What Happens If You Eat Cheese Before Bed Time


Millions of people still think that eating cheese before bed is not a good idea. They believe that it could possibly give you nightmares. And so, we decided to deep dive into this topic to see if there is any truth in it. If you want to know more, then this post is for you.

Years ago, reports were stating that different types of cheese could give you different dreams as well. Those who ate Stilton shared that they had weird dreams. Those who ate Red Leicester were able to have a glimpse of the past, while Lancashire resulted in dreaming of the future.

For those who would like to dream about icons and celebrities, they recommend that you eat Cheddar before you go to sleep. Take note, though, that the survey was part of a marketing stint and was conducted by a group that promotes cheese.

Yet again, can this be explained by Science?

What Happens If You Eat Cheese Before Bed Time

How Could Cheese Affect Your Sleep?

Others will still argue that cheese could cause nightmares. This could be attributed to the fact that eating meals with a high-fat content could result in indigestion. The condition can disrupt your sleep which can lead to having nightmares.

Remember that in other countries, the last course of a heavy meal is cheese. And so others may assume that it could be the cause of nightmares. However, the food quantity might be the culprit.

Benefits of Cheese to Sleep

But it’s also possible that cheese could give you a good sleep. This is because cheese has tryptophan, an amino acid found in food. This helps in producing serotonin, a chemical responsible for stabilizing one’s mood. There are even studies suggesting that tryptophan, as a sleeping pill, could be effective. But this has shown a mixed result, so nothing is conclusive just yet.

Apart from the above, cheese is also high in calcium. And if you must know, that could also decrease your stress levels. You can be more relaxed, and that contributes to having a good sleep. And for others, having a light snack such as crackers and cottage cheese before bed time can help them feel satisfied. With that alone, you can avoid tossing and turning due to hunger. Here’s a product that we all love, and you might want to try it out too.

Breakstone Cottage Cheese 2% Small Curd 

What Happens If You Eat Cheese Before Bed Time - Tip Top Sleep

This is perfect if you want to have small snacks at night. It’s healthy and low fat. This brand is a crowd-favorite, and it’s a must in your next grocery list. It comes in packs of 4, and definitely worth your money. According to one of its users, it’s as almost good as the fresh ones.

What is Cheese Reaction?

Are you familiar with the rare phenomenon called cheese reaction?

If you must know, there’s an antidepressant that can reduce the breakdown of chemicals, including serotonin. While it is effective in treating depression, it could have fatal side effects. According to reports, it could also stop the breakdown of the substance tyramine naturally found in cheese. If the substance builds up, that could cause high blood pressure. In worst cases, it could lead to a heart ailment or stroke.

The medication is still being prescribed today. But doctors provide strict directions to their patients. That is why you must follow your doctor’s orders down to the minor details.

What Are the Best Foods to Eat Before You Sleep?

Just in case you still want to have snacks before going to bed, you might want to have these food choices.

You can go for lean proteins, such as turkey. Herbs are good too, and you can sprinkle some to your pasta. Bananas are also beneficial, so you can relax your muscles, which can essentially help you sleep. And also, don’t forget your supply of nuts that can boost the serotonin levels in your body. One of the best brands is from We Got Nuts.

We Got Nuts Jumbo California Almonds 

What Happens If You Eat Cheese Before Bed Time - Tip Top Sleep

You get to enjoy 4 pounds of California Almonds. This is 100% natural, and it’s the perfect snack wherever you are. This is also sugar-free and does not contain salt and other preservatives. And since it has a resealable package, it will stay fresh and crunchy.

Meanwhile, here’s a video that could help you as well.

Avoid These Foods Before Going to Sleep

Some foods could affect your sleeping behavior. You must avoid these before going to bed, or that could lead to a number of issues. These include chocolates, alcohol, and fatty foods.

Tips on How You Can Sleep Right Away

Do not blame the cheese if you can’t sleep immediately. There are other tricks you can try out. These are all natural and effective unless you have a health condition that hinders you from having a good night’s rest.

Write Down a To-Do List

Sometimes, one of the reasons why you can’t sleep at night is because you have tons of things in your mind. You keep on thinking about what to do the next day, and you start the feel anxious. A good solution is to create a to-do list. This will make you more relaxed, and you become prepared the next day.

Organize Your Bedroom

In your spare time, clean up your room and make it conducive for sleeping. As much as possible, do not place your TV so that there will be no distractions. Dedicate your bedroom only for sleeping, and of course, for intimate moments. That way, your body and mind will be conditioned to sleep whenever you reach your bedroom.


Does eating cheese before bed time bad for you? It’s not certain, and further studies will have to prove it. But as a rule of thumb, you must eat in moderation. Heavy meals should be avoided three hours before you go to sleep as this may cause indigestion. A change of your overall lifestyle is necessary if you want to avoid nightmares.

However, if you have recurring bad dreams and it’s already affecting your life, then it’s time that you consult with professionals. And while there are over-the-counter medications, you should never attempt to self-medicate as it could jeopardize your health.

By Michelle D.

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