How to Wake Up Without an Alarm


Most of us rely on our alarm clock to wake up in the morning. But what if it suddenly breaks down? You’d end up going late to your work or your appointment. And this could be extra frustrating. Don’t worry, we have here tips on how to wake up without an alarm.

What’s Your Natural Sleep Cycle?

According to experts, many people are not aware of their natural sleep cycles. It’s because we are sleep-deprived during the workweek. And then we tend to sleep too much during vacations and over the weekend. Here’s what you can do right now. When you are on a break or vacation leave, try to observe your sleep patterns. This will give you an idea of how much sleep your body needs.

How to Wake Up Without an Alarm

Sleeping and Waking Up Naturally

Two processes can influence our body’s biological sleep patterns. The first one is homeostasis. This simply means that when we are awake longer, we get more tired. Now, the second one is what we call the circadian process. This controls cycles in our body, such as regulating our temperature and the release of melatonin, both of which influence our sleep behavior.

Our genes can affect our circadian cycles as well. But it’s not the only factor as light can also influence the circadian rhythm. Light, if you must know, is a critical signal that our brain uses to run its ‘clock’. Simply put, our circadian rhythms are anchored to the light and dark cycle of the sun. And it’s not surprising that people use light therapy so they can fix their sleep and wake-up schedule, without the need for an alarm clock.

Let’s discuss this further below.

Improving Your Circadian Clock

Using light to reset your circadian clock can work for most people. However, we do understand that some work at night, and these might not be applicable. Nevertheless, try these techniques so you can wake up without the help of an alarm clock.

Expose Yourself to Outdoor Light

You must practice going outside and trying to get some outdoor light. Experts recommend exposing yourself for two hours. If you must know, outdoor light or natural light is way better than the light you get indoors. If possible, go for a morning walk. Whenever you are having coffee, we suggest sipping your beverage outside of your home or on your balcony.

Use a Sunlight Lamp

In case you wake up, and it’s still dark, we encourage you to get a sunlight lamp. This can also make you sleep earlier at night. Fortunately, many artificial lights mimic the powerful sun. Of course, nothing beats the real thing. However, this is way better than not getting your daily light requirement. We’ve found a couple of products that could help you with this. Take a look at the links for further details.

Miroco Light Therapy Lamp

How to Wake Up Without an Alarm - Tip Top Sleep

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This light has a modern design, making it perfect if you want a minimalist look for your home. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When you use this lamp, you can guarantee that it’s safe. The brightness is also adjustable, so you can easily set it according to your needs and the environment. And the best part is that you can do this with a simple touch. Because of its portable design, you can fit it practically anywhere.

One of its users shared how worthy this product is, and we believe it 100%. They even call it an ‘awesome happy light,’ and they highly recommend other people to try it out for themselves. It’s also the perfect size for an office desk, leaving you no excuse to have one. And even if you work at night, this could be the best alternative for not getting natural light.

VIPEX Light Therapy Lamp

How to Wake Up Without an Alarm - Tip Top Sleep

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Next, we have the lamp from VIPEX. This is also considered a mood-boosting light and has an intensity of 10,000 lux. Like the product above, you can adjust its brightness according to your needs. You can even set the timer for half an hour, and a LED indicator will tell you if the timer is on. And since the design is ultra-thin and sleek, we don’t think it will ruin your home or office’s aesthetics.

You don’t have to worry if this is your first time using a therapy light. This product is easy to use, and you don’t have to be an expert to set it up.

Use Dimming Lights

Three hours before you go to bed, we recommend using warm lights indoors. Or if you can dim yours, please do so. You see, our bodies are used to getting warm lights at the later part of the day. A darker place signals our body to produce melatonin, thereby making us sleepy.

DEWENWILS 4-Pack A19 Dimmable LED Light Bulbs

How to Wake Up Without an Alarm - Tip Top Sleep

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This light bulb can smoothly dim to fit exactly what you need. You can adjust it as bright as you want for early mornings and then try to tone it down before you sleep at night. It can last for a long time and is guaranteed to be energy-efficient.

Have a Bedtime Routine

Another How to Wake Up Without an Alarm technique is to have a good bedtime routine. What you do at night time can directly influence what will happen the next day. For example, stay away from your gadgets hours before your bedtime. Also, as much as you love coffee or wine, we suggest avoiding these as well. Instead, do something relaxing, such as meditation or practicing yoga. 

Choose the Right Food

When you choose the right type of food, you also get to sleep better. And this will allow you to wake up feeling rejuvenated. We suggest eliminating unhealthy foods from your diet and stick with vegetables and fruits. Don’t forget to eat whole grains and foods high in omega-3 fatty acids.

Here’s another treat for you. Watch this short video on how to wake up without an alarm.


Yes, alarm clocks are good, and it ensures that you will wake up on time. But it’s still best if you fix your body clock so you can naturally sleep and wake up. If you are still having trouble improving your sleeping patterns, it’s best to consult a professional so you will be given tailored-fit techniques and even medications if necessary.

By Michelle D.

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