The Truth About Sleep Hangover


Have you ever woken up one day and it seems that you are more tired? It’s as if you are experiencing a hangover even if you didn’t drink the night before. Most probably, you have a sleep hangover. But what is this, and can you do something about it?

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Oversleeping and Sleep Hangover

When you oversleep, it can sometimes make you feel that you have a hangover the next morning. In fact, other scientists call it sleep drunkenness. But of course, unlike alcohol, it has a different effect on our body. Let’s explain this further.

We have what we call the circadian pacemaker. When triggered by light signals, this pacemaker figures out that’s it’s already morning. From here, it sends a chemical message that enables the other cells of your body to be on the same clock.

According to experts. this same pacemaker tells our body how to regulate our energy every day. Simply put, when you oversleep, and it’s not according to your usual schedule, you are messing up with your biological clock. It gives a confusing message to your cells, and this could lead to having fatigue.

Disadvantages of Oversleeping

We’re just scratching the surface here. When you oversleep, it’s not just about having sleep drunkenness. If you do this often, you increase the chance of having different illnesses. This includes obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. In addition, one might suffer from memory problems if they sleep 9 – 11 hours per night. Take note, though, that undersleeping can cause more health issues.

Preventing Sleep Hangover

Now that you know the repercussions of too much sleep, the question we should answer is, how do you prevent it? Here are a few tips that might help you.

Use Dark Curtains

Many people who have unusual work shifts are the ones oversleeping. This is to compensate for waking up even before the sun comes up. What you can do is to get dark curtains that could block the light coming from the outside. That way, you can get the right amount of sleep ideal for your body to recover. Here are few brands that we highly recommend.

Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains 

The Truth About Sleep Hangover - Tip Top Sleep

If you want a blackout curtain that can effectively block the sunlight and harmful UV rays, this has got to be your choice. What’s great is that it also reduces the sound, which helps you sleep better any time of the day. It also has an insulating property. Meaning, it can make your room cooler in the summer, and a bit warmer during winter. Expect that it might have a few wrinkles when you get the product. It’s because it uses blackout coating, making the fabric a bit hard. And the folds and wrinkles are due to packaging.

Does it work?

Absolutely. In fact, one of its users said this. “Prepare to Enter the Heart of Darkness.” We believe it says it all.

Rutterllow Blackout Curtains for Bedroom

The Truth About Sleep Hangover - Tip Top Sleep

Another good brand to consider is Rutterllow. This can block 90% – 100% of sunlight and is heavy enough to insulate your room. They also offer different colors, just in case you want to match it with your room’s aesthetics. They have purple, navy, black, dove grey, and fresh green, to name a few. With this curtain, you will have a better sleep and more privacy.

What most people love about this brand is that it is generally lightweight. Because of this, it’s easier to place on your wall. It works extremely well, and we consider it a good buy. They also offer it in different sizes, and you can check the link for the guide.

Look for Artificial Lights

Artificial lights could also help if your work or lifestyle does not permit you to get a decent amount of sunlight. This can also be beneficial for fixing your body clock. We’ve found a couple of good finds online, and you might want to get one for yourself.

Doraubia Light Therapy Lamp

The Truth About Sleep Hangover - Tip Top Sleep

This lamp has a sleek and modern design. It wouldn’t be a distraction to your room’s aesthetics. It could effectively simulate natural daylight. You can even adjust the brightness with just a quick touch. And if it is your first time getting a therapy lamp, this could be a great deal. There are also USB ports where you can charge your mobile phone.

Greneric Led Sun Light Therapy Lamp

The Truth About Sleep Hangover - Tip Top Sleep

This sunlight lamp is UV-free, which makes it safe for the eyes and skin. It’s ultra-thin and has a foldable bracket, so it’s easy to carry it wherever you go. You can place it in your home or in your office, and it shouldn’t take up a lot of space. And with their outstanding after-sales support, you know you are in good hands.

Clean Your Room

Another technique, if you want to avoid a sleep hangover, is to organize your room. Make it conducive for sleeping and try to remove any type of distraction. If you can add sleep aids such as diffuser oils or noise machines, that could help too. When you get quality sleep, you won’t crave to rest for longer periods.

See a Doctor

In case you’ve done everything you can to get an 8-hour sleep, yet you still fail, it’s best to seek professional help. Oversleeping could be a symptom of narcolepsy. It’s a condition wherein you experience excessive daytime drowsiness. On the other hand, sleep apnea is a more serious issue as it can stop your breathing. You need to get yourself checked as early as possible so you can already manage it.

Learn more about sleep hangover or oversleeping from this video.


Sleep hangover, while not the same as your usual hangover from alcoholic drinks, should be taken seriously. Otherwise, it could lead to a number of health concerns. If you believe you experience it regularly, take a good look at your lifestyle. Change it accordingly, or seek help from doctors. The earlier you resolve it, the better.

By Michelle D.

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