How to Sleep with Earrings Comfortably


We all want to achieve the best possible sleep we can get every night. We certainly do not want something as small as an earring interrupting our sleep or worse making our ears inflamed or the skin on our necks become painful.

This is why people remove earrings before bed, but sometimes this is just not possible. You might be traveling and do not want to misplace them, in turn possibly losing them.

You were just too tired to remove them. Or you want to learn to sleep in earrings painlessly so you do not have to remove them every evening before bed.

The short answer to “how to sleep with earrings comfortably” is simple. All you have to do first is sleep in the correct position. Second, using a couple of props such as a different pillow will make sleeping with your earrings in every night possible without causing you pain.

I certainly learned something new myself today – “Ear Hole Pillow” – who knew? Designed for a specific medical condition but works great for those of us who do not want to remove earrings every night…


Steps to Sleeping with Earrings

Following these simple steps and you will be able to sleep with your earrings in either every night or occasionally.

1. Earring Clasps

There are various earring backs available the choice for you will depend upon what type of earrings you wear.

Post Earrings

The choice for post earrings is soft clear silicone which secures your earring as well as protects you from the post sticking into you while sleeping. You can go to Amazon here to see the ones that I use. There is also a video at the end of this article with a full explanation of the Universal EZback.

Screw Back Earrings

The backs on these earrings screw in and the pointed end of the screw is actually rounded not like the traditional butterfly backs. The screw-back has a flat back against your ear and screws on to the earring – the round end stops the earring from sticking into your skin.

Hook Earrings

Silicon backings slide onto the hook which protects your neck from the sharp fine and sometimes painful hook digging into your skin.

The silicon stopper also is useful for keeping the earring in place which prevents you from losing it.

Universal EZback Earring Backs Soft Clear Silicone – Video

2. Pillow

Using what is called an ear hole pillow stops your ears from hurting as they do when sleeping upon a traditional pillow. This ear pillow elevates the pressure on your earrings.

You can also utilize a horseshoe type pillow, these also help you stay sleeping on your back – relieving the pressure on your ears.

Medicinal Ear Pressure Relief-Bed Pillow Image
Ear Pressure Relief Pillow click image to see this pillow as well as other styles

How to Sleep with Earrings Comfortably - Tip Top Sleep3. Sleep Position

We come to the all-important sleep position. Sleeping on your back is best, side and stomach positions will irritate your earrings.

Teaching yourself to sleep in the correct position is not easy if you are not already a back sleeper. If you can master this the benefits are greater than just sleeping with your earrings in.

Let’s break it down into three easy steps.

Step 1 – Time

Give yourself enough time to learn to sleep on your back. It takes months to learn a new habit, so don’t give up.

Step 2 – Support

Placing pillows around you to hold you in place at night will keep you on your back as well as the all-important support under slightly bents knees. This makes lying on your back more comfortable as well as supporting your back.

Step 3 – Arm Placement

Keeping your arms by your side, lying on top of the pillows, or tucked underneath the pillows will help keep you on your back.

Remember these three steps are only necessary until you are in the habit of sleeping on your back and not in another position.

Check out my article here which will give you extra strategies to help you sleep on your back.

4. Hair

Keep your hair out of the way at night is a good idea so it does not get tangled in your earrings. When this occurs it causes damage to your hair as well as irritates your ear lobes.

Tie it back loosely to stop your hair from being damaged. In this article (on my site) you will see how to protect your hair while sleeping, this, in turn, will help you with protecting your ear lobes as well.

5. Sleeper Earrings

Infinity Hoop Sleeper Earrings Image
Infinity Hoop Sleeper Earrings – Click on the image to see the hoop earrings for yourself

These are great earrings to sleep in as they are a circle that clip together.

Sleeper earrings, at one time, were the earrings you used to be given when you first had your ears pierced. Then came in the invention of the stud and its insertion tool which was much quicker than the old needle and sleeper insertion.

Many of us would get our ears pierced with the studs then after a couple of days change over to the sleeper earrings because they were much more comfortable to sleep in.

Click on the image of Sleeper Earrings below and go through to Amazon and see the awesome range for yourself. There really is something for everyone.

Flat Back Earrings

Another great alternative is flat back earrings. They are post type earrings and the very end of the post which is the part of an earring that digs into your neck is totally flat this is the part that screws onto the earring.

You can some of them here at Amazon.

How Long Will It Take for an Earring Hole to Close?

There are two answers to this question. The answer differs for all and has to do with the length of time that the hole has existed.

New Piercings

You should not sleep without your earrings when you have a new piercing as it takes very little time for the hole to start closing over and healing itself. It can happen overnight with a very new piercing.

If you left the earrings out overnight you would most likely have to break through the hole to get the earring back in. This would be painful at the very least.

The piercing could also become infected – which would most definitely disrupt your sleep – for a couple of nights at least.

I have an article you can view here – it covers all you need to know about how to sleep with new earrings and new piercings.

Older Piercings

I myself have second earring hole piercings which I have not worn earrings in for 10 to 15 years the hole is bearly noticeable on inspection.

But I can still insert an earring for the first time without looking in the mirror.

Upon extensive research, I have discovered that it will vary depending upon the person, the time no earrings have been inserted into the hole, and how old the actual piercing is.

When Can You Sleep Without Earrings After Piercing

You should be able to leave your earrings out for sleeping anywhere from six weeks to three months. When you do start to remove them at night make sure you insert earrings back into your holes the next day.

Do not leave for an extended amount of time as the holes will heal at this early stage of your piercing.

Once again it will be dependent upon the person involved and their healing abilities.

Can You Sleep In Hoop Earrings

Absolutely, but the comfort to you will depend upon the type of clasp the earrings has. If it is like a sleeper earring and clips together seamlessly you will feel nothing. If it is a clasp where to the top of the earring clips in the bottom the earring will likely stab you during the night.

Final Thoughts – How to Sleep with Earrings Comfortably

Regardless of what type of earrings you wear it is okay to sleep with earrings using some of the easy to follow tips above. These will absolutely help you achieve a long pain-free night of sleep while sleeping with your earrings in.

As always here’s to better sleep!

How to Sleep with Earrings Comfortably - Tip Top Sleep
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