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What’s good about our smartphones is that we can do practically anything with the device – including setting an alarm clock. But the downside is that you can easily snooze it. Before you know it, you are already late! And that’s why it’s still best to get the no snooze alarm clocks. With these, you will be compelled to wake up and never adjust your time according to your ‘rules’.

With thousands of choices online, which brands of no snooze alarm clocks can last for a long time? You can now stop your search as we have it here for you.

Why Hitting the Snooze Button is Bad For You

But before we go to our list, allow us to share with you why hitting the snooze is not advisable. You see, when you wake up, your REM cycle ends. So when you hit the snooze button, you go back to the REM cycle. On the second time that your alarm goes off, the cycle is incomplete and you will feel sluggish. This might continue for the whole day, making you less effective.

Before you depend on your snooze button, you have to identify why you need it in the first place. Perhaps, you need to check your sleeping habits. Do you go to bed early? Do you have the right sleep schedule? Do you have an active lifestyle? Do you eat the right food, and do you eat on time? If you must know, your lifestyle can affect the quality of your sleep. Fix it first so you won’t need the extra minutes in the morning to sleep.

List of the Best No Snooze Alarm Clocks

Check out these products by clicking the links below. We encourage you to buy one for yourself and never have to worry about rushing to work.

PILIFE 4-inch Retro Analog Twin Bell Alarm Clock

Best No Snooze Alarm Clocks - Tip Top Sleep

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This silver alarm clock reminds us of the older times. It’s timeless yet could fit most rooms. The alarm clock will not easily rust and will not break quickly. Since it uses AISHIDA quartz movement, you can ensure that it will have an accurate time always. It doesn’t have a ticking sound, perfect if you want to rest without noise at night.

What’s an alarm clock if it isn’t loud, right? This product has an extremely loud bell ideal for heavy sleepers. In fact, we highly recommend this for people with mild loss of hearing. The alarm clock gives out a soft light so you can check the time even if it’s dark in your room.

Peakeep 4 inches Twin Bell Alarm Clock

Best No Snooze Alarm Clocks - Tip Top Sleep

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Next on our list of the best no snooze alarm clocks is from Peakeep. The neat design is just what you need to add character to your bedroom. The design is a mix of retro and modernism rolled into one. If you know anyone who has trouble waking up, this could be one of the best gifts you can give them. And if you click the button, you can see the time even at night.

In a nutshell, you get a special 3D dial, analog quartz accuracy, and ease of use when you buy this alarm clock. One of its customers has a 12-year-old son who’s a heavy sleeper. His son might give this a one-star rating for making him awake. But his parent gave it a five, and we perfectly understand why.

AROMUSTIME Round Wooden Alarm Clock 

Best No Snooze Alarm Clocks - Tip Top Sleep

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If you are someone who loves minimalist aesthetics, this wooden alarm clock will suit your preference. What makes this unique is that it is carved out of a piece of solid wood. And, you cannot see any stitching on the frame. This doesn’t tick loudly, and it guarantees a conducive sleeping environment.

The company gives a year warranty to its buyers. So if ever you are having troubles, you can just reach out to their customer service, and they will address it right away. Some of its users were impressed seeing that it’s real wood. If you have a tiny nightstand, this will fit perfectly as well.

PresenTime & Co 4″ Farmhouse Tabletop Alarm Clock

Best No Snooze Alarm Clocks - Tip Top Sleep

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We absolutely love this rustic-looking alarm clock. But apart from its looks, its size is ideal for any space. Since there is no ticking sound, you can sleep soundly every night. The hands are made of aluminum metal, so it will last you years. It uses a high-grade glass lens to protect your clock and the dust will never reach its dials.

Its customer shared how easy to use this product is. You can even use it in your bathroom if you want to. You might think this is a pretty basic alarm clock, but that’s the beauty of it. There are no high-tech features that will allow you to snooze the alarm clock. This means you will wake up whether you like it or not.

AYRELY Retro 4 inches Battery Operated Twin Bell Loud Alarm Clock

No Snooze Alarm Clocks

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If you want an alarm clock that is silent and will give a nice rest, this one from AYRELY should do you good. The clock dial will light up the entire night so you can check the time, as long as it was exposed to normal indoor light for the whole day. It has a cool design that is both hip and classic. We say, you can never go wrong with this.

As for the alarm sound, it’s extra loud and we bet you will be awake in no time. This would be good for teens who don’t like waking up in the morning. It’s also a practical and useful gift for seniors.


Technology has allowed us to do things right at our fingertips. But at times, it can be disadvantageous. This includes how we can easily turn on the snooze function whenever our alarm sets off. With a traditional alarm clock, the simple features will wake you up the best possible way. And no, you won’t have the chance to extend your sleeping time.

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