The Secrets of How to Protect Your Hair While Sleeping

how to protect your hair while sleeping

It is true that not all of us have the same type of hair. Some more than others struggle to keep their hair in the healthy condition we would all like.

You can protect your hair while sleeping by adjusting the way you sleep, covering your hair in satin to keep the natural oils and moisture in your hair and skin. Hair damage can be stopped by not tying your hair in tight bands. Instead, use satin ties, scarves, and pillowcases. Loose braids are also gentle on hair.

It doesn’t matter how many hair trims or haircuts we have to keep it looking healthy. Or how much money we spend on a plethora of hair treatments.

There is one time of our day that we can do something to protect our hair.

That time is when we are sleeping. It only takes a little pre-planning and no expensive outlays and your hair will look better every day.

How to Protect Your Hair While Sleeping


1. Best Ways to Wear Hair to Bed to Prevent Breakage

Should You Tie Your Hair While Sleeping

No, you should not tie your hair but let it stay loose through the night. Tying causes damage not only from the form of tie you use but also from the pulling and moving around you do in your sleep. It puts more pressure on the band to stay in place.

Perhaps you have to tie your hair while sleeping because you have so much of it or for some other reason. If you do follow some of the suggestions below to be kinder to your hair.

Do Not Use Elastic Bands

Elastic bands are stretchy they slide up and down the shaft of your hair causing it to break. Use instead bands which are available in different types of soft material and do not cause the hair to break throughout the night.

These materials include satin, silk, and microfiber. These materials will also stop that definite line you get in your hair when wearing a tight band.


Braids contain your hair in a natural way with a band placed at the bottom of the hair that will not stick in your head through the night.

There are also styling benefits when using braids including saving time with styling your hair in the morning. When the braids are removed in the morning you will be presented with naturally wavy hair.

Using different size braids will give either a soft look or a more defined wavy look. You can also vary the number of braids for a really defined wavy look.

Braids have been around since Roman times give them a go and get a new look every day.

Check some of these out for yourself:-

Simple 3 Strand Braid, French Braid, Fishtail Braid, Dutch Braid, 4 Strand Braid, Rope Twisted Braid, Pull-Through Braid, Reverse Braid, Waterfall Braid, and Milkmaid Braids.

Satin Scarf

Cover your hair loosely in a satin scarf and tie at the nape of the neck. Satin will prevent “the Frizz”, breakages, and tangles.

Very Loose Bun

Use a soft scrunchie and pull your hair to the top of your head. Also, easier for sleeping because we don’t sleep standing on our heads. {Well most of us anyway!}

2. Wet Hair

Your hair should be dry before sleeping. When hair is wet it is very heavy and weak, so sleeping on wet hair could cause unnecessary breakage.

3. Brushing Your Hair

We have all seen the old television programs which show long hair being lovingly brushed smooth before bed.

Brushing your hair before bed from the roots to the tips will allow your scalps naturals oils to coat, smooth and protect your hair. As well as having that lovely tangle-free hair which if stayed tangled would be a lot more tangled by morning.

4. Satin Pillow Case

A satin pillowcase is a luxury but the benefits for your hair and skin far outway the price.

Satin does not absorb the natural moisture in your hair and skin. Further, it is not rough on your hair like cotton which can cause split ends.

Why not go all in and purchase sheets as well to complete luxe feel and moisturizing benefits?

The skin on your body will love it.

5. Apply an Overnight Treatment

Applying a treatment should be done every other week anyway to our hair.

But if you have dry hair you may want to consider applying one to the tips of your hair before bed then cover with a satin scarf.

You can apply organic coconut oil, argan oil or one of the many oil blends available today.

This is the one I use it is a 100% Organic Blend of Olive, Lavender, Almond, and Grapeseed oils and is not only for hair but all over.

  • {Warning – make sure you do not put any chemicals on your hair overnight you could burn your hair and skin. Read all labels and stick to Organic pure oils.}
protect your hair while sleeping

6. How You Sleep

You probably haven’t thought about it but you are sleeping on your hair for one-third of your life.

So it makes sense to give a little bit of attention to how you sleep and maybe you can take some of the stress off your hair.


If you are a restless sleeper how to sleep with hair so it looks good in the morning could change if you change your sleeping habits.

Training yourself to stop tossing and turning throughout the night will stop your hair from looking like a tangled mess in the morning even if you do tie it up.

There are also other beauty benefits of sleeping calmly during the night. You will wake up refreshed and you could also stop wrinkles on your skin appearing too early.

How Long You Sleep

Sleep is an absolute necessity we spend up to one-third of our lives sleeping our bodies require it to function. It truly is the time that our bodies recover.

The side effects of sleep are good health, beauty advantages and optimum performance to get through our days.

We all should be aiming for at least 7 hours a night but go for 8 if you can get it.

Protecting Our Hair – Everyday

Let’s take a look at some things you can do every day to protect your hair. Most of these tips are inexpensive and easy to carry out.

Do Not Use Elastic Bands

I would not use elastic bands on my hair even during the day. Source bands made from other materials like silk, satin or even microfibre all are a lot kinder on your hair.

Heat and Hair

Use the necessary heat protection spray for your hair when applying any heat to it. Including hairdryers, tongs and other styling equipment.

Hair Treatments

Apply hair treatments if necessary – once a week for 5 to 10 minutes is all it takes.

Get That Hair Trimmed

Don’t put off getting your hair trimmed the damage just keeps compiling. Even those of us who want to carry long locks need to have the ends trimmed.

Hair grows fast, and the more often you attend to trims the less damaged hair you will need cut off.

Silk Vs Satin

When we talk about which is better for hair and skin the points below need to be considered as well as your personal point of view.

For me, silk would come in the form of a beautiful scarf that I could wear and enjoy.

For my hair and skin care, on the other hand, I would choose satin every day.


As silk is absorbent it will soak up the natural moisture and oils you produce from your hair and skin throughout the night.

Silk is not vegan-friendly due to the fact that pure silk is a 100 percent natural fiber. Silkworms make silk and to produce 1 small pound of silk around 3,000 silkworms need to die.

To protect Silk’s delicate fibers hand washing and hanging to dry is the best way to preserve it.

Silk is expensive


The best feature of satin is its low absorbency. What this means for you is that the natural moisture will not be stripped from your hair and skin while sleeping.

You will also be able to apply products to your hair and skin and they will stay on all night. Using smaller amounts of applied products will also save you some money! Bonus!

Satin is made from different types of fabrics. The fabrics are woven together to produce the fabric. The material could include polyester, nylon, acetate, rayon, silk, and cotton.

Satin can be laundered in a nylon bag. Use delicate cycles in the washing machine and low heat in clothes dryers and if ironing is required low heat.

Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Satin is not as expensive as silk.

To Finish – The Secrets of How to Protect Your Hair While Sleeping

So there is no need to sleep with your hair being caressed by nature as the image above suggests.

Remember you lay on your hair for one-third of your life and your hair is under pressure to perform at its best every day as well.

So why not take on some of the suggestions above your hair will thank you.

Here’s to beautiful morning hair!

As always here’s to better sleep!

The Secrets of How to Protect Your Hair While Sleeping

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