Do fish sleep

Do Fish Sleep?

Humans and animals alike all require some form of rest or they would not be able to actively function indefinitely. So what needs to be established is how different species “rest” or “sleep”. To different fish, sleeping means different things. Do Fish Sleep? The simple answer to the question is yes. Fish do sleep but …

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Best Tips to Avoid Jet Lag

Best Tips to Avoid Jet Lag

Jet Lag is a common feature for business and sporting professionals who work industries that require extensive travel. Despite the extreme exhaustion and other physical difficulties that come with the territory when they have Jet Lag, these professionals are still expected to perform at an optimal level when they reach their respective destinations. Those of …

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Do Flies Sleep

Do Flies Sleep?

Do flies ever sleep? Yes, flies require sleep just like humans. In fact, their sleep patterns are not that different from ours. They enjoy the warmth and daylight so this is the time they go about their business. Eating, mating, exploring, playing, and existing. Then at night, they need to rest and recharge just as …

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