What is a Hydro Massage Bed


Have you encountered the term, ‘hydro massage bed?’

You probably have an idea what it is all about, but how much do you know about the concept? Is it something you want to try? Or is it just another fad that will go obsolete in a few years?

If you want to know the answers, we have it for you.


Hydromassage Overview

When we refer to hydromassage, this simply means a therapeutic technique that involves water and pressurized jets. It massages the soft tissues and muscles in your body, and other people call it water therapy, aqua therapy, and hydrotherapy.

According to studies, this is an effective and proven technique to reduce pain. However, not all people should try this. And in fact, before considering hydromassage, you better check it with your doctor.

What to Expect with Hydromassage Therapy

This method isn’t exactly new. In fact, it can be traced back to ancient Roman and Greek civilizations. During these times, they maximize bath opportunities to relax. They either use cold or hot water. However, because of technology, we’ve seen medications on the method.

The traditional hydromassage machines will require patients to wear bathing suits and to lie down or sit in warm water. They have hydro-pressurized jets that can be adjusted depending on your needs and your choice.

Also, there’s another method called dry hydromassage. With this option, they use a hydro massage bed or table similar to what is being used in conventional massages. You do not have to immerse yourself in water. But the table has a mattress that is water-filled, and it also has jets. The equipment allows you to feel both pressure and heat, and you don’t have to remove your clothes.

These tables also come with thermostats so you can easily adjust the temperature.

Advantages of Hydromassage

In a nutshell, the benefits of using a hydro massage bed are pretty similar to what you can get from a traditional massage. Below are some of the common ones.

Relieves Pain

If you are experiencing pain, then this therapy could be good for you. For example, if you have post-workout pain, going for a hydromassage is beneficial. However, there is no solid evidence supporting that the method is effective and safe for chronic pain.

Better Mood

Most of us are stressed with our daily lives, and it shows in our mood. And as we all know, that can also affect your relationship with other people. But with hydromassage, you get to be more relaxed, and it could reduce your anxiety level. Other studies show that this method is ideal for people with rheumatoid arthritis.

Increased Blood Flow

Hydromassage therapy is also recommended to improve circulation, most especially if you use cold water. It’s great that a newer version of hydro massage bed can be easily adjusted based on your preferred temperature. At least you can set it to cold and reap the benefits.

Where to Get Hydromassage

This service is offered in different facilities. You can get it from gyms, spas, and mall kiosks, and even massage parlors. If you want to get a dry hydro massage bed or table, you can do so. But you have to remember that working with a professional massage or physical therapist is necessary.

A hydromassage bed can be costly. On average, you can get one for $3,000. And so many people are looking for more affordable options. If you are one of them, here are some of our suggestions.

Comfier Full Body Massage Mat with Heat

What is a Hydro Massage Bed - Tip Top Sleep

This is a vibration massage mat that has different modes. There are ten vibrating motors where it can relieve tension and stress.

It has four heating pads that target the right zones in your upper and lower back, calves, and thighs. In addition, the mat has an auto shut-off feature, so you don’t have to worry about overheat.

The massage bed has soft plush fabric to give you comfort as you use it. However, if you need a deep Shiatsu back massager, this is not the right product for you.

According to its users, this massage mat is nothing short of outstanding. It’s one of the best investments for their body. It’s way better than what you get from smaller massagers. It comes with a nice pillow too, and the vibrations are also gentle.

Rolli-Fit Memory Foam Massage Mat

What is a Hydro Massage Bed - Tip Top Sleep

This mat has eight vibrating massage motors and 4 Shiatsu neck massagers. It also has advanced heat therapy technology that could improve blood circulation. This could certainly provide comfort to your overworked muscles. Plus, this is easy to clean, and it should work best for your bed, recliner chair, or even your couch. Since you can fold it, keeping the mat is just a breeze. 

CooCoCo Full Body Massage Mat

What is a Hydro Massage Bed - Tip Top Sleep

This massage mat combines rolling heat and shiatsu massage. It could relieve stress, tension and could help if you are experiencing fatigue. And because of this, you are bound to have quality sleep. The mat has a deluxe design that is easy to clean. It is durable, and you can expect that it will last you years. If you are looking for the best gifts for yourself or for your loved ones, this could be a great item to consider.

Based on one of its customers, this is the real deal, and we couldn’t agree more. Your back pain will be lessened just after a few uses.

Is It Covered by Medical Insurance?

In general, hydromassage therapy isn’t covered by medical insurance if you are to get it in clinics. But if you are receiving treatment from a rehabilitation center for a specific condition, it could be an exception. It’s best to call your insurance provider to check how much you need to spend out of your pocket.

Side Effects of Hydromassage

While effective for most people, hydromassage may not be a good solution for some. If you are pregnant or have hypertension and suffer from bleeding disorders, you might need to stay away from this.

Remember that hydromassage could cause burns, worsening of skin rashes, nerve injuries, bruises, fractures, and even blood clots.


A hydro massage bed will always be a good deal, given its benefits. Yet again, we understand that most of us have a tight budget. Hopefully, you can find the suitable alternative from the options given above. It could give you similar benefits but for a fraction of the cost.

By Michelle D.

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