Can You Sleep with a Waist Trainer On?


Many ladies are on their quest to get that perfect bodily curve. And so they ask, can you sleep with a waist trainer on? Let’s find out what the experts say about this trend.

If you have been looking at your social media, many ‘fitness gurus’ recommend that you wear a waist trainer for 8 or more hours a day. They suggest that you sleep in one too! However, you would be surprised that the medical community disapproves of this. Why, you may ask? Here are a few of the shocking reasons.

  • It deprives your body of oxygen
  • It can disrupt your sleep
  • It may cause a rib fracture
  • It could hamper proper digestion
  • It could cause bruises and rashes

There are even reports that after using a waist trainer, people got severe acid reflux in a matter of days.

Can You Sleep with a Waist Trainer On

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Waist Trainer Overview

When we say waist trainers, this is considered our modern-day corset. You wear it on your midsection in an attempt to have that hourglass figure.

To date, there are different types of waist trainers. There’s one you can use every day. The other is said to be for working out. And the last one is called the steel-boned. Let’s define each in more detail.

Everyday Trainers

You can use this under your normal clothes and provides compression. It has a latex core and uses a hook-and-eye mechanism to open and close it.

Workout Trainers

Next, we have the workout trainers. This is known to be sturdier than the previous type. Ideally, you have to wear it outside of your clothes.

Steel-Boned Trainers

The last type is the steel-boned trainers which take a more traditional design. The steel boning used is more flexible and has tightening laces to adjust.

However, there are brands that created all-around trainers, just like this one.

Lynz Pure Waist Trainer for Women

Can You Sleep with a Waist Trainer On? - Tip Top Sleep

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This waist trainer can be used inside and outside your clothing. It’s flexible enough so you can do your daily errands. It has 9 steel bones, where they claim it could help with your back pain and posture. Some of its users call this waist trainer ‘the one’ after trying out other products. And if you want to have mean sweat while working out, this is probably the best one to buy.

Yet again, ask your doctor if this is ideal for your condition.

‘Benefits’ of Waist Trainers

We have to reiterate that the medical community does not support the use of waist trainers. However, most of its supports claim that wearing one could give you several benefits. Here are a few common ones.

Improved Posture

Many of us indeed have a bad posture. While others claim that waist trainers could help you, some still believe that it can damage and weaken your core muscles. If that happens, you would feel a lot of discomfort, and could even result in worse posture.

The Perfect Hourglass Figure

With Kim Kardashian’s body dominating social media, many people would like to achieve the same. And that’s what a waist trainer promises. They say that if you wear the trainer for a long time, you can achieve that type of body.

Again, this has been debunked by professionals, including doctors. There is no evidence proving that waist trainers could provide permanent shape changes.

Fewer Cravings

They say that since waist trainers could put pressure on your stomach, you will have that feeling of being full. Thus, you will not crave more food.

Lose Weight

And lastly, others believe that you could potentially lose weight with regular usage of these trainers. But that could be attributed to the fluid loss as you tend to perspire a lot.

Does Sleeping with a Waist Trainer Help Lose Weight?

There’s no solid explanation to back this up. You might seem to lose weight because you tend to sweat a lot. But to the point of getting your ideal figure? Such won’t likely happen. Here are other reasons why you should avoid wearing waist trainers as you sleep.

You see, wearing your waist trainer could also give you poor sleep. And when you do not have the right amount of sleep, that can also be attributed to weight gain. Also, the lack of oxygen could make it extremely uncomfortable at night.

When you rest at night, your body is repairing itself.  However, when you wear a waist trainer, it seems to affect your body’s natural capacity to heal. With that alone, we say don’t do it.

In addition, we can never tell what could happen during your sleep. Imagine if you suddenly couldn’t breathe or you had a panic attack. If you are wearing a waist trainer, that could delay the first aid. We have to tell you, it isn’t easy to remove and could take up time. This might seem like a crazy thought and a bit of an extreme, but it could happen.

Watch and learn more from this video.

How to Sleep with a Waist Trainer On

Those who believe that wearing a waist trainer is good have tips for people who are still willing to give it a shot.

  • You must get the perfect fit. This means it shouldn’t be tight, and it shouldn’t be too loose. 
  • You should be able to breathe comfortably.
  • Wear it around the house so you will get used to it.

For back sleepers, they encourage to use a small pillow for your back and for your knees. On the other hand, side sleepers might need more pillows to prevent rolling over. Or if you can have a body pillow, then get one for yourself. And lastly, for stomach sleepers, use a latex type or trainer. 

They also warn that it could cause a bit of discomfort for a few nights. But it should be better over time.

Conclusion, Can You Sleep With A Waist Trainer On?

The right question should be, Should you sleep with a waist trainer on? 

We have to break this to you, but the answer is no. If you want to achieve a toned body, wearing a waist trainer isn’t going to cut it. It takes hard work, dedication, and the right nutrition to achieve such.

And also, you have to remember that we have different body types. Some people are born with an hourglass figure, and some are not. It doesn’t mean that one is better than the other. Instead of pressuring and forcing your body, learn to love it as it is.

If you wish to improve the shape of your waist, talking to a professional or a doctor is highly recommended. They could provide a safer and more effective alternative.

By Michelle D.

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