Orgasm in Sleep, Everything You Need to Know


Have you ever experienced an orgasm in sleep? Other people refer to it as wet dreams, and it’s not an unusual occurrence. However, only a few people are open to talking about this topic. In reality, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s good that you want to learn more about this so you can manage your expectations.

Why Do I Orgasm in My Sleep?

When you are having wet dreams, you secrete vaginal fluids while sleeping. You see, your genitals are hypersensitive during this time as there is more blood flow to that area. So whenever you have a dream that turns you on, it is possible to experience orgasm.

But it’s not the only reason why you could have an orgasm while sleeping. Another reason is that there might be pressure between your bed and your genitals. For others, intense excitement and stress could lead to orgasm too.

The formal term for this phenomenon is nocturnal emission.

Is Female Orgasm in Sleep Common For Adults?

Some people think that orgasm in sleep only occurs in teenagers. It is common in teens because of hormonal changes. But that doesn’t mean older females cannot experience this, especially if they are sexually active. But as you get older, the nocturnal emission seldom happens compared to teens.

According to research, most women had their first orgasm in sleep before they turn 21. Take note, though, that women do not always orgasm from having an erotic dream. Sometimes, the presence of vaginal fluids could mean you are aroused even without reaching orgasm.

How to Have Orgasm in Sleep?

If you want to experience nocturnal emission, there are a number of techniques that might help you. These are not 100% proven but could influence your dreams before you go to sleep.

Try Sleeping on Your Stomach

When you sleep on your stomach, it encourages more clitoral stimulation. This could give you intense dreams, and the pressure between the bedding and your clitoris could help too. Speaking of stomach sleepers, here are a few products that could help you rest well at night.

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Orgasm in Sleep, Everything You Need to Know - Tip Top Sleep

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Orgasm in Sleep, Everything You Need to Know - Tip Top Sleep

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Fantasize Before Going to Bed

You should be more open about sexuality. And before you go to bed, it’s best if you think about what will make you feel more aroused. These thoughts can be carried to your dreams, thereby increasing the chances of having an orgasm. Here’s a book that might help you.

Kama Sutra for Beginners: 200+ Sex Positions for Couples

Orgasm in Sleep, Everything You Need to Know - Tip Top Sleep

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And speaking of sensual and sexual thoughts, this book can push couples to become more experimental during their intimate moments. You can use this too if you want to think about sexual fantasies before going to bed. Order it now and it shall arrive immediately.

What to Do If You Have Orgasm in Sleep?

Generally, you don’t have to do anything if you have wet dreams. In most cases, it’s normal and you could even use it to explore your sexuality. But if it starts to get uncomfortable, you may seek professional help too. The bottom line is, you don’t have to be ashamed if this happens to you.

Just in case you want to stop it from happening, here are some things you need to consider.

  • Avoid watching movies that could sexually arouse you
  • Try sleeping on your side to avoid accidental stimulation
  • Take a cold shower
  • Stay away from caffeine

What if I Never Had Wet Dreams?

On the other side of the spectrum, some people never experienced having sleep orgasm. And sometimes you might think if this is normal too.

The answer is yes. Not all people will have wet dreams. Take note that dreams, in itself, are personal and we have individual experiences. What could happen for others might not be the same for you.

Sleep Orgasm vs. Orgasm

Others are worried because they have experienced sleep orgasm, but are not able to reach it during actual sexual intercourse.

Remember that 75% of women are not able to reach orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone, 5% of them never reached orgasm at all. So it doesn’t guarantee that having a sleep orgasm means you can reach orgasm easily when you are awake.

More about orgasm in sleep from this video.


Is it normal to have an orgasm in sleep? For teens, it’s pretty normal. But as you grow older, the number of occurrences should lessen. However, you shouldn’t be alarmed.

In case you have too many wet dreams, you can set an appointment with your family doctor. They could help you identify if you have medical conditions. If this is ruled out, you might be recommended to seek help from a therapist. They could help you determine the cause of your dreams too.

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