What Colors Make You Sleep Better?

best color for sleeping

If you are someone that needs all the assistance you can find which will help you relax and get the most sleep possible in a night. You can now add one more item to your list. The colors in your bedroom!

I will give you a quick answer as to which colors are the best to paint your bedroom. Then stay and read on for some simple decorating tips you can use in your bedroom to induce more sleep.

The colors that make you sleep better are those of tranquility and serenity. Think of relaxation blue or gray skies, floating on water or green and brown grassy fields with the wind lightly blowing. The best colors that emulate these include blue, gray, green and even pink.

Why Colors in the Bedroom Can Affect Your Sleep

In layman’s terms, the receptors (ganglion cells) in the retina of your eyes are sensitive to the color blue. As blue is a calming color when you are around it your eyes inform the brain. In turn, the brain then lets your body know it is time to relax.

The Best Colors to Induce Sleep

When choosing a wall paint color for your bedroom think of the colors of nature, the ones that relax you. The color of blue water may not induce relaxation from within you, it may excite you. But a grassy knoll on a slightly windy day makes you want to lay down on a blanket and take a nap.

As the wall paint in your bedroom is such a large area you should start off with the lightest color and then use the extended colors in the pallet on smaller pieces in the room. You want to include in your accessories and soft furnishings earth tones and soft, muted colors as these will make your room feel warm and cozy.

It could also mean choosing a couple of pieces of furniture to paint or maybe even a lamp base. You can also use bedding, prints and soft furnishings which you can purchase ready-made or make yourself if you cannot access the colors you want.

If the paint colors below are not to your liking ask your paint specialist about mixing blues, grays, and silvers into a color that you would like in your bedroom. They will know if will mute or tone the color down to make it a more relaxing and suitable choice for those who have trouble sleeping.

best bedroom colours for sleep

Blue (Peaceful)

As we know our receptors respond to the color blue by helping us relax which in turn assists in lowering our heart rate and blood pressure.

The choice of blue does matter! Light blue with the slightest hint of gray is the best. You want to choose a blue with a white base, not a yellow base.

The blues made on a white base are cooler and icy looking thus are very soft and relaxing and it also gives you a neutral palette to build upon.

It can be any blue you like from light blue all the way through to navy blue or any in between. Just stay away from the bright blues like aqua as this color stimulates.

Gray (Formal)

Gray on its own would be boring almost clinical. Add some muted elegant colors and the whole room changes. What about dark purples or possibly bold and elegant touches of black and silver.

Imagine a beautiful blue, gray, pink and muted yellow in that sunset. How relaxing is that? Now imagine those same colors in your bedroom.

Pink is calming, soothing and will bring a feeling of peace and tranquility to a room.

I love white so gray is my go-to neutral pallet wall color to build upon. Just a small tint to the matt white wall paint still gives the brightness I crave while also giving the room a calm and relaxed feeling.

I add to that gray carpet, warm gray curtains, silver lamp shades with clear glass bases for a touch of luxury on the bedsides. Paintings above the bed are gray, white, silver and muted yellow.

To finish off the dark natural timber bedhead and sides warm the room up further. Blush throw and cushion finish off the comfortable look.

Imagine that beautiful blue, gray and pink sunset. How relaxing is that? Now imagine those same colors in your bedroom.

what color makes you sleepy


Green (Calming)

Green works on the senses much the same way as blue does. This is because these colors are all around us. In the sky and the ocean. In trees, forests and the grass. All natural, calming and soothing.

Pastel greens will stimulate you, ask at your paint store if they can mix your favorite green with some gray undertones.  This will provide a calming natural color for your bedroom.

Blush or Pink (Feminine)

The new name for muted pink is “Blush”. The shade comes in many varieties including a pink/nude combination. You could choose a tint of this in white wall paint either in your own bedroom or a child’s room. You could then add grays, silvers or various shade of blue with the blush tones for a bright yet inviting and relaxing room.

Tips for Using Your Preferred Color

The lightest shade of your chosen color should be used for the largest areas of your bedroom such as the wall colors. You could absolutely choose a darker shade of the color as a feature wall or around timberwork and doors.

If you do choose gray tones you should consider combining it with warm accents and natural textures light and dark such as taupes, or various shades of brown – light to chocolate.

Lighter color walls will make the room feel larger. You can make it warmer and cozy by adding darker throw pillows, artwork, and accents. Don’t forget some natural textures like timber and seagrass.

Choosing a darker shade on the walls will certainly make the room cozy but also feel smaller. Balance this out by using lighter accents such as whites and silvers. Textures such as glass, mirror finishes even some metal pieces such as vases.

If you become unsure of your choice wall paint color your paint store will have the answers and advise you of the various options.

what color makes you sleepy


No Need For a Boring Bedroom

Don’t forget the luxurious bedding. Quilts and lofty pillows make a bed looking inviting.

Deep colored rugs for the floor and throws for the bed. Lamps, shades, mirrors, and prints.

Deep dark curtains keep the light and noise out.

A beautiful deep color plush chair in the corner. Soft furniture and furnishings will also help absorb noise.

What Colors Can Keep You Awake

Bright colors achieve the exact opposite of the calming natural colors.

Colors such as red which triggers emotions such as aggression, orange is a very energetic color and yellow is stimulating and social. These three colors above all others ignite and stimulate the senses. Think of a “Sale” sign, makes you want to pull out your wallet.

Apart from the obvious bright colors, there are also the colors within the tranquil colors that can stimulate such as in the blue pallet – aqua is bright and stimulating.

Best Color Sheets for Sleeping

Your sheets should be a relaxing extension of your bedroom color pallet. So whether you choose to go blue, gray or green choose colors to match.

Other Considerations for More Sleep

The color of your bedroom is not the only factor when trying to achieve more sleep. You have to consider your other senses as well.

Light – a room which is to light will throw out your body clock – block out or blackout curtains or a sleep mask can assist with this.

Noise – a noisy environment will play havoc with sleep if it is something you are sensitive to – earplugs or white noise will drown out unwanted noise. I have a great article here all about learning to sleep with noise.

Relaxation – using lavender mist or essentials oils in your bedroom will promote relaxation.

Touch – luxurious bedding including a fitted pillow top for your mattress, fresh pillows, sheets and lofty quilts all add to your best chance of a great night’s sleep.

Conclusion – What Colors Make You Sleep Better?

When choosing colors for your bedroom don’t choose blue because the experts say so. You will not be happy in a blue room if you prefer a green color pallet.

So why not experiment with a can of paint on a free weekend? You may be surprised at how well a non-stimulating color can actually help you get that much sought-after commodity – SLEEP!

If you are resistant to a lot of colors and do not want to go all out with wall paint colors try the light muted grays or silver tones on the walls which still induce relaxation. Then add some of the accent colors with your soft furnishings. Every little bit helps!

If you are unable to paint your bedroom with sleep-inducing colors, maybe because you are renting. You could try hanging some light-colored sheets up around your room then add sleep-inducing colors in your soft furnishings.

If you have trouble sleeping remember that just decorating your bedroom is not the only way to get sleep.

Go to my homepage by clicking here to find out some of the many tips you to can implement in your life to get some more zzz’s.

Blues, grays, silvers, and whites are my colors check out the image below this is outside my bedroom window.


what colors make you sleep better

As always here’s to better sleep!

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