Remember when using fans there should be ventilation and fresh air coming from somewhere – so leave some windows open the fans will catch the cooler air and move it around you.

21. Portable Air-Conditioners and Portable Air-Coolers

There are many affordable options available today. The downside to these cooling systems is that they are generally expensive to run.

Combine using them with the many other ideas outlined here if you do decide to invest in one of these units. Do some research and learn how to use them efficiently to save yourself some money.

Top Tip – Your fans, portable air conditioners, and portable air coolers will all work more efficiently if they are clean.

Well before the hot weather hits take the time to clean your fan blades. Also, use the manufacturer’s instructions and clean those portable units.

Cleaning them again before you pack them up after use will stop any bacteria and mold forming while packed away.

22. Hot and Cold Packs

Hot and cold packs come in all shapes and sizes. They can be strapped on wrists, ankles even around your neck if that is your hot spot. The gel does not take long to cool down in the freezer and you are good to go.

Do it yourself cold packs – any frozen vegetables from the freezer will do the job. Just wrap them in a light cloth before use on your skin. Keeping wet wash clothes in the freezer is another option.

23. Pamper Yourself While Keeping Cool

You can use cooling sleep masks and cooling eye masks. You will wake up looking refreshed and with no puffy eyes or face.

Going to Bed

24. Be Prepared

Try to stick as close to your normal bedtime routine as possible.

Drink a glass of cold water it will cool your bodies core down while you settle into sleep.

Keep a glass or bottle of ice water beside your bed to use throughout the night.

Keep ice in the freezer, cold water, and a mist spray bottle.

Clean sheets in the event you do sweat in bed when it is hot.

Have a book ready or a favorite television program lined up to help you relax if you cannot settle straight away.

You might want to have some earplugs ready in case it gets a little noisy if you have the windows open.

25. Wake up During the Night Hot and Sweaty

Have a really quick cool shower and put on some clean P.J’s or an oversized T-shirt.

Don’t want to have another shower soaking your feet in cold water is another option.

Apply cold water to clothes and rest them on your neck, wrists, head, feet, groin, armpits anywhere you feel hot.

Drink a glass of water to help with keeping you dehydrated as well as cooling down your core again.

You can change the linen on your bed or just throw a large towel down and settle down to sleep again.

26. Don’t Forget Your Pets

Make sure they are hydrated and keep them inside if possible.

Your pet deserves the same comfort as you.

So set them up with naturally breathable materials in their beds or encourage them to sleep on the cooler floor.

27. Check on Your Family, Friends, and Neighbors

Don’t forget to check on others and also let them know you are doing okay. With technology today a short text or phone call is all it takes.

28. Cannot Cool down in Your Home

If you are absolutely not getting any sleep finding somewhere else to crash for a few nights could be the answer.

Ask a family member or friend who has air conditioning if you can sleepover for a night or two.

What Can You Do Throughout the Day to Prepare for Those Hot Nights

There are quite a number of preparations you can make during the hot days that lead into those hot nights.

29. Heat Exposure

Avoiding the heat during the day and stay out of the direct sun without adequate sun protection. The last thing you need on a hot night is to be treating sunburn which absolutely heats up your body.

30. Exercise

Try to avoid working out before bedtime. As you know your core body temperature will stay high for quite some time and this could stop you from getting to sleep when combined with the higher than normal temperatures.

Allowing several hours to cool down naturally or avoiding excessive physical activity at all on those really hot days is even better.

31. Sport (Games and Training)

Some sporting clubs will cancel games and training when there are acute heat conditions. Keep in touch with what’s happening with your club. If you can avoid leaving your home in the evening you continue to get your sleeping environment ready without locking up and losing any cool air that might want to enter!

32. Food Consumption

Stay away from eating heavy meals close to bedtime. When you do eat earlier in the evening you should try to avoid large hot meals, as well as anything that is spicy.

We all know that caffeine fires our bodies up as well. So try to avoid chocolate and sugar from midday if possible.

33. Beverages

Caffeine and sugar are hidden in may beverages which increase dehydration. These include alcohol, coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, and energy drinks. If you avoid them from mid-afternoon you will be in a more naturally rested state at bedtime.

34. Keep Hydrated

Drink plenty of water throughout the day and well into the evening before bed. Don’t worry about raising through the night for bathroom visits you will more than likely be sweating that fluid out.

35. Keep It Cool All Day

Keeping the windows closed and covered by curtains and blinds throughout the day will keep your home cooler.

36. Your Health

Remember to heed any precautions your physician may give you regarding hot weather and any medications you may be taking.

Preparing for Heatwaves

1. Air conditioners, air coolers, and fans will not be found to purchase when the hot weather arrives. If you do manage to find something you will pay the price for it.

So be prepared and purchase your heat relief machine well in advance. You will also be able to make informed decisions regarding the correct appliances for your particular needs.

Make sure your units are clean, serviced and ready to perform.

2. The next time you replace your bed you may want to consider one that will suit the hot weather.

3. Alternatively, you can purchase the cooling linen products for the summer heat.

4. You could consider installing just one window unit in your home for those emergency heatwaves. There are also portable options available.

A large room that can be closed off would be perfect such as a dining room or home theater room. This would allow you and family or friend to pull your mattresses in at night to get those all-important zzz’s.

Also, beneficial if you have important dates to celebrate during the hot months and will be entertaining in your home you may need a little cool air to get through the party.

5. Do any of your windows receive direct summer sun on them most of the day? If you own your own home why not plant a small deciduous tree in front of them.

After a couple of years of growth, you will have lovely shade in summer on your windows. Then in winter, they will shed their leaves and you will have all that wonderful winter sun streaming through into your home.

Combine this with the fact that they look great it is a win-win all year round. As well as a bonus money saver on your power bills.

Final Thoughts

It is my hope that from the 36 tips above you can implement some before your body gets too hot to sleep.

If you do not intend to install air conditioning in your home at all the tips above could help relieve some of the stress that arrives when the thermometer rises.

As always here’s to better sleep!

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