Tips on How to Sleep with Braids at Night


You just had your braids, and we bet you want it to last for a long time, right? Well, that’s possible if you know how to sleep with braids at night. Don’t worry. You are not the first one to ask us this, so don’t feel embarrassed. It’s natural to get as much information when it comes to protecting your hair.

Learn How to Sleep with Braids and Not Ruin Them

If you used to just jump to your bed and care about practically nothing, things would have to be different with your braids on. You might even need to buy stuff for added protection. Let’s get on with the tips.

How to Sleep with Braids at Night

Moisturize Your Hair

We encourage that you spray your hair with a little amount of water. Or, you may use a leave-in conditioner. The goal is to make sure that your hair is moisturized. But be careful as we don’t want you to extremely wet your hair, similar to what it looks like after a shower.

Also, as much as you can, stay away from using hair products such as cream, oils, or butter. If you do, your hair might look greasy in the morning, and that can be annoying too.

Use Silk Hair Wraps

Silk is just amazing for hair. You can ensure that your braids will stay in place as you sleep comfortably at night. All you have to do is wrap it around your head and never have to worry if you will toss and turn. If you must know, a cotton pillowcase can lead to dry and tangled hair. And for someone who has braids, that’s a nightmare. For those who are not familiar with silk hair wraps, here’s one we found online. And it works like wonders.

Mulberry Park Pure Silk Head Scarf Bandana

Tips on How to Sleep with Braids at Night - Tip Top Sleep

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With this product, your hairstyle will be kept safe. You will never have to think about a bedhead. What’s amazing is that it promotes healthy growth too. It is made from the highest quality and eco-friendly materials. It also has 18 amino acids to ensure that your hair is always healthy even while you sleep.

Most of their users could attest to how genuine this product is. You see, many brands are claiming that their products are 100% silk, only to receive a mediocre one. But for Mulberry Park, you only get the best.

Wrapping Styles for Different Braids

We all know that there are different braid styles. And that means, wrapping your hair with silk should be different too. Allow us to give you a few practical tips.

First, remember that the longer your braids, the longer time you need to wrap it. It’s because your braids need to be fully wrapped before you tie your scarf. Follow the steps below if you have long braids

  • You should separate your hair into two different sections – half on each side. Try to secure it with a ponytail holder.
  • Once done, cross the section over each other and wrap it around your head. Secure the two sides together by using a scrunchie.
  • Place your silk hair wrap to ensure that the hair is in place.
  • Others are adding bonnet over the scarf for another layer of protection. However, this isn’t mandatory.

For shorter braids, here’s what you need to do.

  • Wrap the silk scarf around the front of your head.
  • Tie the ends at the base of your hairline.
  • You can either tuck the third corner if you are using the triangle shape. Or you may place a bonnet over if you are using the long rectangle shape.

Take note that wrapping your hair isn’t exactly a walk in the park. In fact, it could be frustrating at first. But don’t worry. After a few tries, you will get the hang of it.

Also, remember not to wrap your hair too tight. Otherwise, it could leave a mark on your forehead. You wouldn’t want to go to work or school with that, would you?

Change Your Pillowcase

We understand that some of us aren’t comfortable using wraps while sleeping. The next best remedy is to use a silk pillowcase. We’ve already mentioned how damaging cotton is for your braids, so make sure to get silk for your pillow. Now, this might not be as effective compared to wearing silk headwraps but can be a good alternative to protect your hair. We don’t want you to spend more time finding the right pillowcase, so here’s our best recommendation.

SLPBABY Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin 

Tips on How to Sleep with Braids at Night - Tip Top Sleep

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This uses a hotel-grade Mulberry silk. That said, you know you are getting premium quality. In fact, you don’t have to worry about its color fading. We bet it could last for years. There’s also a hidden zipper, so it won’t slip out easily. And best of all, you can toss it to your machine and clean it easily. Just in case you encounter problems with the product, call them up, and they will fix the issue right away.

Here’s a quick video if you want to learn more on how to sleep with braids at night.

Tips on Protecting Your Braids

Remember that knowing how to sleep with braids at night isn’t enough to keep your hairstyle spot-on. You need to remember these tips to ensure that your hair will look great for longer periods of time.

You need to remember these tips to ensure that your hair will look great for longer periods of time.
Make sure that your scalp is always moisturized. If possible, spray your scalp with water. Or you can have a leave-in conditioner and apply it twice a week..

In addition, do not pull your braids into tight buns or ponytails. This might result in permanent hair loss. And lastly, don’t forget to wash your braids once every two weeks.

Re-Doing vs. Re-Braiding

No matter how much you take care of your braids, it wouldn’t look as fresh as the day you got it. Now, instead of having your hair re-done, why don’t you just do re-braiding? This means you will braid the ones along your hairline. This saves you time and money as well..


It isn’t hard to sleep with braids at night. Sure, you might need to follow a few steps, but it’s going to be worth it. Think about the time you can save in the morning. At least you won’t have to fix your hair from scratch. And your braids will stay fresh the longest possible time.

By Michelle D.

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