Tips When Sleeping After Botox


Many people wonder if sleeping after Botox is allowed? Will it affect your face? Or should you wait for hours before going to sleep?

In this post, let’s answer all your questions related to Botox and sleeping. But before that, let’s talk about the procedure in general.

What is Botox?

sleeping after botox

While Botox is commonly associated with making people look youthful, it has a lot of other medical benefits. First, it is said to help patients suffering from migraines. It is also recommended for treating upper limb spasticity and reducing the symptoms of an overactive bladder.

But even with the medical benefits you can get from it, not everyone could be a candidate for Botox. If  you want to get the treatment, you must consult a doctor or a professional. You shouldn’t consider it based on trend or if all of your friends tried it. Remember that we all have different health conditions. And what could work for others might not have the same results for you.

Side Effects of Botox

Like all medical procedures, Botox has side effects which you need to watch out for. The common ones are enumerated below:

  • swelling and bruising at the injection site
  • headache
  • crooked smile
  • dry mouth
  • dizziness
  • dry eyes

The above side effects are considered mild. However, there could be severe side effects as well. This happens when the injection spreads to the other parts of the body. At times, it could affect your vision and even breathing problems.

Just in case your doctor will allow, and if you are decided to get a Botox, here are a few tips you must remember, most especially if you are  about to sleep.

Sleeping after Botox – Is It Allowed?

Many are curious if lying on your back after Botox is accepted. Yes, it is.

However, you need to wait at least four hours. Remember that this may take a few hours to settle, and lying down after Botox might move the dose to other muscles. This could increase the risk of complications.

Best Sleeping Position After Botox

As for the sleeping position, experts recommend that you sleep on your back until 48 hours from the time of injection. This is to ensure that your face will not come into contact with your pillow. With this, you can avoid the pressure on the injection sites.

Just in case you are not used to being a back-sleeper, here are a few tips that could help you.

Use Pillows to Prevent Sleeping on Your Side and Stomach

You can place pillows around your body so that you won’t roll over as you sleep. Do this for two nights after your Botox treatment. You do not need expensive pillows for this. The regular ones should do you good. However, if you have a budget to spare, getting wedge pillows placed on either side of your body could help a lot. Here’s a brand that we highly recommend.

NEPPT Wedge Pillows 

Tips When Sleeping After Botox - Tip Top Sleep

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The great thing about these wedge pillows is that it’s also beneficial for your blood circulation and respiratory system. It’s also ideal for people who might need assistance when turning over. It comes with two pillowcases so you can easily clean it and use the product every day.

NEPPT wedge pillows can be used even by paralyzed patients. Come to think of it. If the product is effective for such types of scenarios, it could work for average-users like you. It’s a great investment you must consider.

How long after Botox can I sleep on my side?

The answer is still the same as the above. You have to wait for 48 hours or two days before you can go back to your usual side position when sleeping.

Use Silk Bedding and Pillowcases

Instead of using cotton, you might want to change your beddings and pillowcases to mulberry silk. This should avoid the appearance of wrinkles and other fine lines. This is a great buy not just for those who recently had a Botox but also for anyone who’s conscious about their physical appearance. If you are wondering where to get one, check the links below.

JIMOO Natural Silk Pillowcase

Tips When Sleeping After Botox - Tip Top Sleep

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This pillowcase is made from 100% mulberry silk. If you don’t want to wake up with frizzy hair or with creases on your face, this is the best item you should get right now. Since it is highly delicate, we recommend that you hand wash the pillowcase.

Many of its users appreciate the JIMOO Natural Silk Pillowcase as it is genuine yet, it will not cause a huge dent in your budget. It’s reasonable, and you get the benefits of having silk when sleeping.

Avoid Headbands

Remember not to use wraps or headbands in the meantime. It may come into contact with your forehead and could cause the Botox dose to move.

Ensure that Your Bedding is Clean

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it wouldn’t hurt if we remind you that a clean bedsheet is a must. This will prevent bacteria and dirt from piling up and could lessen the risk of irritation.

As a rule of thumb, you need to change and wash your bedding once a week.

Skip Your Face Cream

We understand that washing your face and rubbing face cream can be a ritual for most people before going to bed. But if you just had Botox, we recommend that you skip rubbing your cream onto your face for 24 hours. This might increase the pressure, and the Botox might be moved to a different area.

Just in case you can’t help it, make sure to apply using the least force.

Don’t Take a Hot Shower Before Bedtime

Take note that increasing your body temperature could boost your blood flow. If this happens, the Botox dose might move from the injection site. This might affect the overall appearance of the treatment.

Before we wrap our article, here’s a quick video summarizing what you need to do after getting a Botox.


While Botox has a lot of advantages and is relatively safe, you must always seek professional advice before getting one for yourself. Also, you must be committed to following the Botox aftercare sleeping tips we mentioned above. Otherwise, you have higher risks of complications. In case you think that your Botox might be reacting negatively, do not waste time and go back to your doctor for an immediate check-up.

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