How to Sleep with a Body Pillow


They say that having a body pillow could be beneficial for your sleep. But have you ever wondered how to sleep with a body pillow? Are there certain positions so that you can reap its maximum benefits?

Some people would rather not have a body pillow, because we have to admit, it can take a huge space from one’s bed. However, it’s a great sleep aid, most especially after a long and exhausting day.

What is a Body Pillow?

This is a long and narrow pillow where you typically place it between your legs as you sleep on your side. This is ideal if you wish to have a better spine alignment and to provide relief to pressure points.  Other benefits include lesser tossing while you sleep, minimized snoring, and a calmer mind. It’s also perfect for expecting mothers and when you are already breastfeeding.

Tips on How to Sleep with a Body Pillow

What’s great about this type of pillow is that it’s versatile and can be used in different ways. For one, you can just lay it flat, place it on your side so you can prevent yourself from rolling over. You can also hug or just rest your hands on it, whatever makes you feel secure and comfortable. Use it to support your back while you prepare yourself to sleep. And of course, we’ve already mentioned that you can always put it between your legs and cradle it.

Take note that there are more specific types of body pillows. The most common ones are rectangular and cylindrical. However, there are other designs such as U-shaped, J-shaped, and C-shaped pillows specially made for pregnant women. Let’s talk about these briefly.

Rectangular and Cylindrical

These are best to maintain the spine’s natural alignment. Place it between your knees and avoid placing your whole leg on the pillow as this could result to back pain.

U, C, and J-shaped Pillows

These types could provide great support for the neck, back, and head and help pregnant women avoid back sleeping. If you must know, this position is not encouraged for expecting mothers.

You can base your decision on which pillow to purchase, depending on your support needs and the size of your bed. Regardless, you will have a better sleep with a quality body pillow.

Choosing the Right Body Pillow

Remember that not all body pillows are created equal. You must be diligent enough to carefully select the perfect one for your needs. Consider the quality of the material. Check if the stitching is made well so you can guarantee that it will last for years. Also, you must know beforehand the fill material as this could affect the breathability and firmness of your pillow. Let’s talk about the fill material commonly used for body pillows.


It’s a synthetic material and considered the least expensive. The firmness of the pillow depends on the amount of fillers stuffed inside.


These are made from feathers and are soft and warm. The downside of using pillows with this material is that it might not sit well for those with allergies.

Memory Foam

It’s one of the best types of fillers because it conforms to the curves of your body. Plus, it’s perfect for providing pressure point relief and is made of highly breathable material. While this is more costly than other types of fillers, you can never go wrong with this.


Latex is also a good choice if you are after breathability. Plus, it’s a sustainable material, ideal if you are particular about buying eco-friendly products.

List of the Best Body Pillows

If you want to get yours right now, here’s a quick list that could guide you. Take note that we’ve selected body pillows that have exceeded our high standards. It’s because we only want to provide the best one for you.

Snuggle-Pedic Full Body Pillow 

how to sleep with a body pillow

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This amazing body pillow is filled with shredded foam and is perfect for side and back sleepers. With its extra-breathable micro-vented fabric, you are sure to get a calm sleep every single night. Give it time to fully expand as it may take time. But once it happens, we can guarantee you that Snuggle-Pedic full body pillow will make your nights even better.

Yalamila Full Body Pillow

How to Sleep with a Body Pillow - Tip Top Sleep

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The Bamboo fabric cover is skin-friendly and will make you feel like you are sleeping in heaven. Its material can support your back, neck, shoulders, and spine while ensuring that your muscle is well-relaxed. On top of these, they have superb customer service just in case you face any issues with your body pillow. Most of its users shared that this is the exact pillow they need because of the comfort of the quality. Even an elderly who just underwent an operation enjoys using this product.

Acanva Hypoallergenic Side Sleeper Body Pillow

How to Sleep with a Body Pillow - Tip Top Sleep

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The Avanca body pillow is made with 100% polyester microfiber. It is soft yet firm, making it the perfect choice for side sleepers. It is highly durable and allergy-free where the entire family can use it. The best part about this is that it is reasonably-priced. If you want value for money, this has got to be the right choice.

Taking Care of Your Body Pillow

Generally, most pillows are machine washable. However, because of the size of body pillows, this might seem impractical. If you can’t take it to the laundromat, the best solution is to handwash it. You can place it in your tub and use a gentle detergent. It’s best to have it washed every three months.

Don’t forget to read the tag or labels on how you should clean your pillow. There might be specific instructions, depending on the quality and made.


A body pillow is a must-investment to have a better sleep. And while there are many types available today, see to it that you will get premium quality. These are generally more expensive, but it’s worth it. If you get substandard body pillows, chances are, it could cause you more back pain and sleepless nights.

We have high hopes that you will remember our ‘How to Sleep with a Body Pillow’ tips. That way, you can sleep soundly while enjoying all the benefits of a body pillow.

By Michelle D.

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