Why Does My Cat Sleep Under My Bed?

cat sleeping under bed

An elderly neighbor of mine asked me recently if my cat sleeps under our bed at night. She went on to explain that her two-year-old cat has only just started to do so.

The cat sleeping under the bed wasn’t an issue. She was just worried that her pet may be ill or troubled in some way.

I decided to do some research as to why a cat would want to sleep under a bed and came up with the short answer below. As well as quite a few more tips that we as pet owners should be aware of.

Why Does My Cat Sleep Under My Bed? Cats will feel safe sleeping under your bed knowing you are there. They also like the familiar dark, cozy, quiet that sleeping under the bed offers. If you live in a warm climate under the bed would definitely offer some heat relief. If there have been any changes to their environment your cat could be stressed.

Some Reasons Why Your Cat Has Started to Sleep Under Your Bed


A trip to the vet may be needed but before you do that go through this checklist. Then if needed you will have some general information to give the vet.

Is your cat regular with urination and stools?

Is your cat eating and drinking as they usually do?

Have you checked your cat for ticks, fleas or even a thorn?

Scratches from another animal? Maybe your pet got into a scuffle you did not know about.

Scratches from an injury they have given themselves while running or jumping.


Is your cat pregnant? If so they will begin nesting and finding an isolated location that is safe for them. Testing it out to make sure it is the place they want to deliver their litter.


why does my cat sleep under my bed


A General Fear

Do you know if your cat was scared by something they have not experienced before?

  • Loud Noise
  • Loud Party
  • Loud Fireworks
  • Loud machinery in your yard or a neighboring yard even out on the street
  • Someone, for example, a small child being rough with your cat
  • Another animal that they have had contact with

I would suggest that the one-off things such as loud noises whether it is a party, fireworks, machinery or even a backfiring car would not scare your cat into long-term sleeping under your bed.

Someone hitting, kicking, smacking or being rough with them is another matter. Especially if it happens more than once.

Do you have another pet cat that has started bullying your little sleep under the bed puss?

Your Home In General

Is there anything new in the home? Do you have guests or are there new people living in your home?

Have you introduced a new pet into the home? Have you purchased a new surround sound system or maybe a new car with a really noisy exhaust?

Or the real biggy do you have a new person or people now living with you in your home? It will take time for your cat to get used to having them around.

The one thing you should be aware of is that the more the new people in your home try to pet and ingratiate themselves to your cat the more it will pull away.

Is there someone no longer residing in the home?

One of the children gone off to College maybe?

If a family member did leave the home was that person your cat’s favorite?

If so separation anxiety is probably the reason for hiding away. As you will your cat will get used to not having the family member living in your home.

Other Influences

Have you moved any of your cat’s possessions, for example, climbing tree, bed, litter box, food or water bowl?

I suggested above to look for any injuries incurred by another animal, has another feline moved into your cat’s habitat?

Cats do not like changes in any form it will cause them stress.

What About You

Are you undergoing any personal or life changes? Are you stressed about anything? Your beloved cat knows when you are stressed.

What about general household routines? Are you working longer hours and your cat is left alone longer usual?

It will take a while for them to adjust to this.

What Should You Do?

Is this behavior disturbing your own sleep? Or are you just worried about your pet?

Worried About Your Cats Behavior

Why not try some of the following ideas I found while researching.

What Not To Do!

Do not try to forcibly move the cat rather leave your cat “for now” in the area that it feels safe and secure. Being the predators that they are they need to be able to make their own decisions regarding where and when they choose to move.

Don’t try to cajole or tempt them out of their hiding to place to put them where you want them as this will cause undue stress. Ultimately they will feel unsafe and lose trust in you.

As with all other forms of training do not scold, shout or attempt to strike your cat to control their behavior or to get them to do what you want them to do.

What To Do!

Stress is the first thing that has to go. Firstly, try to decrease your own anxiety over the situation. Secondly, leave the cat alone or ignore it.

As with anyone praise any behavior you want more of. For cats ignore the behavior you do not want.

Spend a little more uninterrupted quiet time with your cat. Call them out for a treat if you can hand feed the treat great if not leave it nearby and move away. I want to give them more put another in the same position and move away. Do not throw it at them. Throwing is an act of aggression and they will not appreciate it.

If your cat is one that likes to sit on your lap for a pet and a nap you might consider carrying this out more often. Possibly after a treat or meal. Call them to make them feel wanted and secure.

Keep an eye on their overall health and nutrition as well as what could be happening in your yard.

It may take a while but I am certain that with love and patience your cat will be back in his or her own bed very soon.

why does my cat sleep under my bed

My Cat Is Disturbing My Sleep

If your cat is disturbing your sleep you will have to take measures to rectify this situation as soon as possible. I would suggest starting with the above ideas to see if you can get them back into their own bed.

If they still will not move back to their own bed maybe you can give them their own room with everything they require in it. Including climbing tree, bed, kitty litter, food, and water. Also, keep other pets or guests away from them.

If you are extremely worried and not certain where to begin I would suggest that you seek guidance from a professional.

Aides For Cats

Cats will hide or perch in high places when threatened. There are many cat trees available these days so your cat can perch up high above any perceived threats.

Some of the fancy cat trees have boxes attached to them up high so that your cat can hide in those and this will make them feel extremely safe as they are enclosed and up high out of reach.

There are cat relaxants available such as:-

  • calming collars for cats
  • calming behavioral support supplements
  • calming pheromone spray
  • pheromone diffusers
  • anti-anxiety and stress relief coats
  • collar clips for stress relief with essential oils

I use the Feliway diffuser system only because I do not want to feed my cat supplements or have foreign collars around her neck. {Random I know – but if the calming diffusers work for cats they may work for humans too}

Some of the best cat relaxants you can see for yourself here at Amazon.

Conclusion – Why Does My Cat Sleep Under My Bed?

You should also feel good in the knowledge that your cat trusts you and wants to be near you as make him or her feel secure.

If there are no health issues with your puss and they are not disturbing you throughout the night perhaps you should just monitor the situation and see if they become less stressed to stop sleeping under your bed.

If it is another pet bullying your loved one I wish you success in getting them to co-habitat. The upside is that you actually have a reason as to why they are unsettled.

One comment kept arising during my research and that was that cats will change their safe zones whenever they want. So just as soon as you think you’ve got your cat sorted out they decide to move somewhere else to sleep or just hang out. They really will do whatever suits them.

We need to remember that cats are from the predator family. But as domestic cats do not live in a predatory environment their psyche is actually a little messed up. As with most of the smaller members of the cat family internally they live as a predator but also are perceived as prey.

Related Question

My Cat Is Hiding Under the Bed and Not Eating

Hiding under the bed is your cat needing to feel secure for whatever reason.

But if your cat has not had anything to drink or eat for more than a day it lends itself to a health issue.

Your lovely pussy cat needs to be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible.

As always here’s to better sleep for you and your cat!

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