Stories to Make You Fall Asleep (No Reading Required)

Stories to Make You Fall Asleep (No Reading Required) - Tip Top Sleep

Do you have trouble falling asleep and do you love stories?

What are stories to make you fall asleep with no reading required? They are stories you can listen too that are being narrated by individuals who can engage you right from the beginning of the story.

After the engagement, your mind will relax and you will eventually go to sleep. Leaving all your worries far behind.


Who Needs Stories to Make You Fall Asleep?

  • Anybody who is suffering from any form of sleep deprivation
  • Those who require medication to attain any sleep at all
  • Anyone who suffers just the occasional night of insomnia

People spend billions of dollars every year just on sleeping pills and anyone who knows even a little about sleeping pills will be aware that the side effects can affect every part of our lives.

Side effects (very broad and basic) can include:-

  • Depression
  • Listlessness throughout the day
  • Memory loss
  • Addiction
  • Insomnia – LOL

Avoiding sleeping pills is of benefit to all who feel they need them.

If you just want to find out more about the “Sleep Stories” without reading the full article check out the Calm App you can see it here at Amazon.

Why Listen to Stories?

Stories help us to relax, unwind and keep our minds off any issues that may be causing us stress. In turn, disrupting our sleep.

Of course, we could turn the television on and lie in our beds and watch any number of “stories” delivered by this method.

The problem with this delivery is that it actually stimulates our senses as we are using so many of them to take the story in.

Not to mention the EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies Radiation) and blue light from the television disrupting our bodies natural Circadian Rhythm.

On the other hand, listening to stories which are delivered in a modulated tone without all our senses being required to take the story in, can be very relaxing to most.

Most will drift off to sleep before the end of the story, at the very least you will be relaxed enough to fall asleep soon after.

Imagine knowing that if you listen to a story delivered verbally you could very well be asleep in under 30 minutes.

No more:-

  • trying to turn your brain off
  • shut out your worries
  • tossing and turning
  • worrying about getting enough sleep
  • trying to sleep yet hours later you are still awake

So I challenge you to practice, do not give up on the first try. Select another story delivered by a different modulated voice.

How to Listen to Bedtime Stories

You can try out the two stories below that I have uploaded for you.

Using one of many devices available:-

  • Mobile Telephone
  • iPad
  • Computer
  • Smart Television
  • Alexia

You can either search YouTube for one of the many stories available or you can download an application. The one I use is below “Calm”.

Calm Application

The Calm application can deliver through the app more than just stories you can choose music to calm your senses or meditations which you can carry out to assist your overall wellbeing.

Calm sleep stories sleep application is free to download but there is also a premium package available for a small yearly fee.

To download Calm sleep stories:- click on the image below which comes courtesy of Amazon.

Stories to Make You Fall Asleep (No Reading Required) - Tip Top Sleep
Calm Application – Install Today for Sleep Tonight

Calm Sleep Stories for Free

I have found a couple of the most popular sleep stories below for your convenience – listen and enjoy…

Blue Gold

The sleep story called Blue Gold is read by Stephen Fry and his dulcet tones are so soothing they should send anyone to sleep. Anyone who enjoys audiobooks might recognize his voice from any one of the seven Harry Potter audiobooks.

Jupiter and his Mighty Company

The sleep story Jupiter and his Mighty Company is a tale of the Greek Pantheon, written by James Baldwin, and narrated by Alan Sklar. One person reviewing this story said that he felt as though he was being put to sleep by Optimus Prime…

Types of Stories You Can Except on The Calm App

Classic short stories, nature stories as well as travel stories.

A few voices you can expect to hear reading your stories within the Calm application are:-

  • Alan Sklar – You may have heard this 25-year professional voice actor say:- “Ladies & Gentlemen, please take your seats!” at sporting events or on television
  • Anna Acton – Anna Acton is an English actress
  • Beatie Wolfe – Beatie Wolfe is a London-based singer-songwriter
  • Bindi Irwin – Bindi Sue Irwin is an Australian actress, television personality, conservationist, singer, and dancer also the daughter of the late Steve Irwin
  • Bob Ross – American painter, art instructor, and television star(The Joy of Painting)
  • Danai Gurira – American actress and playwright
  • David Walliams – English actor and author
  • Freema Agyeman – Actress  (New Amsterdam, Law and Order, Doctor Who)
  • Henry Blofeld – English sports journalist and broadcaster
  • Jerome Flynn – English singer, actor (Game of Thrones, London’s Burning, and Ripper Street)
  • Joanna Lumley – OBE, FRGS is an English actress, author, and activist
  • Joe Barksdale – Joe Barksdale – a professional football player for the Los Angeles Chargers
  • John McEnroe – John McEnroe is a legendary American retired tennis player
  • Keegan Tracy -  actress, writer, and director
  • Larry Davis – voice actor (Monday Night Football on ESPN)
  • LeVar Burton – American actor, presenter, director, and author
  • Leona Lewis – singer, songwriter, actress, model, and activist
  • Matthew McConaughey – Academy Award-winning actor
  • May Charters – Actress, Artist, Filmmaker, Flamenco Dancer, Art Director, Casting Director, Street Scout, Writer, Producer, and Voiceover Artist.
  • Nick Viall – American reality television personality – The Bachelor, and The Bachelorette
  • Phillipa Alexander – the voice of ‘ShiShi and the Tree of Slumber’ and several other Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories
  • Sebastian Koch – German television and film actor
  • Stephen Fry – comedian, actor, writer, presenter, activist, and mental health advocate
  • Terry Virts – NASA astronaut and distinguished space photographer
  • Tom Clarke Hill – actor and voiceover artist
  • Vegas Jenkins – musician, singer, comedian, painter, theater actor, voice actor, film actor


We loved having bedtime stories read to us as kids and thought it could be fun and highly effective to create similar stories for grownups.


We are helping the mind shift from a beta state of brainwave activity (typically 12-40 hertz) to an alpha state (8-12 hertz) and then into theta (5-8 hertz),says Michael Acton Smith, Co-Founder Calm

The Waterfall Sleep Story

The Waterfall Story is another well-known sleep story found on Calm. It was written by Chris Advansun and narrated by Tamara Levitt to access this story and many more you will have to sign up to the Calm Application.

Calm on Kindle

Stories to Make You Fall Asleep (No Reading Required) - Tip Top Sleep

Michael Acton Smith is the CEO of Calm he also has books available through Kindle that can be used in conjunction with the Calm App. Check them out by clicking on the book image above.

Final Thoughts

We all need more sleep, as we work harder and longer hours than ever. It makes sense that we should be putting a little more effort into the one thing we that supposedly should be spending one-third of our lives doing. That is SLEEP!

With some help from technology and a little self-training, you could achieve more sleep while enjoying stories without reading just listening.

The cost of a sleep application is so much less than purchasing sleeping pills and potions that promise you the world. Sleeping pills are bad for us and potions just waste our money.

There are worse things in the world than to drift off to sleep to a beautiful soothing voice reading to you.

Don’t forget to check out the Calm App, there are so many extras over and above sleep assistance, you can see it here at Amazon.

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